Super Mario Dogfight is a epic game in the Mario Series for Wii. SMD is owned by SMP Inc, and was released by Fantendo. In the game, Mario and Friends can shoot down and destroy other player's planes. The game includes skys above famous Mario levels.



  • Mario: The Blooper Bi-Plane
  • Luigi: The Torque Winger
  • Peach: The Sky Cruiser
  • Daisy: The Delfino Luftwaffe
  • Toad: The Crazy Toad
  • Toadworth: Ol' Wingcane
  • Donkey Kong: The Bannana Hawk
  • Diddy Kong: The Young Eagle
  • Bowser: Bowser's Ship
  • The Koopalings: The Lil' Galleon
  • Hammer Bro: The Sledge Baron
  • Yoshi: The Thunder Egg
  • The Babies: The Baby Saucer
  • Wario Bros: The Air Menace
  • Dry Bones: The Ancient Pararaft
  • Mii: Airplane

Cups & Levels

Mushroom Cup

  • Peach's Skyline
  • Toad City
  • DK Mountain
  • Mario Valley

Penguin Cup

  • Icy Chomp Mountain
  • Ocean Fly
  • Moo Moo Farm
  • Overnight Flight

Goomba Cup

  • Koopa Cavern
  • Goomba Hills
  • Boo's Desert
  • Twilight Town

F.L.U.D.D Cup

  • Pianta Cape
  • The Water Works
  • Crabber Beach
  • Topsy-Turvy Woods

Crown Cup

  • Bowser's Castle
  • King Boo's Mansion
  • Crowber's Cloud Kingdom
  • Star Mountain


On the meny there is 6 options: Dogfight: Compete against CPU's or Real People Shop: You can buy Customization for your plane, or Special Powers to use. Multiplayer: Here you can Dogfight with another Wii Remote. Freeflight: You can fly freely around the Mushroom Kingdom, or Wuhu Island. The good thing is it's like Wii Resort's Island Flyover, but with unlimited time and the choice of Mario Places. Freewalk: You can walk freely through the Mario Courses. Options: You can change somwe basic options.

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