This is an article about the story mode in the new game, Super Mario Dodgeball!! by Official Double J Inc. It basically tells the story of how Bowser tried to take over the kingdom again with the power of Dodgeball. You can play from the perspective of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong and even Bowser himself.


The game starts off with Mario, Toad and Princess Peach relaxing in the castle during the biggest sporting event of the season. The Mushroom Kingdom Dodgeball Tourney. Residents from all over the Mushroom Kingdom join in the game with their friends to rival every other team and win the Gold Trophy. Bowser becomes furious at the fact that he wasn't invited to join in the fun and decides to hold his own sporting event to rival the Mushroom Kingdom's down at the Koopa Kingdom. Bowser sends a Paratroopa to deliver a message to Mario and his friends to inform the crew on his new event and demands that Mario gather up a team and join in to see if he's any match for the Koopa Troop. Mario accepts Bowser's challenge and heads off to gather up a team. Toad get's worried and asks Mario if he knows the basics on how to play Dodgeball, then the player will have to perform a mission that involves dodging the balls Toad throws at Mario. If the player succeeds, Toad will join your team and the adventure really begins.

Chapter 1

Mario's Story

Once the player completes Toad's mission, he/she can explore Peach's Castle to find more teammates or leave the castle right away. If Mario continues searching the Castle he can find Blue Toad in the Castle's kitchen, Green Toad in Peach's Bedroom and Purple Toad in the Castle's Lounge, You must complete a mission once you meet up with the toad's in order to unlock them. Once you head out of the Castle, Toadsworth will stop you and ask if your sure you want to go on against Bowser. Toadsworth along with the aforementioned colored Toad's will go against you in a mission having you knock out every toad to win. Once completing Toadworth's mission, he will join your team. Upon leaving the Castle you can still explore the Castle grounds where you can find Yellow Toad and have him join your team. If the player leaves the Castle Ground they will see Hammer Bro. holding Toadette hostage. When Mario confronts the Hammer Bro. he will be forced to enter a Battle mission in which he must dodge Hammer Bro's Hammer throw. If he succeeds than Mario will win and Toadette will thank you for saving her and she'll join your team. By this time, Mario should have all the Toad's on his team.

Luigi's Story

Luigi hears that things are going wrong back at his mansion. When a reliable source tells Luigi that since his last visit to the mansion, the ghost's have returned. A terrified Luigi steps in the mansion to what seems to be a group of Boo's in the lobby. The Boo's attack Luigi and then the player must enter a Battle Mission in which Luigi must dodge all the Tricky throws thrown by the Boo's in order to succeed. If he does, the Boo's will get furious and head off to report the news to King Boo. In the mean time, Luigi must fight ghosts from all around the mansion in order to gain access to him. After going into several battle missions with the ghosts, Luigi will finally enter King Boo's Altar and before Luigi can comfront him, Luigi's Chapter will end.

Daisy's Story

Princess Daisy wants to join in the fun at the Mushroom Kingdom and win the Dodgeball Tourney but is stuck taking care of Sarasaland. Daisy soon gets an idea and puts her most-trusted Toad soldier to watch until she returns. Daisy then heads off to the Mushroom Kingdom through the forest. On her way there she encounters Wario and Waluigi, who try to rob her. The player heads off into a 2-on-1 battle mission in order to progress. After her victory, Daisy continues on into the forest until she reaches the Mushroom Kingdom. On the way she will spot various enemies such as Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Paragoomba and Koopa Paratroopa's. She will go into battle missions if she gets in contact with them. Once arriving at the Kingdom, she spots Mario and his gang of Toad's ready to face up against Bowser. However, Daisy ignores them and goes straight to Peach's Castle before the Tourney begins. Daisy's Chapter ends here.

Yoshi's Story

Yoshi has joined into the games too as he and the other Yoshi's of Yoshi's Island play friendly games of dodgeball. In the middle of a game Red Yoshi notices something falling from the sky. It's Baby Mario! Yoshi wonders what is going on when Blue Yoshi spots some Toadies and Kamek with Baby Luigi and a bunch of other babies. Baby Mario tells the Yoshi's that the other babies are around Yoshi's Island somewhere too. Yoshi heads out into the Island with Baby Mario in search of the others. The player must go left as it is the only direction available. Once the player goes left, they can spot a group of Shy Guy's also playing friendly rounds of Dodgeball. Yoshi spots Baby Peach captured on the side and gets angry. The Shy Guy's get mad and start a fight with the Yoshi's. Now the player has to enter a Battle Mission. The player must go up against a Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black Shy Guy with Baby Mario and Green, Red, Blue and Yellow Yoshi. If the player wins, the Shy Guy's will all scatter around the island and Baby Peach will be rescued. This ends Yoshi's Chapter.

Bowser's Story

After sending his message, Bowser gets his Dodgeball Tournament ready for Mario. Bowser gets his son, Bowser Jr. to send out all the Koopa Troopa's to set up the Court's, all the Dry Bones to put up the posters and all the Hammer Bros. to set up Bowser's podium. While the minions do that, the player can now take control of Bowser and search around Bowser's Castle. The point of this part of the Chapter does not revolve around gaining a team and doing missions but instead gaining coins and items for the heroes. This part of the chapter is optional and can be skipped by pressing +.

Chapter 2

Mario's Story

Mario and the Toad gang head off into the same forest that Daisy was in the first chapter. On the way, Mario spots a Goomba and Koopa Troopa ready to battle Mario and Co. The player has to battle the two minions. Once defeated the Goomba will admit defeat and even ask if he can join the team. Mario says yes and both the Goomba and Koopa join the team. After adventuring more through the forest, Mario the Toads and the minions find Wario and Waluigi who try to rob the heroes. After yet another battle mission, Mario will succeed and head off to Bowser's Castle. On his way, he see's a mysterious jungle, where could the heroes be?

Luigi's Story

Down in King Boo's Altar, Luigi faces against King Boo and his group of multi-colored Boo's. Luigi must face off against King Boo, Boo, Pink Boo, Bomb Boo and Dark Boo on his own. Luigi eventually, will win the battle and King Boo will surrender. He flies off with his Boo's into Delfino Isle to wreck havoc to which Luigi chases them. But there is still one more ghost in the castle! Who could it be? Luigi chases them through the Woods but Professor E. Gadd stops the young plumber and gives him some equiptment to stop the Boo's. After getting his gear, a group of ghosts stop the plumber and attack. The Professor agrees to help Luigi in battle if he's going up against all these ghosts. After defeating all the ghosts, Luigi and the Professor head for Delfino Isle.

Peach's Story Peach starts to get the Mushroom Kingdom Dodgeball Tourney. While the festivities were just about to begin, Bowser and Bowser Jr. pop up and ruin the game. They kidnap the Princess and all the decorations and dodgeballs for their own Dodgeball Tourney. Everybody in the kingdom freaks out and panics, except for Daisy. The tomboy Princess chases after Bowser's airship. She falls in a strange forest. There she meets Birdo who was trapped in the forest by a group of Dry Bones. Daisy tries to save her and ends up going into another Battle Mission with the Dry Bones. After winning, Birdo is thankful and asks Daisy if she would help her find the rest of the Birdo's that are being trapped by the Koopa Troop. Daisy agrees to help out if they would help out in saving Peach. Birdo agrees and the two set off to find the Birdo's.

Yoshi's Story

Wario's Story