Super Mario Dimension is a 3D Mario game being made by Koopa Kastle Productions. It features a co-op mode in which a second player can join in as a helper. The helper is always an enemy. It is for the Wii and uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.



Gameplay & Controls

Gameplay is similar to Super Mario Galaxy 2, but with some changes. You move your character around 3D environments, defeat enemies, and collect the Star. But for almost every level, you need to make use of your partner. You can summon him manually or you can get a second player to join and play as him.

Comtrol Stick: Move.

A Button: Jump.

B Button: Use your attack.

Z Button: Use your buddies' attack.

- Button: Summon Buddy.

1 Button: Use your buddies' skill. Not available for Thwomp.

2 Button: Use your skill.

Characters, Buddies, Attacks and Skills

Image Name Buddy Skills Attacks
NsmbMario Mario Moomba Mario can wall jump to use two walls to reach higher areas and Moomba can be thrown by Mario to activate switches or attack enemies Mario can jump on and punch enemies. He can also shoot fireballs if he gets a Power Flower. Moomba can headbonk enemies and bite them. If Moomba gets a Power Flower, he can dig.
Yoshi Bowling Yoshi Yoo Yoshi can flutter kick to reach high areas and Yoo can phase through walls and also fly. Yoshi can jump on enemies and eat them. He can also throw eaten enemies at other enemies as eggs. He can fly if he gets a Power Flower. Yoo can do a dash attack and lick enemies. Yoo can also drop purple flames from his mouth if he gets a Power Flower.
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Piranha Plant Waluigi can swing on vines, ropes and chains and Piranha Plant can uncover hidden areas. Waluigi can jump on enemies and throw Bob-ombs at them. Waluigi can run at warp speed if he gets a Power Flower. Piranha Plant can bite enemies and spit small fireballs at them. Piranha Plant can teleport if he gets a Power Flower.
GenoSMWWii Geno Shy Guy Geno can levitate across gaps and Shy Guy can climb walls. Geno can jump on enemies and shoot them with his hand cannons. He can use Geno Beam if he gets a Power Flower. Shy Guy can also jump on enemies and he can use his slingshot to attack enemies. He will turn into a Fly Guy if he gets a Power Flower.


Image Name Info
Goomba Goomba These enemies are the basic foes. The distinction from them and Mario's buddy is that these Goomba's look normal, but Mario's buddy Goomba is red. They will charge to attack you.