Super Mario Digital
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Genres Action
Platform Wii U
Media Nintendo Optical Disc
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Super Mario Digital is a recently announced and upcoming installment in the Super Mario franchise. While not much is known about the game, several details was highlighted by Nintendo in a recent Nintendo Direct.


  • Mario: Mario returns as the titular playable character though to what end is currently unknown.


According to Nintendo, Super Mario Digital is in early development but is confirmed to stray away from the Super Mario World titles formula and will be more of a 3D Adventure Platformer game with emphasis on exploration and using tools to navigate through various worlds. Nintendo is quoted in saying that "Those who play it will recognize certain elements from Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 64." However, they did go on to say "...that is not to say it won't be a new idea. It will just feel more familiar to 3D Platformers rather than to the more recent Mario games."

While details on the story, setting, plot, and game play has yet to be fully revealed, Nintendo did confirm that "Mario will be exploring an entirely new world that is both like and unlike the Mushroom Kingdom - a new world never seen before by fans of the Mario series. As you can read from the title, Super Mario Digital will perhaps focus more on a technological setting rather than, let's say the galaxy, beach, or Peach's castle paintings. We can't say much on the details of the game but we can confirm that Mario will need to use a wide assortment of transformations, power-ups, items, and allies to navigate this brand, new world."

Nintendo didn't elaborate on what these transformations and power-ups actually are but it appears that will become more important in solving puzzles, defeating bad guys, and other game play elements.