This page contains a chapter of the "Super Mario Deception" fan fiction written by ACL. Feel free to rate this chapter in the comments of this article.
This chapter is rated "Teen", and may contain themes not suitable for children. Please be advised as you read this fan fiction.

We stand in a debris-ridden area. It looks like it could have once been a town. "Where are we?" I ask, slowly stuttering on my words.
"I guess you would know this as..." Luigi answers, before stopping to think about my universe.
That sounds so weird. I never would have imagined that an alternate universe lay only steps -- or, a portal, I guess -- away from our own.
That's pretty cool.
Luigi snaps his fingers as he gets the name of the town. "...Toad Town."
"To-to-Toad Town?" the words come tumbling out. "Where are the Toads!?" I ask quickly, looking around frantically. I know there are none here, but it never hurt to hope.
Luigi shrugs. "Captured. Hiding." he lowers his gaze. "Dead."
The final word he says -- a word -- makes me freeze, and I clam up. "Wha-what happened?"
"After you, um, died, Bowser quickly stormed the castle. Destroyed Toad Town and the Princess' castle, kidnapped a bunch of the Toad advisers, and returned to the Koopa Kingdom."
Luigi shrugs again. "We don't really know what happened afterwards."
"What about the princess?"
"Now that, I can help you with."
Luigi walks over to a piece of rubble, and moves a large boulder out of the way. He grabs something before moving the rock carefully (why?) back into place. "How 'bout that.They came through." he mumbles under his breath, holding a piece of paper in his hands.
"We got a new base of operations." he smirks, looking at the paper. "Ready to see it?"
I contemplate saying "not really", but I'm curious. "Why not?" I say, looking over his shoulder at the paper.
A map.
Luigi doesn't wait for an answer, he takes seven steps west, before moving south. He bends down at another (identical) rock, and pulls it back, revealing a small hole in the ground. "Toads. Never could map to save their lives."
I look at the small hole in the ground: about the size of a large pizza. "Down there?" I ask, quietly keeping my voice down.
Luigi smiles at me, and nods, before jumping down the hole. "Mama-mia!" I mutter, before following him.

We land in a large room. I expect to see a sewer system or something, considering the debris from the above world, but we're in a perfectly-clean, metal-panelled room. "Whoa."
Luigi walks over to a panel in the wall, and removes his glove, pressing his index finger against the panel. "Welcome, Luigi." a computerised voice (recorded by Toadette, maybe?)

Still not done...

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