This page contains a chapter of the "Super Mario Deception" fan fiction written by ACL. Feel free to rate this chapter in the comments of this article.
This chapter is rated "Teen", and may contain themes not suitable for children. Please be advised as you read this fan fiction.

"Thank you again, Mario" the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom says to me. I just saved her again from the clutches of the evil Koopa King, Bowser. "Come on. Let's go back to the castle."
Peach, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, is the definition of beauty. Long, golden locks drape down her sweet face. Her pink dress seems to make her float over the ground, adding to the grace that she emits. "Umm. Mario? Do you know where my crown is?"
"Umm..." I say, and I notice for the first time that her crown, usually perched atop her golden locks, is missing. "No. It should be here somewhere."
I bend over, looking through some of the debris that Bowser left over after he fled through the roof of his newest castle.
I lift a large block of concrete, and notice a golden spike stuck into the ground. The golden spike has a laced pattern on it, and a ruby appears to be at the bottom of it. "I may have found it." I call to Peach, as I reach down to get it out of the dirt ground.
I wedge it free from it's earthly prison, but the spike is just that: a spike. "Maybe it shattered upon the explosion Bowser made?" I ask, and Peach silently nods.
"Perhaps." she says. "Maybe we should head back to the castle. I'll send a group of Toads to look around here.
I nod quickly. "Yeah, great idea. I've been through a lot lately." I say with a yawn.
As we walk through a hole in the wall, I notice something peaking out of the destruction. "Peach." I say, staring the creature in the eye. "Go! I'll meet you back at the castle."
Peach runs out of the castle, her shoes click-clacking against the cement floors. While she does that, I keep my gaze on the creature with sad eyes in front of me. "Are... you okay?" I say, as my stern expression turns empathetic.
The creature in the shadows slowly walks out of the debris, and I gasp as I recognize his face. Beaten and bruised, Luigi stands in front of me. "Luigi? Are you okay?"
I look Luigi up and down. Cuts and bruises cover his face, and a large bandage covers most of his right arm. "No." he whispers weakly. "Mario... I need your help."
"Of course, bro. I'll help."
"No." Luigi whispers, and I notice that he strains his voice as he speaks. "You don't understand. I'm not your brother."
I tilt my head in confusion. "What?" Obviously Luigi's my brother. We're twins.
"I'm not your brother, because I'm from a different dimension."
I can't help myself: I burst out laughing. I've been all across the Mushroom Kingdom, to another dimension where a robot named Smithy creates minions to do his bidding, to Sarasaland, to the Bean Bean Kingdom... but an alternate dimension with Luigi in pain? That's impossible.
I look at Luigi in front of me, with an angered expression on his face. "You're serious? But, why not ask the me of your dimension?"
Luigi looks down. "I tried. But, King K. got there first." a sad expression crosses his face, and I see a tear drop onto the ground. "My brother's dead.... and we need you."
I look at Luigi sympathetically. I've never had someone die before: I've always helped them before anything bad could happen to them. But with me dead and Luigi in pain? That Mushroom Kingdom must be in ruins.
I slowly nod. "Of course I'll help you." then, I realise something else. "How do we get to your dimension, exactly?"
Luigi smiles casually. "Watch this." Luigi moves his bandaged arm upwards, and for the first time I notice the different glove he wears: brown with a large purple jewel surrounded by gold. He lifts his hand, and the jewel glows brightly. Quickly, a purple, swirling portal appears in front of us. "Ready?"
I shrug. "Okay." Luigi says. "Just walk right through."
I trust my brother. Of course I'll walk through.
And, then I do.

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