These are the Stamps and Puzzle Pieces of the game Super Mario Crystalline World.

Level Name Stamp
Shakey-Snake Hills (World 1-1) SnakeMarioStamp
Snake Mario Stamp
Up `n´ Down Underpass (World 1-2) BouncyCloudStamp
Bouncy Cloud Stamp
Parayoshi Playground (World 1-3) ParayoshiStamp
Parayoshi Stamp
King Flutter´s Foggy Flat (World 1-FortressMBR) KingFlutterStamp
King Flutter Stamp
Piping Plaza (World 1-4) WarpPipeStamp
Warp Pipe Stamp
Parabeetle Panic (World 1-5) Parabeetle Stamp
Crystal Caveway (World 1-6) Diamond Goomba Stamp
Monty Mole Mountains (World 1-S) Mega Mole Stamp
Larry's Bolt-Strike Castle (World 1-CastleMBR) Larry Koopa Stamp
Bowser Jr.'s Foggy Airship (World 1-AirshipMBR) Bowser Jr. Stamp

Level Name Stamp

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