Super Mario Crux: A New Age
Developer(s) MysterE Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Worldwide-November 6, 2015
Age Rating(s)

Genre(s) Action-Adventure Platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor None
Successor Super Mario Crux: Dark Galaxies
Media Included 3DS game chip, Wii U Disc, Xbox One
 Super Mario Crux: A New Age is a 2.5d Mario game, and the first game in the Super Mario Crux trilogy. It's the 17th game in the Super Mario game series. It will be released in 2015. It was made by MysterE Games, and published by Nintendo. It will feature Mario, who has been blasted to the lost galaxy Crux. While technically being a spinoff of the Super Mario Galaxy sub-series, it was stated by a MysterE executive that it should stand as a sub-series all on its own. It will feature Bowser as one of the main villans, but he won't be the only one, as when Mario begins to explore Crux, he realizes that there are darker forces that threaten the entire universe! It will be released on the 3DS, Wii U, and the Xbox One. It being the first game in a trilogy, a sequel will be released a couple of months after the first. 

Nintendo Eshop Description

Mario returns in the first game of this new trilogy! Join Mario as he explores the fabled galaxy Crux! Play solo, or play with friends, like Luigi, or Mario's new friend, Jrex, an inhabitant of this lost galaxy. Have fun, but beware the dark secrets of Crux, as there are monsters brewing, and the Koopas have followed Mario to this paradise!


It starts with a storybook opening. A voice states the following: Long ago, there was a kingdom of united galaxies. It was a kingdom made from the united galaxies of the universe called the Supernova Kingdom. It was around in the Golden Age, before evil made its way into the universe. The capital galaxy was known as Crux: a beutiful manevolent galaxy with beings that could do no evil. Crux had dark secrets, secrets that would eventually lead the Supernova Kingdom to it's destruction. Soon, Crux fell. No one knows how it happened. The kingdom collapsed, and Crux fell into legend. It is said that one day, someone will find this lost galaxy, and bring back the unity of all galaxies! But will this hero ever come forth and unite the galaxies? It then flashes to Mario at his house, when he recieves a letter from Princess Peach. It says: Dear Mario, I hope you can come to my castle and watch the planets align with me. From Peach. Mario uses a warp pipe to go to the castle. The planets are nearly aligned when... Bowser's airships attack! The head ship heads to the top of Peach's Castle, and Bowser comes forth. He's powered up because of the planetary alignment. Mario comes and tries to stop him again. Bowser says that not even the great Mario can stop him now, and that he will conquer the entire world, so he simpally blasts Mario away! Mario is seen flying through space, still seening Bowser's asult on Peaches Castle, thinking only one thing: I will return...

World 1: Welcome to Crux!

Mario lands in the first mission of the game: Adventures in Crux. At the end, he finds a bizarre looking shard and collects it. He is then ambushed by a bizarre creatures. He is taken to a palace. A figure can be seen on a throne. One says to the figure that they found the Moustache Man with a power shard. The figure orders him to be executed right there and then. The creatures prepare to kill Mario when they are attacked by different beings. These beings wore dimond encrusted armor. They snatch Mario away. Mario is taken to a small village. He comes up to the figure with the most authority and asks what is happening. He says that he is the rightful ruler of Crux, Prince Jrex. Crux has been conqered by the evil villan Hellfire. Mario explains that he was blasted away from his world, and needs to save it from the evil tyrant, Bowser! Jrex says that he will help him if Mario collects power shards, to fuel their one rocket ship, The Lightspeed, to return him to his planet. He must defeat Hellfire and restore order to Crux! After collecting 10 power shards, Mario and Jrex reach the Boss level, An Old Foe. The castle is filled with the Koopa forces! Mario reaches the end, and finds Bowser Jr. riding in a UFO. He says that king dad and Hellfire have made a deal: If Hellfire gets Prince Jrex, Hellfire will help him conquer the universe! Mario and Jrex prepare to fight when Jr. summons a Cruxian beast, Blecklore. The heroes will defeat Blecklore and get a special power heart, which allows acess to a new part of Crux!

World 2: The Mystery of the Temple

Mario and Jrex find themselves at a bizarre desert world, and enter the world's first misson: Monkey Mario. They find many Temples and Pyramids. A bunch of bizarre Sandmaarghs live here. This is the first misson to feature the Monkey costume. Once collecting the power shard, Mario finds a device that starts to glow. Jrex explains that it's a Powet Compus, something that lets out a shines brighter the closer one gets to a Power Heart. They must use the compus to navigate through the world. The heroes enter a mini-boss level called The Mama of all Sandmaarghs!. They face a serpent- like Sandmaargh. After navigating through the second half of the world, they enter the boss level, The Sleeping Pharoh, where they find Hellfire waiting for them. He is mad at Bowser Jr. for failing him, and opens a huge coffen behind him. A huge stone pharoh emerges from it. They must defeat this huge Pharaoh. After beating this ancient boss, they collect his heart: a power heart! After collecting it, they go back to the rebellion town, Rebelon, and prepare to enter the next world.

World 3: Tyme Wrinkles

Once the two heroes enter the new part of Crux, they find themselves at an astroid belt, and thus Lrex belives that they are in the Burrmudix Tetrohidren, the most dangerous astroid belt in Crux. They must find some way to locate the energy heart, or it may mark the end of any hope of reuniting the Supernova Kingdom. They fly through the astroids in the first mission: Lightning Storm. They reach the boss level: The Secret of Skull Rock.

World 4: Beware the Beast Below

World 5: The Codes

World 6: Into the Seperation

World 7: Only the Begining


World E: The Core



A list of Characters in the game.

Playable Characters

A list of the Playable Characters in the game.

  1. Mario

The Main Character of the game, on a quest to save Crux from Hellfire! He is the main playable character of the game, and hoping to return to the mushroom world soon. He has been followed by the Koopa Troop. His specialty is the ablity to shoot star bits from his hands.

2. Prince Jrex

Jrex was once the proud ruler of Crux, before being overthrown by Hellfire. He shows sighns of sadness when seeing ancient temples of the Supernova Kingdom. He has a bizarre past with Hellfire, and guards the secrets of the Cruxian Temples. His specialty is temporary invisability.

3. Luigi

He's unlocked after the completion of the game. He is the younger brother of Mario who somehow found his way to Crux. His specialty is temporary levitation.

4. Lungdron

A warior loyal, formally, to Hellfire. He is unlocked by 100% completion of the game, and defeating him in World E. He is invincible to all enemy attacks, and his specialty is calling upon a storm of demons that destroys all enemys in the level, ecept for a boss or mini boss if there is one.

Main Villans

1. Bowser

The infamous king of all koopas! He is only seen twice, but is considered a villan because of his role in the story, and he's responsible for sending Mario to Crux in the first place. He has made a deal with Hellfire.

2. Bowser Jr.

The famous prince of Koopas. He is the secondary antagoist of the game. He comes to summon creatures to battle or eat Mario. He is finally fought in world 6, where he creates a machine called Seperation.

3. The Starwreks

The main villans of the game. They conquered Crux under order of Hellfire

4. Hellfire

The main antagoist of the game. He simpally appeared one day and attacked and conquered Crux. He has a huge army of beasts called the Starwerks. He's the pemiulate boss of the game, and has a past with Jrex.

5. The Beast

A mysterious beast that Hellfire keeps in his arena. I wonder where he's from...


New Ones

Returning Ones

Main Bosses

The following below is a list of the main bosses in Super Mario Crux: A New Age


Name Location Phases Description
Blecklore World 1 Phase 1: Tail, Phase 2: Uvula, Phase 3: Fireheart This boss attacks mostly with fire during Phase 1, but in phase 2, it will try to eat the heroes, and in the final phase, it will try to digest the heroes. Once beaten, it shrivels up and disappears.


Regular Enemies