Super Mario Crux
The Trilogy's Logo
Developer(s) MysterE Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
New Age:11,1,15

Dark Galaxies:4,6,16 Homecoming:10,8,16

Age Rating(s)

Genre(s) Action Platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario Galaxy
Successor none
Media Included Wii U Disc, 3DS Game chip, Xbox one disc, action figures
Find your destiny...

The trilogy's tagline

The Super Mario Crux Trilogy is a sub-series of games, made by MysterE Games, published by Nintendo. It holds three games, and features Mario exploring the lost galaxy of Crux. It holds many of the gameplay elements of the Super Mario Galaxy series, and is often considered a spinoff. It features many characters from previous games in the series, like Peach, and, of course, Bowser!


The gameplay is escencally the same as Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. In the first game, the player goes around collecting (instead of power stars) power shards, the power source of Crux's only spaceship, the Lightspeeder, so that Mario can go home. In the second game, the player collects star hearts, to restore lost galaxies so that Mario can explore them, and find out why they went dark. In the final game, the player collects the usual power stars, to help free the Mushroom world from Bowser's treachery, and defeat the dark forces gathering to destroy the universe! In all three games, the player can collect power-ups.



1. Mario

Our famous moushached hero has made his way to Crux. This time, he's on a mission to get back home, though, it soon becomes something more...

2. Jrex

The prince of Crux is here to help mario on his quest to get back home.



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