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These little fellas just walk around; they might even fall of cliffs.

Dark Goomba
Black Goomba These guys will chase Mario until he reaches a place they can't get to.
Tail Goomba They swing their tails at Mario. Stomping them releases a Super Leaf.
Paragoomba They can hop. Sometimes they'll drop Micro Goombas, so be careful.
Boomba Goomba
Boomba Explosive Goombas that explode five seconds after Mario stomps them. Beware!
Gloomba 3D Mario

They're just Goombas that lurk underground.


Super Mario Crossover Mission is the Drooba's first appearance!!

Drooba These are a sub-species of Gloombas that hide in the ground. Their surprise attack is to drill upward when Mario comes near.
Heligoomba NSMBVR
Heligoomba Fly around the area. They will swoop down and attack Mario every five seconds. If he stomps them, they become normal Goombas.
Block Goomba Mario Wii 2
Pile Driver Micro-Goomba They look like Brick Blocks, but if Mario comes near them, they will jump very high and try to stomp him. These guys need a Ground Pound to defeat.
Goombarr A sub-species of the Paragoomba that spits goo at Mario.
Goombo If Mario stomps them once, they flip over. He can then pick them up and throw them at other enemies.
Hyper Goomba
Hyper Goomba These guys need three hits to defeat.
Koopa Troopa If Mario stomps these guys, they'll hide in their shells. Mario can kick these shells or pick them up. Some Koopa Troopas even fall out of their shells when they're stomped.
Green Paratroopa NSMB2
Koopa Paratroopa Some fly around a certain area, others hop. If Mario stomps them, they turn into regular Koopa Troopas.
250px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
Hammer Bro. They throw hammers at Mario. They can be found in enemy courses.
Boomerang Bro. They throw boomerangs at Mario.
(Can't find an image) Fire Bro. They throw fireballs at Mario.
(Can't find an image) Ice Bro. They throw iceballs at Mario.
(Can't find an image) Thunder Bro. They throw thunderballs at Mario.
Sledge Bro. They are obese Hammer Bros. that can stun Mario if they jump high enough before landing.

More Coming Soon.

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