Super Mario Crossover Mission is a game that includes characters from Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, and Pac-Man. It will be released for Wii, Nintendo DSe, Nintendo 3DS Advanced, and Nintendo IC.


For 27 years, Bowser has been trying to destroy Mario and Luigi, only to fail each time. "Hmm," he says. "What can I do to keep those Mario Bros. from ruining my plans?"

Then Bowser Jr. comes in. He explains that he has done an experiment that can reveal a way to destroy Mario. "It had something to do with techno stuff," he adds.

"Aha!" Bowser exclaims. "I can create robots that can mimic Mario's actions! That way, he will be no match for me!" He and his favorite son go into the lab and create three robots named Mecha Mario, Nega Mario, and Platinum Mario.

Bowser sends the Koopalings to watch over the Mushroom Kingdom and make sure the Mario Bros. didn't get in the way. Then he makes alliances with Devili, Dr. Eggman, Scourge, Fawful (uneasily), and the four ghosts from the Pac-Man series. Together, they kidnap Peach, Amy Rose, and Ms. Pac-Man. Button is made a slave.

Mario and his friends find out about Bowser's scheme, and they set off on an adventure to spoil it, and defeat the robotic Mario clones once and for all.

Playable Characters

Image Name Advantages Disadvantages How to Unlock
Mario Can perform the Star Spin. None Default character
Luigi Highest jumper. Has a phobia of ghosts, which causes him to move more slowly around them. Default character
Wario Strongest character in game. Can perform harsh Ground Pounds. Slowest character in game. Default character
Waluigi Best swimmer. Has slick moves that can deal with enemies more easily. Moves jerkily, which results with inadvertent movements. Default character
Toad He can squeeze into areas that other characters can't. Easily hurt. Default character
Toadette She can perform double jumps in midair. Hair can get caught in tiny passageways. Default character
Baby Mario Can perform the Star Spin(with a shorter range). Like Toad, he can easily be hurt. You can find him in World 1-5. Use a Propeller Mushroom to reach the cloud with green eyes. Then, he will be unlocked.
Baby Luigi Highest jumper in lightweight. As Luigi is scared of ghosts, Baby Luigi has a fear of monsters, which makes him move slowly. You can find him in World 2-3. Find a Boo Mushroom and walk into the bronze fence. You will find Baby Luigi there.
Sonic Fastest runner in game. Can perform the Spin Dash. Cannot brake as fast. You can find him in World 2-6. Defeat three Super Piranha Plants, and he will drop in and help you reach the flagpole.
Tails Can fly with his special two tails. He can also use them against enemies. He can't fly for more than ten seconds. He is held captive by Pom Pom in World 2's castle.
Knuckles Can glide and climb walls. He can dig holes through rock formations thanks to his fists. Not much, except for inaccurate jumps. He is trapped in ice in World 3-2. Melt the ice with a Burning Mushroom, and he will be unlocked.
Kirby Can swallow enemies and mimic their actions. Dislikes Sledge Bros., which make him angry. His angriness can cause inadvertent jumps. Stuck in a cage in World 4-6. Find a Boo Mushroom and walk inside to get Kirby out.
Pac-Man His stash of Power Pellets can make him eat Boos and other ghost enemies, which can really help Luigi and Baby Luigi. He can perform the Butt-Bounce. Power Pellets do not always work and function correctly.

You can find him in World 5-1. Defeat five Gargantua Koopa Troopas, and he will drop in and help you reach the flagpole.

Meta Knight He can defeat difficult enemies with his sword. Sword will lose energy sometimes, and you will have to find a Uranium Coin to power it up.

He is found battling Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros. in World 6-3. Defeat the AFHB's, and he will be unlocked.


  1. Great Shroom Plains
  2. Night Forest
  3. Frappe Snowland
  4. Koopahri Desert
  5. Kong Jungle
  6. Sea Side
  7. Ghost Bayou
  8. Monty Mountain
  9. Sky World
  10. Mystic Cave
  11. The Ocean
  12. City Harbor
  13. Robotropolis
  14. Frozen Wasteland
  15. Giant Land
  16. Oil Refinery
  17. Casino Paradise
  18. Devili Blimp
  19. Volcanic Badlands
  20. Space Doomship


Green Yoshi (Very Common)

  • Advantages: None
  • Disadvantages: None
  • Powers: None

Red Yoshi (Common)

  • Advantages: Egg projectile power is increased, defeating harsh foes (but not bosses) with one egg.
  • Disadvantages: Runs slowly
  • Powers: Can spit fireballs at enemies

Blue Yoshi (Common)

  • Advantages: Can perform higher Flutter Jumps
  • Disadvantages: Becomes dizzy after using its tongue too much.
  • Powers: Can become a balloon for your character to ride on.

Yellow Yoshi (Medium-Common)

  • Advantages: Longer tongue
  • Disadvantages: Shorter jumps
  • Powers: When it lands, a shock wave is released, which defeats all enemies within its range.

Orange Yoshi (Slightly Rare)

  • Advantages: Runs faster
  • Disadvantages: Egg projectile power is decreased, requiring two eggs to defeat a weak enemy.
  • Powers: Can dig underground, revealing secret items.

Cyan Yoshi (Slightly Rare)

  • Advantages: Longer jumps
  • Disadvantages: Shorter tongue
  • Powers: Can spit iceballs at enemies

Purple Yoshi (Rare)

  • Advantages: Can hold eight projectile eggs instead of six.
  • Disadvantages: Lower Flutter Jumps
  • Powers: Can use telekinesis to reach hidden areas.

Black Yoshi (Very Rare)

  • Advantages: Can be hit two times without letting you fall
  • Disadvantages: Can only hold four projectile eggs
  • Powers: Can spit thunderballs at enemies

White Yoshi (Uncommon)

  • Advantages: It has the strongest ground pounds of all Yoshis.
  • Disadvantages: You cannot get power-ups while you are riding it.
  • Powers: If it runs as fast as it can, it can defeat weak enemies on contact.

Brown Yoshi (Uncommon)

  • Advantages: Can perform the best Triple Jumps.
  • Disadvantages: Weakest Ground Pounds of all Yoshis.
  • Powers: Every weak enemy eaten turns into a Uranium Coin for Meta Knight to charge his sword with.

Golden Yoshi (Very Uncommon)

  • Advantages: Has all the advantages of the other Yoshis.
  • Disadvantages: None
  • Powers: Every enemy defeated releases a Gold Flower for your character to use.


Image Name Description
Coin Each coin gives the player 100 points, and can be used to purchase new things in the store. If you collect 100 coins, you'll get an automatic 1-Up.
101px-Blue Coin
Blue Coin These sub-types of the Coin are scattered across each world. If you manage to find all of the Blue Coins in a world, you will receive a special Power-Up to keep in your pocket(press B on the board map to check your pocket).
3D Yoshi Coin
Dragon Coin If you manage to collect five of these in one level, you will receive a 1-Up.
Purple CoinSMWWii
Purple Coin The Purple Coin returns from Super Mario World Wii, with the same function as before.
Green Coin Super Mario Crossover Mission is this object's first appearance. They appear in twos, which are far apart from each other. What the first one does is quite obvious, but what does the other one do...?
Uranium Coin SMCM Uranium Coin This coin returns from New Super Mario Bros.: The Underground. They only come from enemies. This time, they can be used to charge Meta Knight's sword, and give you 500 points when collected.

Star Coin

Star Coin You can use these to unlock new areas on the Board Map and buy help videos in the Mushroom Plaza. They are usually found in difficult and/or dangerous places to reach.
Question Block
? Block These may hold coins or power-ups.
! Block 3D
! Block Yellow ones act as an ? Block; green ones(rare) release Dragon Coins; blue ones reveal shortcuts; red ones give you tips about the game; and black ones give you a very rare item.
(I couldn't find an actual Brick Block image on this wiki, so I used this image instead.)
Brick Block Some act as an ? Block, and others can be broken, revealing hidden passageways.
Ice BlockSMWWii
Ice Block

Watch out -- Buster Beetles can pick these up and throw them at you.


SMCM Overworld04:08

SMCM Overworld

This a remix of the original SMB music.

SMCM Underground02:32

SMCM Underground

Remix of SMB3 underground music.

SMCM Underwater00:53

SMCM Underwater

Remix of underwater music in New Super Mario Bros.

SMCM Sky01:31


Same as in Super Mario Galaxy. (A remix of SMB3 Overworld 2.)

SMCM Fortress01:52

SMCM Fortress

Taken from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

SMCM Ghost House02:07

SMCM Ghost House

Remix of SMW Ghost House music.

SMCM Castle03:02

SMCM Castle

Remix of NSMB Castle music.

SMCM Desert03:08

SMCM Desert

A remix of the Sandopolis music from S3&K.

SMCM Snow03:32


Taken from SM64.

SMCM Snow Rescue03:03

SMCM Snow Rescue

"Ice River Run", taken from PMW2.

SMCM Jungle01:39

SMCM Jungle

Taken from NSMBWii.

SMCM Mountain03:53

SMCM Mountain

Remix of the Marble Garden music from S3&K.

SMCM Lava 101:17

SMCM Lava 1

Taken from NSMB.

SMCM Sky 203:33

SMCM Sky 2

Remix of the Sky Sanctuary music from S3&K.

SMCM Lava 202:07

SMCM Lava 2

Taken from NSMBWii.

SMCM Lava-Sky01:37

SMCM Lava-Sky

The sky music in World 8, taken from S3&K Lava Reef.

SMCM Fortress Boss01:08

SMCM Fortress Boss

Taken from NSMB.

SMCM Lava-Underground02:58

SMCM Lava-Underground

Taken from PMW2.

SMCM Castle Boss01:40

SMCM Castle Boss

Taken from NSMBWii.

SMCM Semi-Final Boss 101:58

SMCM Semi-Final Boss 1

Remix of Sonic 1 boss music.

SMCM Semi-Final Boss05:46

SMCM Semi-Final Boss

Metallic-rock remix of SMB3 Fortress Boss music.

SMCM Semi-Final Boss 304:00

SMCM Semi-Final Boss 3

Hip-Hop remix of Sonic 3's mini-boss music.

SMCM Final Boss07:11

SMCM Final Boss

Taken from Super Mario Galaxy.



Taken from NSMB.

SMCM Super Ghost House03:00

SMCM Super Ghost House

"Haunted Boardwalk" music from Pac-Man World 2. This is also the theme of the Ghost World.

SMCM Overworld 202:17

SMCM Overworld 2

Taken from SMB2.

SMCM Overworld 301:32

SMCM Overworld 3

Taken from SMB3.

SMCM Factory04:02

SMCM Factory

"Metropolis" music from Sonic 2.

SMCM Underwater (Maze)03:39

SMCM Underwater (Maze)

Remix of the Labyrinth music from Sonic 1.

SMCM Ghost World-Underground03:25

SMCM Ghost World-Underground

"Night Crawling" from Pac-Man World 2.

SMCM Bowser Theme02:47

SMCM Bowser Theme

Remix of Bowser's theme in SM64.

SMCM Bowser Jr01:35

SMCM Bowser Jr. Theme

"Shadow Mario's Theme" in Super Mario Sunshine.

SMCM Eggman Theme02:30

SMCM Eggman Theme

Taken from Sonic Adventure.

SMCM Scourge Theme03:20

SMCM Scourge Theme

Fan music made for Scourge's theme.

SMCM Ghost Gang Theme03:09

SMCM Ghost Gang Theme

"Ghost Bayou" music from Pac-Man World 2.

SMCM Fawful Theme00:46

SMCM Fawful Theme

Remix of Fawful's theme in M&L: BIS.

SMCM Devili Theme03:21

SMCM Devili Theme

That's right -- Devili's theme is the same as Eggman's theme in Sonic Adventure 2.

SMCM Main Menu02:04

SMCM Main Menu

Remix of the Overworld music from SMB and SMW.

SMCM Toad House01:17

SMCM Toad House

Taken from Super Mario 3D Land.

SMCM Doomship01:55

SMCM Doomship

Remix of the Airship theme from SMB3.

SMCM We Can Do It!03:11

SMCM We Can Do It!

"Floater Land" music from Super Mario Galaxy.

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