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The game's official logo.

Super Mario Crapaxy 2 is the sequel to the super-successful super mario crapaxy. While the original was developed by great gaymes inc, a separate indie startup is working on SMC2 alongside Nintendo for higher quality assurance. It is slated for an early 2017 release date to celebrate The Year of Rosalina.


Princess Peach sends a letter to Mario on the night of the Star Festival, making everyone more than 300 years old, as the event only occurs every century when a comet passes over the Mushroom Kingdom and this has happened twice already in canon. Suddenly, the Koopa King Bowser attacks, alongside his 102 Koopalings. The villains kidnap Princess Peach again, an easy feat as she is literally just standing there with no motion nor expression whatsoever.

Bowser escapes into deep space using a Launch Star. Mario tries following suit to chase him, but he crashes into Mermaid Man, who was left in space during the events of the prequel. Mario is knocked off-course and lands in thirteenth-century China, where Rosalina has the Comet Observatory parked. Mario teams up with Rosalina to collect the missing Power Stars, use them to overthrow Genghis Khan, reclaim Rosalina's driver's license once and for all, and rescue Princess Peach yet another time.

Playable characters

Amiibo Rosalina Orange

"Hi, I'm Daisy!"

Despite the game's name, the development team realized that no player worth their salt will play as Mario if they can avoid it. Super Mario Crapaxy 2 opens with two playable characters, Luigi and Rosalina. The player can recruit more characters to play as throughout the game. These include characters from the first smcrapaxy, such as Waluigi, Vicky, and Dora the Explorer, and new faces like Maxwell, Zario, Ferb Fletcher, Lonely Goomba, Pepe, Voltaire, and Paper Toad.


Playable characters venture through multiple galaxies, walking and jumping around spherical planets, and otherwise taking advantage of unusual gravity vectors. The route to most Power Stars involves using Launch Stars to blast off to other planets in the same galaxy, with the occasional puzzle to solve along the way.

Unlike in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, none of the playable characters can Star Spin until they reach the Holodeck dome. The move is then arbitrarily unlocked via dialog box, for reasons unknown. Characters can instead punch and kick to break crystals and activate Launch Stars in the meantime. These attacks have no effect on enemies. Unfinished code that would have added offensive hitbubbles to these attacks has been uncovered by a group of hackers from Nicosia, Cyprus.

Star Bits return as a widely-used currency throughout the game. They have various uses beyond feeding Hungry Lumas, such as bribing certain unlockable characters to join the player's party.


Bowser Mario Party
Koopa Kid Animation - OF DOOM
The Comet Observatory comes equipped with brand new domes to facilitate blasting to all-new galaxies. In the final level of each galaxy, players enter and must navigate one of Bowser's secret bases of operations. At the end of each such lair, players will fight 12.75 Koopalings simultaneously in a boss arena. Boom Boom and Pom Pom also appear randomly during certain battles.

A list of domes is as follows:

  • Closet
  • Waiting Room
  • Bathroom
  • Holodeck
  • Greenhouse
  • Man Cave
  • Inexplicable Jail Cell
  • Attic

A hostile mob in Bowser's HARDCORE Minecraft World.

While not a dome proper itself, the Garage returns, now housing several Honey Bucket-brand portable toilets instead of a Starshroom and 1-Up Mushroom.

When the heroes collect 69 Power Stars and Grand Stars total and retrieve Rosalina's license, the Throne Room will be unlocked. The player must go through the pipe inside Bowser's porcelain throne. On the other side is the final galaxy, Bowser's HARDCORE Minecraft World, which includes the final battle against Bowser.


The God Shrom [sic] and Liqud [sic] Nitrogen Flowr [sic] return from super mario crapaxy. Other power-ups include the Spring Mushroom, Yoshi, and Inkstrike.


Amiibo Rosalina Pink

Princess Peach's appearance when Mario finally saves her again.


  • Due to the prequel's release date of 2103, Super Mario Crapaxy 2 will have been released before super mario crapaxy by 87 years. Nobody seems to care, however. Anyway, it's probably for the better that no one questions it.
  • Paper Toad was introduced to fill Toad's role as a playable character due to players of the first game thinking of Toad as idiotic.
  • A psychotic teenage Dallasonian was arrested after repeated threats to stalk and murder his peers, following the accidental deletion of his Super Mario Crapaxy 2 game data. Local authorities say the teen was found rambling about Mermaid Man, a character from the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon, when the police officers caught him.