A new Super Mario Galaxy game.


Mario finds a fallen star stuck in the ground and pulls it out. Toadsworth says that it's a Cosmo Star and that there are very few in existence. Bowser kidnaps Peach and demands all of the Cosmo Stars as ransom. However, Bowser has sent out his best minions to make sure Mario doesn't find the stars. Of course, Mario still goes to find the stars. But the galaxies are protected by the Dark Lumas, which are Lumas that work for Bowser. Every time Mario collects enough Cosmo Shards (shards of crystals formed by the Cosmo Stars) a galaxy is unlocked and playable. You can earn Cosmo Shards by completing missions.

Mission Types

Hunt - Destroy a certain amount of enemies.

Find - Get to a goal.

Rescue - Rescue a character.

Coin Collect - Collect enough coins for someone.

Boss Battle - Battle a boss.


Fire Mario - Mario can shoot fireballs.

Bee Mario - Mario can climb certain areas and fly.

Spring Mario - Mario can jump higher.

Flying Mario - Mario can fly a bit higher than Bee Mario but can't climb.

Boo Mario - Mario can go through walls and find out info from Boos.

Ice Mario - Mario can freeze enemies.


This shows each mission's name, type and objective.

Mushroom Galaxy

How to Unlock: Default Galaxy

Missions: Goomba Stomp - Hunt - Kill 5 Goombas

               Star Hunter - Find - Find a star to give to the Toad

               Luigi is Missing - Rescue - Rescue Luigi from the Goombas

               Find those Coins - Coin Collect - Find the Toad's 10 missing coins

               Larry Koopa - Boss Battle - Beat Larry Koopa

More to come...

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