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Super Mario Chess
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Developer(s) ChessPiecesInc
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
North America: Late 2010

Japan: Late 2010
Europe: Late 2010
Australia: Late 2010

Campaign, Exibition, VS
Genre(s) Chess

Super Mario Chess is a game released for the Nintendo Wii.


The Rules of this game are the same as normal chess, the only difference being the Characters are Mario themed. Also, the Black and White are Green and Red respectivley


Character Abilities Real Life Counterpart
Bowser Bowser can move one Square in any square sorounding him (Unless he would be in check if he moved to that square) King
Princess Peach Can move an unlimited number of spaces in any 1 direction Queen
Mario Bros (Riding Yoshi) The Brother can hop 2 squares across and 1 square up (Or the other way around). It can also hop over other pieces. It can only take a piece if it lands in the square the piece occupies. Knight
Hammer Bros Can Move Diagonaly an Unlimited amount of spaces in 1 direction Bishop
Donkey Kong Can move an unlimited amount of spaces forewards, backwards or sideways in 1 Direction Rook
Toad Can move only 1 space foreward (or 2 on the first time it is moved). It can also take a piece diagonally. Pawn

Special Moves

Castling: Castling is a defensive maneuver where the king moves 2 places towards a Rook, and the selected Rook moves to the square the king moved to. However, the move has some conditions: The King or Rook MUST NOT have moved previously. The King CANNOT be in Check in either the Square he ends up in or the Squares the moves through.

Pawn En Passant: If a Pawn was to move 2 Spaces, the opponent may tale the Pawn as if it moved only one space. This move can only be used on the turn the Pawn was moved 2 spaces.

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