Super Mario Bros.4 is the fifth game in the Super Mario Bros. series


The Koopa Troop are terrorizing the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Toadstool calls upon Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong to take care of the Koopas. Mario hits a tree and gets a hammer Meanwhile, at Bowser's secret castle. Bowser and the Koopalings are plotting their master plan by using a space station as doomsday weapons.


Mario: Best traction

Luigi: Highest jump

Yoshi: Fastest

Donkey Kong: Strongest


World 1: Grassy Plain

  • 1-1: Goomba Hills
  • 1-2: Underground Caves
  • 1-3: Pipeline Plains
  • 1-F: Fencing Tower
  • 1-4: Super Leaf Heights
  • 1-5: Green Seaside
  • 1-C: Iggy's Darkness Dungeon #1

World 2: Boiling Beach

  • 2-1: Cheep Cheep Sands
  • 2-2: Blooper Ocean
  • 2-3: Koopa Pirate Ship
  • 2-4: Goomba Cape
  • 2-F: Waterfall Fort
  • 2-5: Dolphin Lake
  • 2-6: Crabby Bay
  • 2-C: Wendy's Flood Castle #2

World 3: Deserted Wasteland

  • 3-1: Koopa Desert
  • 3-2: Pokey's Ruins
  • 3-3: Lakitu's Canyon
  • 3-G: Boo's Desert Prison
  • 3-4: Blazing Oasis
  • 3-F: Quicksand Hideout
  • 3-5: Fossil Mountain
  • 3-6: Pyramid Maze
  • 3-C: Morton's Spiky Castle #3

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