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Genre(s) Adventure
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Super Mario Brothers is a television series that is heavily based off of the Super Mario series of video games. The game stars Mario and Luigi (Charles Martinet) stopping the evil "King of Koopas" Bowser (Kenny James) from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. The show is a CGI-animated show with the main episode and a short that usually stars the babies and their guardian Yoshi making silly mistakes. The Yoshi shorts are showed in a story-book like artstyle.


Episode # Name Description
000 Brooklyn Brothers Mario and Luigi, while fixing a lady's clogged sink, accidentally get sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom, where they accidentally foil Bowser's scheme.

In the pilot episode, Princess Peach is voiced by the same voice actress as Pom Pom, Emily Jenness. This is because Samantha Kelly (who voices Peach in the games) was sick. Because of this reason, Baby Peach and Toadette do not appear, and Toad appears, but does not speak.

Season 1

There has been confirmation of 35 episodes in Season 1.

Episode # Name Description
001 K3 (Koopa Klan Katastrophe) Bowser Jr. and his siblings go on a rampage through the Mushroom Kingdom, stealing goods and money.
002 Power-Down Bowser steals all of the power-ups in the Mushroom Kingdom and replaces them with Poison Mushrooms and Burning Mushrooms.
003 Gooms and Koops The Goombas and Koopa Troopas kidnap all of the Toads, who Bowser holds in the jail.
004 Real World Monarchy Bowser, the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. invade the Real World, where Bowser and Bowser Jr. take over America and Canada (where they hold Peach), Ludwig and Roy take over Japan, Wendy, Iggy and Lemmy take over China and Larry and Morton take over Russia.
005 Kartastrophic Doom Lakitu holds a Kart Race for the Koopalings after they argue over who's best. Mario and Luigi also join.
006 Toot, Toot, Sarasaland Warriors A bad creature named Tatanga invades Sarasaland and kidnaps Daisy. Mario was about to start his journey, but he is stopped by Bowser. They decide to team up and get rid of Tatanga and save Daisy.
007 Amazing Daisy Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, but Mario is sick from a Poison Mushroom. So Daisy and Luigi are going to team up and stop Bowser.
008 Behind the Schemes Toad gets an invitation that says he's invited to make a movie called "The Toad of All Toads." However, Toad's movie-making is getting difficult for him when Bowser decides to join him in the movie.
009 Mario to the Future Mario and Luigi have been sent back in time when Mario accidentally falls on E. Gadd's time machine. Now Mario and Luigi have to travel through time to get back to the present time while stopping Bowser's Koopalings in different time periods.

Do The Mario, Mario!

A competition called "Do The Mario!" has been announced and Mario and his friends are competing in the competition. Meanwhile, Bowser and his son, Bowser Jr, try to screw Mario up in the competition.
011 Luigi: All Alone! Mario and Peach are taking a vacation to Isle Delfino. Luigi wants to come, but he has to stay and take good care of the castle. Luigi thinks there are ghosts coming to the castle to haunt him, so he decides to set up traps and get out his Poltergeist 3000 to make the castle a ghost-free zone.
012 Once Upon a Mario's Time Mario bought a fairy tale book from the Mushroom Kingdom library. However, while he reads it, he's sucked into the book. While inside the book, he must go through the pages of the book and run through the classic fairy tales that have the Mushroom Kingdom people in them.
013 Fool Party! Everyone in Mushroom Kingdom is bored because of the lack of fun in the kingdom. So Mario decides to make up a party and invite everyone to his party.... except for Bowser.
014 Bowser Jr's Life in Training Back in the time when Bowser Jr. wasn't one of Bowser's minions, he decides to try to be one of them.

Weapons of Mass Virtual-ality

A virtual reality game was developed by Bowser and sent to the stores of Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone gets a copy and gets obsessed with the game. Mario decides to get his copy of the game because one of the Toads told him that the game was really popular. However, when Mario starts playing it, he realizes that it's a trap in reality. So he learns that he has to finish the game and shut it down once and for all.
016 Winter Cell It's winter time in the Mushroom Kingdom! The Mushroom Kingdom Winter Olympic Games have been announced since the start of winter. Mario and Luigi are attending the games along with Bowser and Bowser Jr. The games are a competition to see which team is the champion of the winter games.
017 Egg-cellent Misadventures An egg was accidentally dropped by a stork that was delivering the egg to Yoshi's Island. When Mario and his friends discover the egg, they learn that they have to preserve the egg and see what's inside the egg. Bowser and his Koopalings are going to try to snatch the egg and take it back to Bowser's Castle to fry it and serve it as "An Eggy Leftover."
018 Which Mario is Mario? A paint misbehavior on Mushroom Kingdom was commenced by a look-a-like of Mario. When the police officers find the evidence, they blame Mario for the mess. Luigi and Peach try to help the framed Mario and tell the police officers that they made a huge mistake.
019 In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream "WAHOO!" Bowser has kidnapped Peach and taken her into space. Mario tries to help her, but he accidentally runs into a Luma that fell out of space. Mario agrees to bring the poor Luma with him and soar into Rosalina's Comet Observatory for assistance from Rosalina.
020 Mario & Yoshi: Dino-Plumber Saga Mario gets an invitation to Yoshi's Island for a week-long visit. While he visits Yoshi's Island, a dark cloud appears over the island. Bowser Jr. kidnaps the Yoshis and taken them to his leader. Seeing Bowser Jr. leave, Yoshi is upset that his friends are gone. Mario tries to say that he wants to help get his friends back. Yoshi agrees with Mario's assistance paragraph. And so, an adventure with Yoshi begins.
021 King Donkey Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are chillin' at the beach while a volcano in Donkey Kong Island erupts and blows a rock up. Inside the rock was a group of Tikis and they came to steal the Kongs' banana hoard.
022 Brooklyn Memories Everyone in Brooklyn are complaining for the lack of Mario and Luigi. Seeing this, Mario and Luigi return to Brooklyn to apologize for not being in the city. So they go back to cleaning some pipes. But while that happens, Bowser begins to attack the city.
023 Party Pool Mario invites his friends to a pool party. Even Bowser and his Koopalings.
024 Super Bowl In Bowser's kingdom, Bowser and his Koopalings are bored. When Kamek announces that there's a bowling competition in the sky. Bowser and the Koopalings accept the competition. But Bowser Jr. doesn't want to bowl because he's not good at it, so Bowser decides to give him some bowling practice.
025 Petey and the Kingdom Daisy decides to go to her garden to water the plants, but accidentally waters Petey's seed, causing Petey Piranha to rise and attack the Mushroom Kingdom.
026 Super Toad Bros. Toadette has been kidnapped by Kamek. Mario can't save Toadette, but Toad can. Along with his friends.
027 Golden Mario Bros. On their journey to collect 1,000,000 coins, Mario and Luigi accidentally encounter Gold Flowers and turn into Gold Mario and Silver Luigi.
028 Wish Upon a Mini Star Once upon a night, Bowser stole all the Mini Stars in the sky in order to make up a castle made of them. Mario and Luigi decide to save them from Bowser's wrong hands.
029 Diddy Kong Country Diddy Kong's brother, Donkey Kong, has been kidnapped by King K. Rool. Now Diddy Kong sets out to save DK, alone.
030 Wood You? One night, a huge meteor falls from the sky. Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom rushes to the meteor's crash site. Toadbert discovers the meteor and takes it out of the hole. Inside the meteor was a wooden egg with Geno inside it. Geno came out of the egg and wanted someone to play with.
031 Shark Attack A Sushi is attacking the Mushroom Kingdom Ocean, and it's hungry for Mario's soul. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser must set out to sea and stop this shark monstrosity.
032 Cruises of Fun Daisy is bored in Sarasaland, so she decides to build her cruise ship. After she finishes her cruise ship, she invites everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom to have a vacation on her cruise ship. Kamek heard the invitation Daisy makes and tells Bowser and his Koopalings to go to the cruise ship and have some fun.
033 A Bowser-cally Magic Adventure Because of a magical accident, Bowser has been turned into a statue. So Bowser Jr. and Bowser's Koopalings set out to find the Magic Wand and turn Bowser back to normal.
034 Battle of the Marios A tournament called "Battle of the Battles" has been announced in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy attend the competition. But in order to play, they have to be cloned into five pieces and compete against 3 other cooperative team groups.
035 Nintendo Powerline

The Mushroom Kingdom has announced a phone called the "iShroom". However, it goes kind of off-hand because the phones can power out really quickly. Mario and Luigi have to discover who made the phones and tell that person/thing to fix the battery life issue.

Season 2

There has been a confirmation of 25 episodes in Season 2.

Episode # Name Description
001 Rosalina's Origins Rosalina tells the story of when she was a little girl, how she found a Luma, and how she will watch over the stars.
002 Wario & Waluigi: Mishief Makers Bowser invades Wario's land and steals all his money. So Wario and Waluigi set out on a journey to get back to being rich.
003 Banana Blowup King K. Rool invents the "Inflation Bananas" and delivers them to Donkey Kong Island. When the DK crew encounter the banana, they decide to ignore the banana, but Tiny Kong wants to eat the banana. After she ate the banana, Tiny Kong blew up like a balloon. Now, the DK crew have to show Cranky Kong the banana and get rid of all the rest of the "Inflation Bananas."
004 Super Mario Christmas Bros. It's Christmas time in the Mushroom Kingdom, but Peach's Castle isn't decorated, and Mario doesn't have any coins. So they have to get coins to get Christmas decorations before Christmas Eve.
005 Mario and Wario Wario challenges Mario to a showdown at Wario's Castle.
006 Wario: Robbed Wario's been put in jail for stealing money from the Mushroom Kingdom Bank. Wario successfully escapes the prison, making the police officers search for Wario on the loose.
007 All Bugged Up! Bees, which are sent by King K. Rool, are invading the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Donkey Kong have to get rid of the bees.
008 Happy Halloween? It's Halloween time in the Mushroom Kingdom, but instead of a fun time, it's a horrifying time! The zombies are attacking the Mushroom Kingdom, and they want brains. Mario and the gang have to stop the zombie apocalypse.
009 Super Farm-io World Mario and the gang decide to go to the Mushroom Kingdom Farm. The farmer Toad gives them instructions for each chore all around the farm. However, it starts to get difficult because of... who else? BOWSER!
010 Happy Birthday, Mario!!! It's the week before Mario's birthday, but Luigi doesn't have a present to give him. Luigi has to get a present for Mario before his birthday.
011 Tiny Gong Kong A kung-fu arena has been built on Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong, Diddy, Tiny, Lanky, and Funky Kong discover the arena. The Kremling workers said that K. Rool wanted a Kong to fight a strong Kremling. Tiny Kong decided to take him on.
012 Super Mario Pirates A pirate ship landed on the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom. The pirate Toad explained to Mario that they need his help because they encountered a strong Blackbeard on his island. Mario and the gang agree to help.
013 Wario and Waluigi: Origins of their Mischief Back in the time Wario and Waluigi were born, they were mischievious rivals, and they could not get along with each other. As time went on, they did some troublesome things together.
014 Invaders of Space The invaders from outer space are invading Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Rosalina and the Lumas have to get rid of the invaders.
015 Better Pet Than Never Toad gets a bunch of pets for Peach's Castle to show Peach, Mario and Luigi. However, Mario does not approve of him buying over a hundred pets for the castle. Because of how many pets Toad has, it's going to be madness!
016 Pinball Madness At Bowser's Castle, Bowser gets a pinball machine from "Kamek Mail." Bowser Jr. wants to play pinball with his father, so they decide to play together. But while they're competing against each other, they learn that they have to get the world record in order to save their lives.
017 The Pilot Mario and the gang are playing in the Mushroom Kingdom Park when an airplane lands in the park. The pilot Toad wants to retire from flying his airplane for good. Mario and the gang are going to try to convince him to get back to flying.
018 Moon and Sun: Enemies? Mario and the gang are watching the night sky looking at constellations. But while they relax, Brighton and Twila are fighting each other to see who is dazzling. Mario then realizes that they have to get 100 Stars to stop the feud.
019 Let's-a-play ball! Peach invites everyone to go to the Baseball Kingdom to play baseball. But while they're playing baseball, Bowser invades the baseball stadium and challenges Mario to a baseball showdown.
020 Story Toy Mario and the gang are turned into toys by E. Gadd's Toy Wand by accident. However, E. Gadd's wand isn't reversable. So they have to live as toys for the rest of their lives until something happens.
021 The Play of All Plays Mario and the gang decide to make a play to entertain the Mushroom Kingdom people, but Bowser's trying to make it more difficult.
022 Rock and Troll Recently, the Mushroom Kingdom Store has rock guitars in their NEW stock. Mario and Luigi are confused on why they're there, but Peach and Toad reminded them that there was going to be a concert in 5 days. Mario and Luigi have to get those guitars, learn how to play them, and practice for the concert.
023 Mario and Luigi: All Split Up Due to Wario and Waluigi's trick, Luigi decides to leave Mario. So Mario has to convince Luigi that it was all the Wario Bros. fault.
024 The Cake is... Mario and Luigi have been accidentally shrunk and transported onto a huge cake by E. Gadd's Shrink Machine. Mario and Luigi have to traverse the cake and revert them back to normal size.
025 Curse of the Weretoad One night, a meteor hits Toad head-on causing a mysterious force to turn him into a Weretoad. Now, Toadette has to stop the Weretoad and get the force out of Toad.

Season 3

There has been a confirmation of 30 episodes in Season 3.

Episode # Name Decription
001 Froggy Mario Bros. Bowser has kidnapped Peach and taken her under the ocean. Mario thought he wouldn't save the princess because he needs air, but luckily, Luigi got him and Mario some Frog Suits.
002 Super Toad Tanookis While Toad was taking a walk with Toadette, a Tanooki Tail fell in front of him, turning him into Tanooki Toad. While he's demonstrating his moves with the Tanooki Suit, Toad's friends have been kidnapped by Bowser.
003 Germy Mario Bros. Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom is sick from the germs inside them. Mario has to use the Shrink Ray the Professor built to cure everyone.
004 Pixel Brains

Bowser created a machine that sent everyone into an 8-bit world. It also made everybody look all 8-bit-ish. Now, Mario has to stop Bowser and return the world to normal.

005 Bowser Jr. vs the Ghosts Bowser decides to send Bowser Jr. to a haunted mansion for his vacation, but Bowser Jr. is afraid of ghosts. While he visits the mansion, he has to try to overcome his fear of ghosts.
006 Paint-ful Adventures The Mysterious Paintings were found in Peach's Castle by Toad. He reveals that if a person touches a painting, they can be warped into the painting. It's also revealed that Bowser's in one of the paintings. It's up to Mario and Luigi to find Bowser and stop him.
007 Funky Surfin' Funky Kong has announced a Surfing contest for Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and the rest of the Kong family. King K. Rool decides to join the contest too.
008 A Matter of Size and Death Mario gets an invention called "The Size-o-matic" from E. Gadd. He shows it to Luigi, who approves of the idea of it. They test it out, but Luigi was impatient, so he grew into a giant who can't listen to Mario and smashed through the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has to shrink Luigi back to normal size.
009 No Parking! Mario parks his go-kart in front of his castle to talk with Peach, only to have his car towed away. Mario has to get his car back before it gets scrapped, chomped, crushed, shredded, and incinerated.
010 Rosalina vs. the Cosmic Spirit A Cosmic Spirit was born. Rosalina does not approve of the Cosmic Spirit because the spirit looks exactly like Rosalina. So Rosalina and the Cosmic Spirit have to battle each other to see who is the real Rosalina.
011 Eatsa Hut Mario (as a chef) serves Peach some healthy food, but Peach doesn't approve of it. Mario tried to tell Peach that healthy food is good for her, but she ignores Mario. The next day, Bowser made some fattening junk food for the people in the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, even Peach. When Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Daisy see that Peach is getting fatter every time she eats a piece of junk food, they realize that it's an evil scheme by Bowser. So they have to stop Bowser, neutralize the people in the Kingdom, and get rid of all the junk food in the kingdom.
012 Ninja Toads The Ninja Toads were born on the day of Mushrooms Day. The Ninja Toads wanted to test Mario's ninja skills to see if he's strong enough to take on the Ninjas.
013 Barrel Blast A challenge was sent to Donkey Kong. It was to test his barrel blasting skills to get the Golden Banana. Donkey Kong accepts the challenge.
014 Wario's Gold Mine Wario and Waluigi flew over to Gold Land thanks to an invitation from a Merfle. Wario and Waluigi have a challenge called "Wario's Gold Mine" where he and his brother have to get to a place where there is a bunch of gold in 2:00:00.
015 P-Balloons in Space While Rosalina was looking at comets in the starry sky, she saw some P-Balloons heading for her Comet Observatory. When she touched one, it popped and Rosalina inflated like a balloon. Her Lumas saw the whole thing, so they decided to work together to save the P-Ballooned Rosalina from the incoming meteors.
016 Hot Babies After an accident with "E. Gadd's Baby Machine," everyone was turned into babies, except for Bowser and his Koopalings.
017 Star of the Carnival The Star Carnival was in town. MC Ballyhoo invited everyone to visit the Star Carnival and have some fun, but he didn't invite Bowser. Now, Bowser and his Koopalings are going to attack the carnival.
018 Mine Cart-age In the caves, Donkey Kong found a mine cart track that is a looping track. He decides to try it out, and he seems to be enjoying it. But while he's riding his mine cart around the track, King K. Rool decides to challenge DK if he could avoid every obstacle K. Rool made on the track.
019 Crops & Robbers Daisy is trying to harvest some crops in her garden, but the Monty Moles keep stealing her crops.
020 Shake It, Baby! While he and his brother are napping in their car, Wario and Waluigi got a package that just arrived in the mail. It was some strange globe or somethin'. Wario decides to smash it up, but fails when a Merfle pops out of the portal of the globe. The Merfle warns Wario and Waluigi that their queen has been kidnapped only to talk about the treasure, which got Wario's attention. Since the Merfle talked about the treasure, Wario and Waluigi decide to help the queen.
021 The Rise of Boom Boom and Pom Pom Bowser sent out Boom Boom and Pom Pom to attack the Mushroom Kingdom and get rid of Mario.
022 Old Meets New, New Old Meets Due to a test run by E. Gadd on his "Classic To New" machine, everyone got to meet their past selves.
023 A Strange Place Whenever he goes to sleep in his bed, Mario is sleeping in his bed dreaming about fighting baddies. However, tonight's dream was totally different. Mario was climbing up a long staircase when he saw a door at the top. When he opened it, he was in a whole new place.
024 Soccer Team Dream A soccer tournament was announced in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario and the gang are participating in the soccer games, even Bowser and the Koopalings.
025 Party at the Beach Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom were all sweaty and hot from the excessive heat. Daisy decides to take everyone to the beach to have a party, have a mountain of food, and swim in the ocean, but she didn't invite Bowser due to his evil schemes.
026 Parade Charade Bowser decided to make his own parade scheduled for Bowsers Day. His Koopalings are going to help Bowser for making the parade a success. One of his ideas was using a balloon of Wendy O' Koopa, the ballooned Wendy, that is.
027 High Stakes Mario While Mario was taking a walk in the Mushroom Kingdom, he saw a town called "Koopa's Tycoon Town." He was welcomed by the leader of the town. The leader said that the hotels were running low on money. Mario agreed to help the hotels and he decided to bring his friends to help him.
028 Banana Blitz King K. Rool and the Tiki gang stole DK's bananas from his hoard and replaced them with Z-Bananas. When Donkey Kong ate a Z-Banana, he got sick and passed out. So Diddy decided to get the bananas back and cure DK.
029 Temple of Bananas and.... Doom? While they're flying around Donkey Kong Island, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong found a Golden Temple. They decided to check it out. When they got inside, they found a golden banana. After they ate the banana, they began to glow and they teleported into the sky. They were on an obstacle course in the sky, and they learned that they have to get to the end of the course to find a very hidden treasure.
030 The Mysterious Planet Rosalina saw a mysterious planet while she was observing the other planets in her view. She decided to check it out and visit it for a while. Her Lumas didn't want her to go alone, so they decided to go with Rosalina.

Season 4

There has been a confirmation of 30 episodes in Season 4.

Episode # Name Description
001 The Flower Games Daisy sends Peach an invitation to challenge her in the Flower Games. Peach accepts her challenge. The Flower Games have events called "100m Dash," "Flower Pickup," "Which is Not a Balloon?," and many more. Mario and Luigi decide to watch the games.
002 Mind Over Mind Mario and Luigi's minds have been swapped by accident because of E. Gadd's Mind Swapper.
003 Babysitting Bowser Kamek brought a bag that contained something in it. He sent it to Bowser's Castle and gave it to Bowser. Bowser opened the bag and it contained... a baby version of Bowser. Bowser was ordered to babysit his baby self.
004 Super Daisy Galaxy While she's taking a walk in the Mushroom Kingdom, Daisy found a Star Sling and launched herself into Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Rosalina wonders why Daisy is here, so Daisy explains the story to Rosalina. After Daisy's story, Rosalina advises her to fly to the galaxies and look for a Power Star for Rosalina.
005 Power-Up Barrage Today is "Power-Up Day" and everyone's looking for power-ups and using their moves to celebrate it. Mario and Luigi are the only ones that don't have a power-up found. They have to look for a power-up before the end of the day, otherwise they won't be able to celebrate the day.
006 All Aboard, Shy Guy's Perplex Express! Mario and the gang get a certificate saying that they get to ride Shy Guy's Perplex Express. They plan on riding the train, and they got started packing their things. While Mario and the gang are on the train, Bowser and his Koopalings are planning some schemes to get Mario off the train.
007 The Attack on the Sky After finding a Beanstalk, Mario climbed to the top of the beanstalk and found a castle in the sky. Mario ran into Mallow, who is scared that his kingdom is going to be demolished by a strange villian.
008 Bugs! Peach's Castle is invaded by bugs! Mario and the gang have to get rid of the bugs before they eat up the whole castle.
009 Chronic KAOS Donkey Kong and Diddy have been kidnapped by KAOS. Now it's up to Dixie and Kiddy Kong to stop KAOS and ???.
010 Sweet Dreams The Dream Depot was a land of dreams hosted by the Star gang, and Bowser wants to take over the dreams at the depot and then turn them into evil nightmares. Now it's up to Mario and the gang to prevent that from happening.
011 Hammer Manner Hammer Suits are delivered all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Daisy try them on, and test the suits out. They realize that they can't take it off normally, so they have to use the Hammer Suits wisely.
012 Super Mario Colors Bowser created an invention from his past machines that were failures. It was called "True Color Jolter." It fired at everyone at the Mushroom Kingdom. One half of the people was blue, and the other half was red. The red and blue people kept fighting each other to see who's better. Now, Mario and the gang have to convince everyone that it was Bowser's misdeed.
013 The Big Superhero Wish Due to watching superhero movies, Mario and the gang have been turned into superheroes while they're sleeping. They now have super hero powers that they've seen in the movies.
014 Arcade is Enough The Mushroom Kingdom Arcade has hit the town of the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone's having fun in the arcade because they were all classic games that are everyone's favorite games. Bowser challenges Mario and the gang to complete all the arcade games in the arcade in a week in order to save their lives, otherwise Bowser will destory the Mushroom Kingdom.
015 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Candy Kong is challenging Donkey Kong, Diddy, Dixie, Kiddy, and Tiny to beat her in her dance studio. DK, Diddy, Kiddy, Dixie, and Tiny accept the challenge.
016 Desert Doom Because of an accident with Mario's Sky Pop, Mario crashes in the desert. Luigi came with Mario, so in case of his loneliness, Luigi can help Mario in a pinch.
017 Aquatic Daisy Girls Luigi and Toad have taken to Kamek's Castle, which is under the sea. Daisy and Toadette decide to team up and save their boys, and they decided to get some frog suits.
018 Paper Mario Mario and the gang have been transported into a piece of paper. They have to erase the enemies that are transported with Mario and the gang.
019 Workout for the Weekend Mario and the gang went to the Mushroom Kingdom Health Club to check it out, but the head of the club is worried that they don't have enough money to get some new equipment. While he's explaining, a competition has been announced to see who's the strongest. The prize is 1,000,000,000,000 coins, which means that the head has to give Mario and the gang some training in order to win the competition and get the coins for the club.
020 Birth of a Salestoad A salestoad has built his store in the Lava World, like really close to Bowser's Castle. Bowser does not approve of this, but the salestoad said he could help get of that mushroom dude. Bowser decides to buy some weapons to get rid of Toad and Toadette.
021 Space Invaders to the Mushroom Kingdom The invaders that invaded Rosalina's Comet Obeservatory are back! And this time, they're invading the Mushroom Kingdom! Rosalina decided to go to the Mushroom Kingdom and help everyone in the Kingdom. Seeing Rosalina fly to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario decides to help Rosalina get rid of the space invaders.
022 Tale of Two Places Mario and Donkey Kong decided to switch places between the Mushroom Kingdom and Donkey Kong Island.
023 Pain Chomp A pet Chain Chomp from a newcomer to the Mushroom Kingdom is being taken care of by Mario. Since the Chain Chomp is dangerous, Mario and the gang have to make sure it doesn't attack the Mushroom Kingdom and they have to take care of it very carefully.
024 Escape from Space Jail: Part I Rosalina has been framed and arrested for shooting meteors in the starry sky. Rosalina tries to tell the space officers that isn't true because she didn't shoot meteors in the stars, but to no avail. It was actually the Cosmic Spirit. Rosalina has to escape from prison and prove that the officers made a huge mistake.
025 Escape from Space Jail: Part II This episode is a continuation of the last part of "Escape from Space Jail."
026 Cranky Kong Country King K. Rool has kidnapped all the members of the DK family, so it's up to Cranky Kong to save them.
027 Gadgets of Funk Funky Kong needs some money to build his vehicles before the start of Donkey Kong Country 3.
028 Super Mario Ro-bros. Bowser has invented a giant robot version of himself and used it to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario realizes that can't defeat the robot normally, so he decides to get E. Gadd's robot version of Mario and Luigi.
029 The Bit Block A strange big blue block has hit the Mushroom Kingdom after falling from the sky. Mario and the gang decide to check it out. Inside the block was a huge game museum. Bowser and the Koopalings are hiding in one of the games in the museum. Mario and the gang have to find Bowser and get rid of him and kick him out of the museum.
030 Super JAWS Bros. Mario and Luigi have been turned into sharks by accident and are taken to an aquarium. They have to escape the aquarium and turn themselves back to normal while dealing with Wario and Waluigi's schemes.

Season 5

There has been a confirmation of 30 episodes in Season 5.

Episode # Name Description
001 Home Alone After a kart accident while Daisy was racing Waluigi, Luigi takes her to Mario's house to be safe. Daisy wonders where Mario is, but Luigi said he went with Peach to fix the plumbing in her castle. Now, it's Daisy and Luigi, all alone. But while they're taking care of the house, Mr. L breaks into the house and causes trouble to Daisy. Now it's up to Luigi to save Daisy before Mario comes home.
002 Wario and Waluigi:All Poored Up Wario and Waluigi have next to no money due to spending it all on Wario's pieces for his airplane science project.
003 Tresspasser After an airplane crash, Daisy wakes up to find herself on a strange island. While she's traversing the island, a bunch of dinosaurs are planning to gobble up Daisy. Now Daisy must escape the island and get away from the dinosaurs on the island.
004 Trouble at the Museum Mario and the gang are invited to go to the Mushroom Kingdom Museum for a ceremony, but they realize it's a trap. After the ceremony, Bowser breaks into the museum and uses his magical powers to make the artifacts alive and attack Mario and the gang. Now, it's up to them to stop the artifacts and Bowser to save the museum from being destroyed.
005 Weather or Not The weather is getting really crazy in the Mushroom Kingdom! It keeps raining, snowing, and blowing wind everywhere! Mario and the gang have to find the weather control and fix the weather in the Mushroom Kingdom.
006 Taking Back the Castle Bowser decides to go on a vacation, leaving his Koopalings in charge of the castle. However, they found it very difficult because they keep messing things up in the castle by accident, like messing up the bathtub, ruining Bowser's favorite pictures, and destroying the furniture. Now, the Koopalings have to fix the castle before Bowser comes back from his vacation.
007 Mario Generations Mario and the gang are checking out some pictures that show their past adventures. However, they get sucked into the book. The only way to get out is by going through the many past adventures that are seen in the book.
008 Wii Will Be Good Sports The Toads are fixing the castle's crops while four meteors fall to the Mushroom Kingdom. The meteors are crystals that have the sport's symbol inside them. One of the Toads thought they have to play sports to unlock a special surprise.
009 Welcome to Bowser Station Bowser decides to build a jackpot station that raises Mini Stars and gives them away to the lucky people.
010 I Spy with My Banana King K. Rool has taken all the bananas, again. But a very strange banana lands right by the door of Dk's house. Donkey and Diddy Kong realize that the banana is something they can spy with.
011 Blockache Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom has been turned into blocks.
012 Mario Head meets Luigi A strange Mario head has appeared in the Mushroom Kingdom. And it wants somebody to type. The Mario head seems to bother Luigi a lot. It won't leave him alone until he forces Luigi to learn how to type.
013 Banana Heist Donkey Kong's banana hoard has been stolen yet again. This time, by a mysterious ninja group.
014 Hotel Mario Mario and Luigi have been invited to Peach's Castle, but Bowser and the Koopalings have taken her to one of the seven hotels that are led by the Koopalings.
015 Fishin' Fo'Shore Mario and the gang decide to go fishing. But while they did that, a Big Bertha swallows em' up. Now, Mario and the gang have to get out of the giant Big Bertha or they'll stay fish food forever.
016 The 3 Little Princesses One day, Rosalina's Comet Observatory crashed into the Mushroom Kingdom. Hearing the crash, Daisy and Peach ran outside to see that Rosalina is trying to fix her Comet Observatory. Unfortunately, the Comet Observatory is going to be fixed in a few days, so Peach and Daisy decide to have a... uhh... sleepover. Yes, a sleepover.
017 Welcome to Bowser Land An amusement park called "Bowser Land" has appeared. Bowser decides to take his Koopalings over to the park. Bowser Jr. doesn't want to go to the park because he has a terrible fear of rollercoasters. But it didn't matter. He had to go. Now he has to overcome his fear of super-fast rollercoasters in order to get out of the park.
018 The Great Luma Adventure Rosalina has been taken out of her Comet Observatory by Bowser to his castle. Now the Lumas have to save Rosalina.
019 Where's Mario's Pants? When Mario was told to wash his pants due to being very dirty, he lost them. He and Luigi have to find Mario's pants.
020 Waluigi Pinball Mario and the gang have been transported into Waluigi's pinball machine. They have to survive the pinballs in the machine and escape the pinball machine.
021 The Princess Mask Peach encounters a strange mask. When she touched it, it turned her into a strange version of Peach.
022 Strange Dreams Are Happening to Me After Mario drank 20 Poison Mushroom Shakes, he got dizzy and passed out. When he woke up, he was in a strange land. He has to get out of his dream and wake himself up.
023 Mushroom Fortress 2 Mario and the gang are attacked by Bowser and his Koopalings. Not only are they just Bowser and Koopalings. They're also HQ-ish Bowser and Koopalings!
024 Luigi and the Light A mysterious light appeared. It shone on Luigi, scaring his pants off. Luigi told Mario the news. Mario tells him that the mysterious light comes to the Mushroom Kingdom every night and has a scary secret. Luigi has to discover the secret of the mysterious light.
025 Squirrelpool The Flying Squirrels have arrived to the Mushroom Kingdom.
026 Angry Birds While Luigi and Daisy were having a picnic in the forest, Luigi accidentally ate an egg. Because of this, the birds got really angry and started to attack Luigi and Daisy. Daisy Is a noob


Main Cast

Primary Actor Primary Character Secondary Actor Secondary Character
Charles Martinet Mario
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Wario
Baby Waluigi
Lani Minella Larry Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr.
Wendy O. Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Kazumi Totaka Yoshi
Professor E. Gadd
Mike Vaughn Iggy Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa
Kenny James Bowser Dan Falcone Roy Koopa
Samantha Kelly Princess Peach
Baby Peach
Jen Taylor Birdo
Deanna Mustard Princess Daisy
Baby Daisy
Takashi Nagasako Donkey Kong
Caety Sagoian Bowser Jr. Katsumi Sazuki Diddy Kong
Frank Welker Koopa Troopas Mitchel Musso Boo Diddlies
King Boo
Matthew Lillard Goombas Emily Jenness Princess Peach (Piolet)
Pom Pom
Sean Schemmel Boom Boom Geno Segers Morton Koopa Sr.
Tom Kenny Geno
Mirai Moon's stuff

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