Super Mario Brothers/srehtorB oiraM repuS is a 2014 Mario game for the Wii U and 3DS.


Mario and Bowser are fighting in the original Super Mario Bros. game. The screen splits in half, and they are fighting in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Once they both defeat Bowser, a mirror appears. Once they look in it, they see their past/future self. Mario is about to jump through the mirror when Toadsworth comes in a panic, accidentally breaking the mirror. This prevents Bowser's past defeats, replacing them with Bowser winning. Princess Peach was married to Bowser, introducing only one Koopaling: Jacob Koopa. Mario is the only one to remember the incident. He decides to go back to the past and see what had changed, which only makes him learn that he has been trapped in an alternate universe where Mario never even came to the Mushroom Kingdom! However, since Bowser does not know him in this universe, Bowser tries to help him get back, along with the help of Princess Peach and Jacob. Toads however, are replaced by Miis in this universe.

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