Super Mario Bros Z Kai
Developer(s) SEGA,Nintendo, Alvin Earthworm
Publisher(s) SEGA,Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Playstation 5

Release Date(s)
June 1, 2015
Duel Mode

Story Mode

Yoshi's Island Arena

Mobius True Arena

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Video Game

Game Facts

Playable Characters

Sonic/Other Forms: Super Sonic,Fire Sonic, 8-Bit Sonic

Yoshi/Other Forms: Weakened Yoshi,8-Bit Yoshi

Mario/Other Forms: Cape Mario,Racoon Mario,Hammer Mario, 8-Bit Mario

Mecha Sonic/Other Forms: Semi-Super Mecha Sonic, Master Mecha Sonic,8-Bit Mecha Sonic

Shadow/Other Forms: Super Shadow,Evil Shadow,8-Bit Shadow

Luigi/Other Forms: Cape Luigi, Racoon Luigi

Unlockable Characters

Basilisx/Other Forms: Death Basilisx


Mecha Mario

Axem Rangers

Koopa Bros./Other Forms: Emerald Power Koopa Bros.

Axem Blue

Kamek & Kammy

Professor E. Gadd's Power Suit

Nonplayable Characters

Lord Smithy/Other Forms: Normal Smithy, Mail Box Smithy,Wizard Smithy (DLC)

Breaker Beam (DLC)

Koopalings (DLC)

DLC Characters & Special Moves

Lord Smithy

Breaker Beam


Chapter I: A New Target

Quest 1: Destory 10 Egg Pawns And Clear The Goal!

Quest 2: Kill 5 Koopas And Clear The Stage!

Boss Fight: Axem Yellow

Quest 3: Chase Down The Axem Rangers' Ship!

Quest 4: Destory The 4 Main Ship Turrets!

Boss Fight: Breaker Beam 

Final Quest: Find And Defeat The Smithy Bots

Chapter II: Lord Smithy's Invasion

Quests 1-9: Protect The Worlds From Lord Smithy's Bots

Boss Fight: Smithy And Axem Red

Boss Fight: Axem Blue

Chapter III: Mecha Sonic Strikes Back

Quest 1: Escape The Desert

Quest 2: Enter The Ruins

Quest 3: Destory 6 More Smithy Bots

Quest 4: Board Bowser's Flagship

Quest 5: Clear The Deck

Boss Fight: Captain Basilisx

Boss Fight: The 8 Koopalings + Kammy & Kamek

Boss Fight: Bowser & Mecha Mario

Boss Fight: Mecha Sonic

Ending Chapter: Final Showdown

Quest 1: Yoshi's Island Adventure

Boss Fight: Semi-Super Mecha Sonic

Quest 2: Protect Mario & Sonic World

Quest 3: Invade The Villans

Boss Fight: Boss Rush

FINAL BOSSES: Basilisx,Mecha Mario,Smithy,Master Mecha Sonic And Ultimate Bowser

TRUE FINAL BOSS (Only To Be Fought In Mobius True Arena): Super Ultra Ultimate Mecha Sonic