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Super Mario Bros Universe Heroes is a animated show about Mario's Adventures. Each episode is 30 mintues. Each Season finalee is 1 hour long.

Season1 Episodes:

Mario Kart Race-Mario and Luigi race Wario and Waluigi for treasure. The biggest Kart race is on!

Mario vs Bowser-Mario fights Bowser after Bowser ruins the Kart Race.

Yoshi vs Boshi-Yoshi returns to Yoshi's Island and finds out that Boshi has taken over.Yoshi has to race Boshi.

TeamMario-Mario,Luigi,and Yoshi team up to make an unstopable Team.Team Mario fights Wario and Waluigi.

MechaMario-Bowser Jr and Kamek create a super strong robot to stop Mario.Team Mario vs MechaMario

TeamWario-Wario and Waluigi team up with Boshi to take down Team Mario. The two teams fight.

KoopaBros-Bowser's 4 Koopa Ninjas return to destory Mario. Mario has to keep up with the Ninja's skills to stop them.

Mario is Missing!-Someone has kidnapped Mario. Luigi and Yoshi have to find him. The kidnapper is Wart!

Mario is Missing!Part2:PrincessPower-Peach,Dasiy,and Rosalina come and help Yoshi and Luigi save Mario and stop Wart.

Power of the Rangers-Mario's old enimies the Axem Rangers have returned with a new member.Axem Blue. Team Mario must team up with Team Wario to stop the Rangers.

3 Bowsers-Bowser teams up with DryBowser and Dark Bowser to stop Mario,Luigi,and Yoshi once and for all.

TeamSonic-The 7 SuperStars and 7 ChaosEmeralds somehow connect and Team Sonic comes to the Mushroom Kingdom.Mario is jealous and takes his team to challage Team Sonic.

SeasonFinalee:SuperStars-Giga Bowser has attacked the Mushroom Kingdom. Team Mario must use the 7 SuperStars to stop Giga Bowser.

Season2 Coming Soon!

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