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Box art for the 3DS

Super Mario Bros Undead or SMBU is a 3DS game and is on sale for a limited amount of time (it is made especially for Halloween).


Mario and friends are trick or treating and they knock on the door of an old mansion, the knock on the door and the door slowly creeks open and they walk inside the door slams behind them. A candle flys across the room ans stops infront of them. A shadowish figure apears from the smoke of the candle. It says "Mario you have foild my husband and chilrens plans to many times to count, so i am imprisoning you all here for life" Daisy is about to say somting but the shadow shouts "SILENCE" and Daisy is soon incapable of speeking. The shadow grabs Mario and Daisy and atempts to fly away, Daisy manages to get away and falls to the floor hiting her head by this point the silence spell had worn off. You must chose a character to play as for the hole of the game (once you have chosen your character you cant change it).


Levels and Bosses

Tutorial Level - No Boss

Level 1 - Find The Magic Amulet - Undead Dragonia

Level 2 - Get The Book - Undead Jacob

Level 3 - Prevent The Fire 1 - Dry Bowser Jr

Level 4 - Move The Bolder - Undead Tim

Level 5 - Burn The Book - Undead Harley

Level 6 - Prevent The Fire 2 - Undead Larry

Level 7 - Find The Acid - Undead Jackson

Level 8 - Find The Secret Pasage - Undead Morton Jr

Level 9 - Escape The Lava - Undead Risien

Level 10 - Find The Magic Earings - Undead Wendy
All The Koopalings Undead

Level 11 - Prevent The Flood - Undead Dolly

Level 12 - Prevent The Over Groth - Undead Ellen

Level 13 - Kill The Cockroaches - Undead Iggy

Level 14 - Find The Other Trick or Treaters - Undead Noah

Level 15 - Prevent the Fire 3 - Undead Roy

Level 16 - Protect Your Self - Undead Lemmy

Level 17 - Get Rid Of The Piano - Undead Ludwig

Level 18 - Blow Up The Out House - Undead Lavora

Level 20 - Every Koopaling Battle - All Undead Koopalings

Level 20 - Dry Bowser Battle - Dry Bowser

Level 21 - Rescue Mario - Ghost Clawdia


The Enimeis in this Game are...

  • Dry Bones
  • Boos
  • Dry Goombas
  • Bone Bros
  • Wet Bones
  • Boolines
  • Ghosts
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats


  • The Shadow Ghost is ment to be a dead Clawdia.
  • The Guid Book says "the Koopalings seek revenge for being killed by Mario..." but Jacob is a good guy so his death still remains a mystery.

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