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Super Mario Bros Galaxy is a new game that is dedicated to Super Mario Momotarō. It will be available for Wii U in 2015.


  • Princess Peach was having tea with her grandparents. Then Bowser and the Koopalings came by and kidnapped Princess Peach. Then Mario in a Bee suit and saw that Peach was kidnapped. He flew out to save her.
  • After defeating Larry Koopa, Mario saw a Parabeetle landing saying he's hungry. Mario gave it some mushrooms and he came along to defeat Bowser
  • After defeating Roy Koopa, Mario saw a Black Boomerang Bro on the ground. Mario came up and he came along to defeat Bowser.
  • After defeating Morton Koopa Jr., Mario went on and then a Spike ran to him. He said that Bowser stole treasure from his area and want to come along to defeat Bowser and he did come along.
  • Agter defeating Bowser, Mario came to get Princess Peach and took the treasure to return to there owners. Then Mario returned Princess Peach to her grandparents.



  • All around character.
  • Begins with.


  • Flies and Dove attacks.
  • Unlock after World 1.

-Black Boomerang Bro

  • Throw Boomerangs
  • Unlock after World 2.

-Green Spike

  • Throw Spikeballs.
  • Unlock after World 3.



  • Para-Goomba
  • Tail-Goomba
  • Gold Tail-Goomba
  • Galoomba
  • Big Galoomba
  • Goombrat
  • Spiked Helmet Goomba
  • Goomba Egg
  • Goomba Tower
  • Mega Goomba
  • Dry Goomba
  • Goomba Troop (New)

Koopa Troopa

  • Para-Koopa Troopa
  • Green-Shelled, Red-Shelled, Blue-Shelled
  • Mega Koopa Troopa
  • Koopaleon
  • Mecha-Koopa
  • Electric-Koopa
  • Dry Bones
  • Big Dry Bones
  • Egged-Koopa (New)
  • Koopa Stormtroopers (New)


  • Deep-Cheep
  • Eep-Cheep
  • Spiny Cheep-Cheep
  • Big Cheep-Cheep
  • Mr. Kipper (Purple)
  • Big Bertha
  • Coach Cheep-Cheep
  • Shimi Cheep-Cheep
  • Porcupuffer
  • Cheep-Chomp
  • Mecha-Cheep


  • Big Boo
  • Circling Boo
  • Peepa
  • Bomb Boo
  • Fire Boo (New)
  • Ice Boo (New)


  • Green Hammer Bro
  • Blue Boomerang Bro
  • Fire Bro
  • Ice Bro
  • Sledge Bro
  • Curve Bro (New)
  • Barrel Bro (New)


  • Spiny Egg
  • Piranha Egg

Other Koopas

  • Buzzy Beetles
  • Spiked Buzzy Beetles
  • Spiny


  • Pink Bob-Ombs (New)


  • Big Grrrol
  • Bomb Grrrol (New)


  • Wiggler
  • Huckit Crab
  • Broozer
  • Fireballs
  • Walking Blocks
  • Angry Bees (New) (other than Stingbees)


  • Planet 1: Green Area
  • Planet 2: Desert Area
  • Planet 3: Bob-omb Factory
  • Planet 4: Snow Area
  • Planet 5: Cloud Area
  • Planet 6: Bowser's Area



  • P1: Larry Koopa
  • P2: Roy Koopa
  • P3: Morton Koopa Jr.
  • P4: Wendy O. Koopa
  • P5: Ludwig Von Koopa
  • P6: Bowser


  • P4: Mouser


  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Tanooki Leaf
  • Mega Mushroom

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