P3-Blue Toad

P4-Yellow Toad


Good Side

Red Toad(Found At the Ending Cutscene in Chapter 6)

Green Toad(Found At The Ending Cutscene in Chapter 3)

Toadette(Found At the Ending Cutscene in Chapter 5)

Dr.Goomba(In The Ending Cutscene Of Chapter 13,He Talks to Koopalings Giving Penalties by Doing A Bad Side.He Also Calls The Goomba Guards To Shot Them.)

Bad Side


Green Koopa

Flying Koopa

Boss Enemies

Larry Koopa(On Chapter 1 and 7)

Iggy Koopa(On Chapter 2 and 5)

Wendy Koopa(On Chapter 3)

Ludwig Koopa(On Chapter 4 and 6)

Morton Koopa(On Chapter 7 and 5)

Roy Koopa(On Chapter 6 and 8)

Bowser Jr.(On Chapter 11,12 and 13)

Bowser(On Chapter 9,10,12 and 13)


In The Castle,The Toads,Brothers And Peach are Just Eating because it is Mario's 24th Day.All The Protagonists(Exept Peach)are Out In The Table.but.Suddenly Is happening.Peach Disappeared and They Told That Peach was Not Kidnapped.She Got to The Heaven.But,As Bowser Jr Teleported in the Sky He Talks And Fell In the Cake And Teleport.(This Part is Similar to Pacman World 3 Story)But Where is Peach?Then They Were Catched from and Mario and Luigi Had been In Cage for a Long Time.After 1 Day,Rosalina Said That they Will Have Superpowers To escape.Mario and Luigi started To Run And Fly!Toads Are Holding The Hands Of the 2 Brothers.and Fly Far.But,a Wind Started To play And The Toads and Brothers are Accidentaly Crashed On a Forest.


Chapter 1:Prologue:Lost In Forests

22 Levels

ENDING CUTSCENE: On The Night,Brothers and Toads started To Run Over and Chase The Airship.

Chapter 2:The Light,The Cold

24 Levels

Chapter 3:Dune Plains

23 Levels

Chapter 4:Cloudtop On The Sphere

28 Levels

Chapter 5:Jungle Of the Beasts

26 Levels

Chapter 6:Discovery Of a New Mountain

27 Levels


The Brothers and Toads Found Red Toad.Crying and Crying.because He Needed Food to Eat.But Toads and Brothers are Going To The Toad's Underground Diner.Eating Foods and Leave.The Mountain is Destroyed and Turned into a Clay Lake.

Chapter 7:Snowflake Island

24 Levels

Chapter 8:Industrial Archipelago

23 Levels

Chapter 9:Evil Rises

28 Levels

Chapter 10:Thunderstorm Day

27 Levels

Chapter 11:Bowser's Castle:Prologue

12 Levels

Chapter 12:Bowser's Castle

15 Levels

Chapter 13:Bowser's castle:Epilogue

14 Levels

Chapter 14:Epilogue

16 Levels

More Information Soon!

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