Super Mario Bros is a 2D/3D/tons more 2015 animated film done by Sr.Wario for FANCU's first phase. Based on various Mario games, the film tries for a more abstract approach that stays real to the franchise. The plot centers around Bowser taking control of the dimension warping Star Rod and kidnapping Princess Peach. Reception for the film has been TBA.


For the Mario Bros, saving the Princess is just another day of the week. However, things change when Bowser comes upon the dimension warping Star Rod, threatening the heroes.


The movie begins with the original Super Mario Bros being played. As Mario reaches Bowser, things morph in art direction to a gritty cubic 2D animation style. Mario hops over Bowser's fireballs and axes, much to Bowser's rage. Mario eventually shifts into CGI animation, using a hammer to knock Bowser out of the castle and into the sky. Finally, the film shifts into it's main form, disney esque 2D animation as Mario rescues Princess Peach. The wall is busted open by a team of cheerful Toads. Together they return to the castle in their blimp.

Mario is greeted by the kind, if squeamish, Luigi as they all eat cake together. Peach is greeted by her overdramatic advisor, the elderly Toadsworth. Toadsworth ponders Bowser, as he joins in. Meanwhile, Bowser finds himself changing forms rapidly in a mysterious realm he was launched into. After shifting for pixel to 3D and back to his normal form, he comes upon the Star Rod.  After nearly destroying himself, he realizes it's power, and turns Peach's Castle into his own castle.

Peach falls into a cage and Luigi into a lava pit, setting his behind on fire, causing him to run away. Toadsworth tries to pry the cage open, but they are interrupted by Bowser who appears suddenly. Mario throws a hammer, but Bowser morphs into an 8-Bit form, and the hammer barely chips him. Bowser then creates a portal that sucks Mario up, as well as Luigi.










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