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Super Mario Bros is a 3D CGI animated film directed and written by PrimalFan. It is about two plumbers who are called to when Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach. It released in late August 2014. The film is based off of Super Mario Bros. It was released in 3D, Real D 3D, and IMAX 3D. This film is a part of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

Super Mario Bros (2014 Film)
Director PrimalFan
Producer(s) PrimalFan
Studio(s) Universal Studios

Pixar Disney Nintendo

Writer(s) PrimalFan
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type 3D CGI Animation
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Worldwide - August 29, 2014
Age Rating(s)
Runtime 123 Minutes
Series Nintendo Cinematic Universe (PrimalFan)
Sequel(s) (TBA)


25 years ago, two babies wrapped in a blanket were on the doorsteps of the Mushroom Kingdom castle. They were raised to be at their finest but were just too rough for royalty. As a result, Mario and Luigi were kicked out of Mushroom Kingdom. They would come back 20 years later and establish themselves as a part of a plumbing company, Mario Inc.

In the present, Bowser is jealous of Mario and Luigi due to the affection they're getting from Princess Peach. Bowser secretly has a crush on Princess Peach but can't admit his feelings due to the two being so different. Devising a plan to kidnap Princess Peach and have her marry him, Bowser maniacally laughs at his castle as the camera soars through the sky and transitions to the Mushroom Kingdom castle.

During a party that Mario and Luigi were invited to, Princess Peach is preparing her speech for all of Mushroom Kingdom. Just as she is about to speak, a magikoopa who reveals itself to be Kamek crashes through the roof. Kamek then blasts Mario and Luigi back and flies off with Peach.

Mario is determined to get back Peach, whereas Luigi could honestly care less. Despite this, Luigi agrees to go save Princess Peach. The two journey out of Toadtown Square. They find a map that shows a path leading to Bowser's Castle, but many obstacles come in the way. Mario stubbornly decides to overcome this journey of trouble.

Bowser sends a wave of Goomba, Koopa, and many other enemies along the way to take out the two protagonists. Shooting fire balls at the enemies, Mario defeats them all when he is shocked to see a Magikoopa flying off with Luigi. Mario chases after the Magikoopa through a forest while dodging beam attacks, grabbing onto a super leaf and transforming into Tanooki Mario. An aerial battle commences, Mario ramming into the Magikoopa, the two crashing along with Luigi into a large castle.

Bowser's Castle.

The Magikoopa scrambles off, Mario and Luigi chasing after him through a well-guarded obstacle course-like hallway, reaching the second floor. A short montage of this looping happens five times, finally ending as Mario and Luigi reaches the top of the castle and spots Princess Peach, locked up in a cage. Bowser stomps towards Mario, Luigi running towards Bowser and bouncing off of his head. Mario shoots fireballs towards Bowser, pushing him back.

The two fight until Luigi has freed Princess Peach, getting a kiss on the cheek. Bowser, angrily, stomps on the ground until it collapses along with everybody, a large lava pit underneath them. Reacting instinctively, Luigi grabs hold of his hat and floats onto a platform, Princess Peach doing the same with her dress. Mario is falling towards the lava pit, surely to die.. until a large skeleton of Bowser erupts from the lava pit, Mario landing on his spine. Both Mario and Luigi fight Dry Bowser, who sinks back into the lava pit.

The credits roll up.

Post-Credits Scene

A large ape is traveling through a jungle, banging on trees and on the ground. The ape jumps high and smashes the ground, the camera turning to his face. It's revealed to be Donkey Kong.

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