Super Mario Bros is a 3D CGI animated film directed and written by PrimalFan. It is about two plumbers who are called to when Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach. It released in late August 2014. The film is based off of the Super Mario Bros franchise and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga It was released in 3D, Real D 3D, and IMAX 3D. This film is a part of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

Super Mario Bros (2014 Film)
Director PrimalFan
Producer(s) PrimalFan
Studio(s) Universal Studios

Pixar Disney Nintendo

Writer(s) PrimalFan
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type 3D CGI Animation
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Worldwide - August 29, 2014
Age Rating(s)
Runtime 109 Minutes
Series Nintendo Cinematic Universe (PrimalFan)
Sequel(s) (TBA)


25 years ago, two babies wrapped in a blanket were on the doorsteps of the Mushroom Kingdom castle. They were raised to be at their finest but were just too rough for royalty. As a result, Mario and Luigi were kicked out of Mushroom Kingdom. They would come back 20 years later and establish themselves as a part of a plumbing company, Mario Inc.

The movie transitions to present day. Mario is in the shower, when Toad rushes over and tells Mario to come. Mario dresses up, and runs to the Mushroom Kingdom, where Luigi is. They go inside, and find Bowser about to kidnap Princess Peach. Mario and - to a lesser extent, Luigi, both engage in a fight with Bowser.

Bowser easily defeats Luigi using his fireballs, and Mario is struggling against him. Mario shoots off a fireball at Bowser, who takes the hit easily. Meanwhile, Bowser Jr stealthily kidnaps Princess Peach and alarms Bowser, when Bowser's airship arrives. Bowser hits Mario with a powerful stream of flames, knocking him out. Bowser then leaves into his airship.

Mario and Luigi both awaken, and find Toadsworth in front of them. Mario, not remembering anything, starts to go crazy for a bit until Luigi calms him down. Toadsworth explains that Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and singlehandedly defeated both plumbers with ease. Toadsworth then points at a castle that is far away, and says that Bowser is there with Princess Peach, before handing Mario and Luigi both a map. Luigi quickly draws a path to Bowser's Castle, and Mario and Luigi are now ready to leave.

Mario and Luigi both head to the Grasslands, where they are ambushed by a group of Goomba. Mario throws fireballs at the Goomba, knocking them out while Luigi uses his hammer to defeeat Goomba. A Boom Boom attacks Mario and the two deliever blows at each other while Luigi knocks out the Boom Boom with his hammer.

Mario and Luigi arrive at a castle filled with lava pits, spikes, and more obstacles. They fight their way to the top where they find Kamek holding an egg. Kamek summons Bowser Jr. to attack Mario and Luigi, and Luigi accidentally gets hold of the egg! Mario is getting pumelled by Bowser Jr. when Luigi attacks Bowser Jr. with his hammer. Bowser Jr. smacks away Luigi, when the egg hatches into a Yoshi. The Yoshi assists Mario and Luigi in defeating Bowser Jr..

They see Bowser's airship taking away Bowser Jr. and sneak onto it, when Goomba and Koopa attack them. Mario rides on Yoshi and bashes his way through, meeting Bowser. Luigi arrives, and Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi attack Bowser and Kamek. Yoshi attacks Kamek, and the two develop an intense rivalry while Bowser is beating up Mario and Luigi. The airship crashes into Bowser's castle and as a result Bowser turns into Dry Bowser, while Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi try to escape Peach. Mario and Luigi both find a Mega Mushroom and Super Leaf respectively.

Fox Luigi flies around and attacks Dry Bowser, while Mega Mario and Dry Bowser engage in a one-on-one battle. Yoshi manages to trick Kamek into hitting Bowser with one of his spells, injuring Dry Bowser and allowing Mega Mario to defeat Dry Bowser.

Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi escape with Princess Peach while she makes a cake for celebrations.

Post-Credits Scene

A large ape is traveling through a jungle, banging on trees and on the ground. The ape jumps high and smashes the ground, the camera turning to his face. It's revealed to be Donkey Kong.

Voice Cast

  • Jason Alexandar as Mario
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Luigi
  • Dakota Fanning as Princess Peach
  • Bill Hader as Toad
  • John Cleese as Toadsworth
  • John Goodman as Bowser
  • Kazumi Totaka as Yoshi


  • Yoshi's appearance in the movie is based off of Yoshi Kid, a reference to TTYD.
  • The introduction where Bowser attacks is similar to Superstar Saga.
  • The film introduces a few power-ups and weapons used by Mario and Luigi.
    • Luigi wielding a hammer is based off of Superstar Saga.
    • Mario is seen throwing fireballs, being based off of Super Smash Bros.
      • This is to hint at the fact there will be a Nintendo Cinematic Universe, which wasn't known until a couple of movies later.
    • Yoshi is not seen with any power-ups.