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Super Mario Bros: Twist A Bit (working title) is an upcoming non-side-scrolling game in the main Mario series. (To understand the story: the bits are based on pixels, a homeage to the 8-bit era.) PLEASE DO NOT EDIT.


Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the toads are celebrating in Peach`s Castle when suddenly cubes, called Dark Bits, roll into the castle. The Koopalings appear and kidnap Peach. The Dark Bits form together a barrier to keep Mario, Luigi, and Toad from escaping. They find a secret exit and escape the castle, though they are to late to catch up with the Koopalings. The sky turns dark in the Mushroom Kingdom and they all fall unconsious. When they wake up, they find out that the whole world is turning into a pixilish wastleland. They find a letter from Peach.

Dear Mario,

Bowser is turning the Mushroom King into a pixil-like form! These cubes are called "bits," and from there, the Bits are turned into Dark Bits. With this power, the Bits can be turned into any shape, form, or

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