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Super Mario Bros: The War Against New York is an upcoming game for the Wii U developed by Phoniex Circle. It can be considered the sequel to New Super Mario Bros: The Underground, since it features some the same characters. It will feature a deeper story, new characters and enemies, and a return back to 2D sprites. The plot consists of the Americans finding out about the sewer to the Mushroom Kingdom, and attempting to take over. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosalina, Lily, Daisy, and Devili join forces to stop the army from taking over, but will it be enough?


While investigating a problem with the sewers in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario comes across an American Soldier. Mario tries to fight off the American Soldier, only to be shot in the leg. The American Soldier comes out with an whole army, and leaves Mario in the wet sewers. Luigi finds his brother and gets him over to the Mushroom Kingdom doctor, only to find out the castle is being attacked. Luigi uses a 1-Up to heal Mario's leg, and meet with Bowser and Devili who are fighting for their Kingdoms as well. Eventually, every force in the Mushroom Kingdom starts an alliance to fight off the Americans. However, Kamek looks at Bowser, and uses his forces against him and heads off to New York to take it over. Mario and the newly formed alliance need to make peace with both Earth and Kamek in order to save everyone.


Image Name Description
MarioWANY Mario Mario's a plumber who's gone on many adventures to save Peach. Now with his homeland in danger, he'll have to fight to save himself.
LuigiWANY Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother. People often think he has crush on Daisy, but does he have the courage to tell her?
PeachWANY Princess Peach Peach is constantly getting kidnapped. Over the years of being kidnapped and rescued, Peach has decided she is going to up the ante.
BowserTWAB Bowser Bowser is the one constantly kidnapping the princess. After years of doing so, he'll have to save his own kingdom from being under attack by a mysterious force.
DeviliTWANY Devili D. Koopa Devili is Bowser's brother. After the events of New Super Mario Bros: The Underground, he became known. He now has to fend his kingdom and save himself.
DaisyWANY Princess Daisy ...
Princess Lily sprite Princess Lily ...
RosalinaTWANY Princess Rosalina ...
? ??? ...
? ??? ...
? ??? ...


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