Super Mario Bros: Starlight is a game for the WiiU. It's a 2D Mario game, but has story progression similar to the RPGs.


Since the events of Paper Mario, Bowser's troops have been attempting to replicate the Star Rod. Recently, they've made a breakthrough. However, the replica can't be powered by a Power Star. It harnesses the power of a Ztar. With his new powers, Bowser shattered the Star Rod and launched an invasion on the Mushroom Kingdom. His airships attacked the castle from above, While Bowser's foot soldiers marched in the castle. Bowser waved the Ztar Rod and teleported Peach to him. He also shot beams of dark energy, which knocked Mario, Luigi, and the two Toads unconcious. When they awoke, the princess was gone! Lying next to them was a tiny Luma. It woke up and introduced himself as Lumino, who was sent from the stars to alert the legendary Mario to save his 'Mama', which was Rosalina. Lumino told the heroes that to save the princesses and stop Bowser, they must find the seven scattered pieces of the Star Rod to counteract the Ztar Rod. With that in mind, Mario and co. ran off to save Peach and Rosalina.


World 1: Sunshine Plains -This world is your standard first level, complete with Goombas and rolling hills. The only asthetic difference from othe first levels is that there are many windmills in the background.

World 2: Dusty Dunes -Oh boy! The second world is desert themed again! Some of the levels take place in ancient ruins. You can find Dry Bones in some levels, but Pokeys will be the most common type of dangerous fauna.

World 3: Sparkling Ocean -This world is filled with aquatic enemies such as Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. The frog suit is going to be useful for diving in the water levels. Beware of Boss Bass, because if it eats you, you'll be sleeping with the fishes!

World 4: Frozen Fields -The next Star Rod piece lies in the frozen north. You'll be meeting new enemies such as Snokey, Mr. Blizzard, and Cooligans. There are some pools of frozen water, so be careful where you shoot fireballs!

World 5: Poisonous Swamp -You're in Donkey Kong country now! This level has a big case of gigantism; this place is filled with giant enemies and giant fungus. Look out for poisonous water and sticky mud

World 6: Craggy Mountain -This world is the toughest yet, with platforms that crumble when you step on them and enemies such as Monty Moles and Quake Bros. The new Mole Suit helps you because you can dig through soft dirt.

World 7: Sunny Cloudpass -The next world is up in the sky. While the sky may seem heavenly, it's hard as heck! There are many clouds that you can step on, but don't be fooled because some clouds are light as air and will send you to your doom!

World 8: Gloomy Wastleland -Bowser has transformed his kingdom into a dark realm devoid of any happiness. Except his, should you lose. This world is filled with lava and darkness. Thankfully, Bowser's castle is in sight.

World 🌟: Ranibow Realm -This world is your reward for collecting all the star coins in the previous worlds. Every level is themed after a previous world. Unlike other levels, this world has no boss


World 1 Fortress: Iggy Koopa World 1 Castle: Big Bob-Omb

World 2 Fortress: Morton Koopa Jr. World 2 Castle: Demon Skull

World 3 Fortress: Wendy O. Koopa World 3 Castle: Giga Porcupuffer

World 4 Fortress: Lemmy Koopa World 4 Castle: Hail Blizzard World 4 Airship: Bowser Jr.

World 5 Fortress: Ludwig Von Koopa World 5 Castle: Petey Piranha

World 6 Fortress: Roy Koopa World 6 Castle: King Monty Mole World 6 Airship: Bowser Jr.

World 7 Fortress: Larry Koopa World 7 Castle: Lakithunder

World 8 Fortress: Kamek World 8 Airship: Bowser Jr. World 8 Bowser's Castle: Bowser