Super Mario Bros: Mushroom King's Return
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Mario
Media Included Game


The king of the Mushroom Kingdom finally comes back from an extremely long vacation. He thinks, through, that Mario and Luigi want to kidnap the princes(when it's the opposite), so he exile them out of the kingdom, into Pine Forest. Meanwhile, Bowser decides to take the occasion to kidnap Princess Peach. After that, the Mushroom Kingdom king thinks that the Mario bros kidnapped Princess Peach, so he send Blue Toad and Yellow Toad , but the two toads actually join the Mario Bros on thier quest instead. Now they have to be careful about two enemies! But there is still a question... Did Bowser really kidnap Peach? After beating Larry Koopa, they end up in Sea's Cliff, but they see the sea has been polluted! They realise soon after it's Morton's fault, so they decide to defeat him. His airship crashes into CyberHills Inc, a mechanical Power Plant. They shut it down and defeat Wendy, who was responsible for creating the incorporation. They then end up in the "hot" White Desert, but it ends up beign extremely cold! Later, Luigi finds a fortress that has many weather changer machines. He tells his friends about it, and obviously, they rush toward it to save White Desert. The group discover Iggy Koopa finishing a weather-changer Clown Car. Noticing the heroes, he hops in it and fight the heroes. He gets defeaten and Mario & friends get launched in the sky.


The worlds in the game mess up with the usual worlds, usually fusing some with another, and most seem to have a cold theme.

World 1: Pine Forest

A forest full of pines. Mario&Luigi were exiled into it by the Mushroom King.

  • 1-1: A new adventure!
  • 1-2: 'Shroom Jumping
  • 1-3: The Lake in the Forest
  • 1-Action: Secret Treehouse in the Pines!
  • 1-Tower: Stone Tower(Battle Stage: 25 Goombas)
  • 1-4: Cave Maze of Mushrooms
  • 1-5: Para-Beetle trouble!
  • 1-Bonus: Crazy Switches On-Off!
  • 1-Castle: Larry Koopa's Crusher Castle!

World 2: Sea's Cliff

A cliff near the sea, many people visit it each day because it has a beautiful view over the sea.

  • 2-1: Saying Hi to the Bloopers
  • 2-Action: The Sunked Ship of the Abysses...
  • 2-2: Do a Barrel Roll in the Water!
  • 2-3: Tidal Cave
  • 2-4: The Rain in the Cliff
  • 2-Tower: Flooded Tower(Battle Stage: 10 Jumping Cheep Cheeps)
  • 2-Bonus: The Flooded Tower's Ruins!
  • 2-5: Beware the Urchins!
  • 2-6: Incoming Tsunami!
  • 2-Airship: Morton Koopa Jr.'s Artillery Boat!

World 3: CyberHills Inc.

It starts in a mechanical power plant, then turn to a junk wasteland with little to no enemies. It should be noted that a stage actually changed name(Into the Error used to be named Dust Into Error).

  • 3-1: Gear Grinder
  • 3-2: Crashed Robotic Planet
  • 3-Action: Infinite Maze of Pistons
  • 3-Tower: Empty Tower(Battle Stage: None)
  • 3-3: Tremor Terror
  • 3-Bonus: Into the Error
  • 3-4: Nothing and Spikes
  • 3-5: The Very Long Wasteland
  • 3-Castle: Wendy O. Koopa's Disco Stadium!

World 4: White Desert

Once a hot desert with white sand, something made it extremely cold. But what, or who?

  • 4-1: Quicksand Pits
  • 4-2: Across the Terrible Wind
  • 4-3: Deep Pyramid
  • 4-Action: Stalgamite Cavern
  • 4-Tower: Sandstone Tower(Battle Stage: 3 Pokeys)
  • 4-4: White Canyon
  • 4-5: Down the Canyon
  • 4-Bonus: Frozen Oasis!
  • 4-6: Snow-Sand Storm
  • 4-7: Iggy Koopa's Weather Fortress!

World 5: Barrage Clouds

These stormy clouds are invaded with airships and flying islands. It seems to always be in the way of people going in the sky.

  • 5-Action: Ghost Airship!
  • 5-1: Ironical Flying Cavern
  • 5-2: Airship Crazyness

DLC Stages

  • DLC-Boss: But who are these Koopalings?


You can play as multiple characters:

  • 386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D WorldMario
  • 200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldLuigi
  • Blue Toad SquadBlue Toad
  • Yellow Toad SquadYellow Toad
  • 100px-WarioMPITWario(After beating World 1)
  • 20130913123103!WaluigiWaluigi(After beating World 2)
  • Toadette MPNLToadette(After beating World 3)
  • Toad captainCaptain Toad(After beating World 4)
  • 150px-Daisy MPITDaisy(After beating World 5)

There is three game modes: Adventure Mode(1 player on 3DS and 1-4 for Wii U), Multiplayer Mode, that plays like the one in New Super Mario Bros with a Point system instead of collecting stars, and finally Challenge Mode that makes you play various challenges like Collect 100 Coins for fun.

Unlike the other games, the towers do not have bosses, but instead contain a battle stage.

There are Action stages and Bonus stages. Action stages lead to a Baby Yoshi nest while Bonus stages makes something to make stages easier, like making the rarest powerups have 2x the chance to appear.

Boss Battles

Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa is the boss of World 1. His area is a bunch of platforms that move around. Larry's attack pattern is turning almost invisible(through his shadow can still be seen) and then throwing a magic ball at Mario. After the second hit, he throws three bouncing magic balls. If Larry falls out of the area, he'll just jump back into it. When defeaten, he gets his legs crushed by a falling rock as the castle collapses.

Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton is the boss of World 2. He use his magic hammer to create giant wind blows while jumping and creating shockwaves when hit for the second time. HIs area is a platform with water in it. He falls in the water when defeaten.

Wendy O. Koopa

Wendy is the boss of CyberHills Inc. She is in a disco-themed area. To attack, she throws disco ball-like Rings that bounces around. The disco-like light illuminate some parts of the terrain, but not all of it, making the battle harder.

Iggy Koopa

Iggy is a boss, the one of World 4. His area is a simple platform with two sides. He's in a  weather machine Clown Car and he changes the weather in his area in a set order:

  • Hot: The platform the players are on turns to lava, but there are also rocks floating above it.
  • Cold: The platform becomes slippery.
  • Windy: Wind blows away.
  • Rain: The area becomes floody.
  • METEOR!: A big meteor is about to hit Mario & Friends!...But it hits Iggy instead, causing the battle to end.

DLC Bosses

The fanon Koopalings are seen in the Boss Rush DLC stage.

Tim J. Koopa

Tim J. Koopa is the first DLC boss. His area is a platform with rocky spikes around it. He attacks by jumping around and throwing rocks at Mario. When hit, he retreats in his shell and slides around. After the second hit, he throws three rocks instead of one.

Bazyli Koopa

Bazyli Koopa is the second boss in the Boss Rush DLC Stage. His area takes place in the top of a airship. He shoots a homing rocket at Mario before jumping out of the screen and then coming back to hit Mario. When hit for the second time, he throws five homing rockets and destroys the upper part of the airship's top. If he falls out of the area he'll use a grappling hook in his cannon to come back to it.


Some powerups are exclusive to a version and are replaced by another one. Unlike the other games, the power up in the box aren't select ones: they each have a chance of coming out(excluding Super Mushroom, who comes out when you are normal Mario). The 3DS exclusives focus on defeating enemies while the Wii U exclusives focus on making the stages easier to defeat.

  • FireFlowerSM3DWFire Flower: Throws fireballs around.
  • 170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mushroom: Heals Mario back into Super Mario.
  • IceFlower LTLIce Flower: Throws Ice Balls around.
  • SuperLeafSM3DWSuper Leaf: Lets you glide for a certain amount of time.
  • Glowing AcornGlowing Acorn: Lets Mario light up areas, and use light beams to find hidden places and blind enemies.
  • BoomerangFlowerSM3DWBoomerang Flower: Throws Boomerangs around. Exclusive to 3DS version.
  • SMG2 CloudflowerCloud Flower: Makes cloud platforms appear. Exclusive to Wii U version.
  • BlueShellBlue Shell: You can roll around in it. Exclusive to 3DS version.
  • ParashellPara-Shell: You can fly in it, but it makes you very slow unless you are on the ground. Exclusive to Wii U version.
  • MegamushroomNSMB2Mega Mushroom: Makes you a giant, through it is the rarest item along with Starman. Exclusive to 3DS version.
  • Star MK8Starman: Makes you invincible for a certain period. It also makes you faster and jump higher. It is the rarest item along with Mega Mushroom. Exclusive to Wii U version.
  • MiniMushroom LTLMini Mushroom: Unlike most Powerups, the Mini Mushroom actually WEAKENS you! It lets you enter otherwise impossible to pass paths through. Exclusive to Wii U.
  • POWBlockPow Block: Explodes in your face, but kills all enemies on the screen as well. Exclusive to 3DS.
  • KuriboShoe3DKuribo Shoe: Allows the player to walk on spikes. It can actually be carried through different stages unlike it's ancestor. Exclusive to 3DS version.
  • Ice Skate Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldIce Skate: Makes the player not slip on ice, and makes it able to skate on water. Exclusive to Wii U version.
  • MagentababyyoshiNSMBUBalloon Baby Yoshi: Can turn into a balloon.
  • BluebabyyoshiNSMBUBubble Baby Yoshi: Can spit out bubbles.
  • BabyyoshiBaby Yoshi: Turns into a normal Yoshi after eating 10 enemies, but in that case it lays a egg at the end of the stage so you can still use it.
  • Glow Baby Yoshi NSMBUGlowing Baby Yoshi: Throws light waves in dark place, through it also reveals things hidden in the terrain.
  • Baby Birdo by DohBaby Birdo: Doesn't eat stuff unlike most other babies, but instead shoot eggs.


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