Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog
Platform(s) Nintendo VR

Wii U

Release Date(s)
Guam: November 18, 2012

Japan: December 25, 2012

Canada: March 31, 2013

USA: July 4, 2012

Single Player Mode

Practice Mode

Online Mode

Free for All Mode

Genre(s) Action/Adventures

Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog in Time is an upcoming game for the VR and the Wii U.

How it all began

Professor Elvin Gadd makes a time traveling machine to travel to the past. Professor Elvin Gadd takes a break and goes to another room. Wario and Waluigi runs from the cops then Wario and Waluigi goes into a random room. They both escaped from the cops. Waluigi finds the time machine and then breaks it. The cops found them and then they got captured. Luigi tells Mario to come with him to Professor s lab. Mario says he can't because he has to defeat Bowser because he has the Mirror of Truth. The Mirror of Truth is a mirror that copies your self when you look at it. Meanwhile, Luigi helps and tries the time traveling machine. It breaks down and then turnes the whole land into light. Meanwhile Mario and Bowser are fighting then sees the light and screams.

(Sonic) How it all began

Sonic is going to Tails birthday but then he sees that Dr. Eggman has Mephiles and is rehealing. Dr. Eggman goes to Tails's party and sabotage the party. Metal Sonic shoots Sonic and the shot slows down Sonic. Sonic is running from Metal Sonic. Dr. Eggman captures Sliver. Metal Sonic gets destroyed by Sonic. Tails is sad that his birthday was ruined and Dr. Eggman laughs at Tails. Knuckles, Shadow and Rouge defends Tails . Dr. Eggman uses Sliver on them making them time travel. The lands also disappear. Sonic disapears .

Playable Characters

Image [1] Name [2] Description [3] Ability [4] Unlockable by... [5]
Mario (Mode & Character) Mario is the main hero on his way to save Peach! He is trying to get back to his own time. He has the Star Spin abillity. He uses mushrooms. Default
Luigi (Mode & Character) Luigi the brother of Mario. Luigi is trying to get back to his own time. His jumps are higher than any other. He uses mushrooms To unlock Luigi and Luigi's Mode Defeat King Boo
File:241px-Bowser NSMBW.png
Bowser (Mode & Character) King Bowser is looking for Peach and is trying to get back to his own time . He has great strength and is great with his fire.
Assist LumaSMWWii
Assist Luma Assist Luma from SMG2 is back and as a playable character! He only floats barely above the ground. He has the farthest jump (flutter) and uses the stun attack Default (Only for Mario Mode)
677px-Sonic 171

Sonic (Mode & Character)

Sonic the Hedgehog is fast and is trying to get back to his own time. He has fast strength and is very fast. Default

Shadow (Mode & Character)

Shadow is a Hedgehog that is a anti hero. He is trying to get back to his own time and get all 7 chaos emeralds and The Ultiamte Mushroom . He has the Ground Pound ability. He also has chaos abliltys. Has super strength. To unlock Shadow and Shadow's ModeFind all 7 toads in Sonic's mode

Dr. Eggman (Mode & Character)

Dr. Eggman is a scientist that is crazy for chaos emeralds. He is trying to go back to his own time. He uses guns and creates robots that are very dangerous. Default

Bosses (Mario's Mode)

Image [6] Chapter [7] Name [8] How hard is the Boss? [9]
File:241px-Bowser NSMBW.png
Chapter 1 Bowser X Easy
Chapter 2 Dino Piranha Hard
Chapter 3 Metal Sonic Medium
Chapter 4 Boom Boom &Pom Pom Hard
Shade 2
Chapter 5 Negative Shade the Echidna Easy
[10] Chapter 6 Icy Dino Piranha Hard
Chapter 7 Metal Sonic Hard
File:120px-Teal YoshiSMWWii.png
Chapter 8 Negative Yoshi Easy
Chapter 9 Fawful Easy
Chapter 10 Fawful Hard
[11] Chapter 11 Bowser Jr. Easy
Boom Mario
Chapter 12 Dark Mario Hard
Chapter 13 Camper Shroob Easy
[12] Chapter 14 Shroob Sejin Medium
Chapter 15 Metal Sonic Medium
Chapter 16 Metal Sonic Medium
100px-Mega MarioBros


Chapter 17 Negative Mario Hard
[13] Chapter 18 Bowser Jr. Hard
520px-Super sonic final
Chapter 19 Clone Sonic Hard
Chapter 20 Negative Mario Hard
[14] Chapter 21 Bowser Super Hard
[15] Chapter 22 Rainbow Bowser Jr. Medium
ShadowPeach NoBG
Chapter 23 Shadow Queen Easy
ShadowPeach NoBG
Chapter 24 Shadow Queen Medium
Neo Metal Sonic
Chapter 25 Neo Metal Sonic Super Hard
Bowser NSMBW-2


Chapter 26

Bowser X Hard
Chapter 27 Metal Sonic Reborn Super Hard
Mephiles the Dark

Chapter 28

Mephiles The Dark Super Hard

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