It's Mario time multiplied by 5!
The Description

Super Mario Bros. X5 is a 2013 compliation/remake that includes 5 games from the Mario series(particularly noteworthy and innovative titles) with new additions and better graphics remastered in HD. It is for the Nintendo Omega and developed by Nintendo third-party developer Wario Inc.' 
Super Mario Bros. X5
Developer(s) Wario Inc., Nintendo(minor help and advice)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega
Release Date(s)
September 13, 2013
Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario World

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer(3D/2D)
Series Mario
Predecessor Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition
Media Included Disc

Wario Inc. WorldDescription

It's a me, Mario! Join our plump plumber in 5 classic games, Super Mario Bros, Mario 3, Mario World, 64, and Super Mario Land! With new modes, features, and such, this game is any fan's must-have Mario collection.
The description


Super Mario Bros.

The original classic! It is back with HD graphics in the style of New Super Mario Bros U.

Easy Mode

Mario starts out as Super Mario, he has checkpoints and saves, some levels were removed or altered and so were the Bowser bosses.

The Lost Levels

The Lost Levels is back in all of it's glory remade in HD.

Classic Mode

The game is played out just how it would be on the NES just in HD.

Super Mario Bros. 3

One of the most praised Mario games, remade in HD in the style of New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Adventure Mode

The original game now with no glitches, World-e, and no 2-player.

4 Player Mode

The 2-Player has been removed and redone in the style of New Super Mario Bros. Mario is the same, Luigi jumps higher and runs faster, Toad has the powers of Koopa Mario, and Metal Mario is slower but can walk on lava.

Super Mario World

The game has been remade in a nice new look that is cel-shaded. Yoshi takes his new form and so do the babies. 

Adventure Mode

The game has been remastered in the new look with no other changes.

Daredevil Mode

Each level's time limit has been lowered and enemies are harder, also no power-ups and few yoshis.

4-Player Mode

Like SMB3's new mode. Each yoshi is unique to one player. Green is Mario, Red is Metal Mario, Blue is Toad, and Yellow is Luigi.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

The game has been remade in HD with color and looks like the new portable Mario games.

Adventure Mode

Slightly easier in some levels and has the new graphics, and the worlds are now played in order with no control.

Classic Mode

The game has the original difficulty and players can pick a level.

Wario Mode

After beating the game in Classic Mode, the players unlock Wario Mode. Wario is slower and stronger and the levels are harder.

Super Mario 64

The classical critically acclaimed 3D platformer. Now remastered with Super Mario 3D World graphics.

Classic Mode

The game in it's original mode with no changes except for enhanced graphics.

Redux Mode

Super Mario 64 DS redone in the style of Super Mario 3D Land. This game is roughly the same as the classic, but has new stars and characters and a new story.


Collection Database

The stories, release dates, and fun facts for all five games in the collection.


By completing certain objectives in the games players can unlock the soundtracks of various Mario games.

Super Mario 64 OST

Unlocked by: Complete Super Mario 64

Paper Mario OST

Unlocked by: Complete Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Galaxy OST

# Japanese title[1] Translated English title English title (EU version) Length
1. Overture Overture Overture 1:23
2. 星くず祭 Star Dust Festival The Star Festival 1:29
3. 襲来!クッパ船団 Attack! Koopa Fleet Attack of the Airships 1:19
4. カタストロフィー Catastrophe Catastrophe 0:54
5. うばわれたピーチ城 Stolen Peach Castle Peach's Castle Stolen 0:32
6. Into the Galaxy Into the Galaxy Enter the Galaxy 1:25
7. エッグプラネット Egg Planet Egg Planet 2:41
8. 天文台のロゼッタ1 Rosetta of the Observatory 1 Rosalina in the Observatory 1 2:27
9. ミツバチの王国 Honey Bee Kingdom The Honeyhive 2:37
10. スターダストロード Star Dust Road Space Junk Road 3:21
11. バトルロック Battle Rock Battlerock Galaxy 3:20
12. グラスビーチ Grass Beach Beach Bowl Galaxy 2:21
13. 天文台のロゼッタ2 Rosetta of the Observatory 2 Rosalina in the Observatory 2 2:24
14. クッパJr.登場 Koopa Jr. Appears Enter Bowser Jr.! 2:54
15. テレサワルツ Teresa Waltz Waltz of the Boos 2:42
16. フローターランド Floater Land Buoy Base Galaxy 3:11
17. ウィンドガーデン Wind Garden Gusty Garden Galaxy 3:44
18. 天文台のロゼッタ3 Rosetta of the Observatory 3 Rosalina in the Observatory 3 2:44
19. 宿敵クッパ大王 Nemesis Great King Koopa King Bowser 3:14
20. ヘルプロミネンス Hell Prominence Melty Molten Galaxy 4:08
21. ギャラクシープラント Galaxy Plant The Galaxy Reactor 2:27
22. 大王星の決戦 Decisive Battle at the Great King Final Battle with Bowser 2:25
23. 夜明け~新しい朝~ Dawn ~A New Morning~ Daybreak - A New Dawn 0:56
24. 誕生 Birth Birth 1:56
25. Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 4:03
26. パープルコメット Purple Comet Purple Comet 3:02
27. 青空アスレチック Blue Sky Athletic Blue Sky Athletic 1:10
28. スーパーマリオ2007 Super Mario 2007 Super Mario 2007 2:19
# Japanese title[1] Translated English title English title (EU version) Length
1. ファイルセレクト File Select File Select 0:53
2. チコ Tico Luma 0:56
3. へブンズドア Heaven's Door Gateway Galaxy 2:02
4. とらわれしグランドスター Imprisoned Grand Star Stolen Grand Star 0:35
5. ほうき星の天文台へ1 To the Comet Observatory 1 To the Observatory Grounds 1 0:45
6. 天文ドーム Astronomy Dome Observatory Dome 1:58
7. コースセレクト Course Select Course Select 0:41
8. ディノパックン Dino Packun Dino Piranha 1:13
9. スターゲットチャンス Star Get Chance A Chance to Grab a Star! 0:55
10. 緊迫 Tension A Tense Moment 0:41
11. クワカブト一家の逆襲 Counterattack of the Kuwakabuto Family Big Bad Bugaboom 1:58
12. オタキング Ota King King Kaliente 1:11
13. キノピオ探検隊 Kinopio Expedition Party The Toad Brigade 0:41
14. シッププラント Ship Plant Airship Armada 2:21
15. オーシャンレース Ocean Race Aquatic Race 1:22
16. 宇宙幻想 Space Fantasy Space Fantasy 2:00
17. メガレッグ Megaleg Megaleg 1:31
18. ほうき星の天文台へ2 To the Comet Observatory 2 To the Observatory Grounds 2 0:30
19. 宇宙アスレチック Space Athletic Space Athletic 1:16
20. レッドコメット Red Comet Speedy Comet 1:52
21. グラスビーチ~海中~ Grass Beach ~Undersea~ Beach Bowl Galaxy - Undersea 1:31
22. 間奏曲 Interlude Interlude 0:38
23. クッパ砦出現 Koopa Fortress Appears Bowser's Stronghold Appears 0:52
24. クッパ砦の死闘 Battle to the Death at Koopa Fortress The Fiery Stronghold 2:11
25. 大階段 Big Staircase The Big Staircase 0:36
26. クッパ大王登場 Great King Koopa Appears Bowser Appears 0:32
27. タマコロ1 Tamakoro 1 Star Ball 1:04
28. 書斎 Library The Library 0:58
29. フローターランド~海中~ Floater Land ~Undersea~ Buoy Base Galaxy - Undersea 1:55
30. レインボーマリオ Rainbow Mario Rainbow Mario 0:31
31. うさぎを追いかけろ! Chase the Rabbits! Chase the Bunnies! 1:07
32. HELP! HELP! HELP! 0:28
33. モグキング Mogu King Major Burrows 0:55
34. 土管内部 Pipe Interior Pipe Interior 0:44
35. シャドウコメット Shadow Comet Cosmic Comet 0:58
36. ティアドロップ Tear Drop Drip Drop Galaxy 1:19
37. キングボーネ King Bone Kingfin 1:48
38. テレサレース Teresa Race Boo Race 1:28
39. アイスマウンテン Ice Mountain Ice Mountain 1:31
40. アイスマリオ Ice Mario Ice Mario 0:30
41. 溶岩道 Lava Road Lava Path 1:31
42. ファイアマリオ Fire Mario Fire Mario 0:29
43. サンドアイランド Sand Island Dusty Dune Galaxy 3:04
44. 鋼鉄魔王メカクッパ Mecha Koopa, Steel Demon King Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser 1:23
45. あわわわわ A-wa-wa-wa-wa A-wa-wa-wa-wa! 0:37
46. ダンジョンケイブ Dungeon Cave Deep Dark Galaxy 1:43
47. ボスカメック Boss Kamek Kamella 1:25
48. タマコロ2 Tamakoro 2 Star Ball 2 0:42
49. 悲しみの少女 Sad Girl Sad Girl 0:48
50. フライングマリオ Flying Mario Flying Mario 1:11
51. 星の赤ちゃん Star Babies Star Child 0:51
52. ねがいごと Wish A Wish 0:42
53. かぞく Family Family 1:23

Unlocked by: Complete the Space Zone in every Super Mario Land 2 mode

Mario Kart 64 Race Tracks

  1. Mario Kart 64 Theme (1:00)
  2. 3 Raceways/Wario Stadium (3:01)
  3. Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley (2:22)
  4. Koopa Troopa Beach (2:33)
  5. Kalimari Desert (2:46)
  6. Toad's Turnpike (3:16)
  7. Frappe Snowland/Sherbet Land (2:34)
  8. Choco Mountain/Battle Arenas (3:27)
  9. Koopa Castle (2:44)
  10. DK's Jungle Park (1:40)
  11. Banshee Boardwalk (2:03)
  12. Rainbow Road (4:48)
  13. Star Power (0:54)
  14. Setup/Kart Select (1:11)
  15. Battle Arenas (3:15)
  16. Winning Results (2:04)
  17. Losing Results (1:50)
  18. Time Trial Results (1:40)
  19. Trophy Presentation (1:58)
  20. No Trophy For You (1:02)
  21. Victory Lap (2:53)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Start Your Engines (0:22)
  2. Finish Trial (0:18)
  3. Final Lap (0:29)
  4. Finish First (0:26)
  5. Finish OK (0:21)
  6. Finish Out (0:24)
  7. Finish Last (0:14)
  8. Voice Collection (6:38)

Unlocked by: Complete Super Mario 64's Redux Mode

Super Mario: Yoshi Island OSV

Track Number Track Name Track Length
1 Nintendo Logo 0:04
2 Story Organ 2:43
3 Yoshi's Island 2:12
4 Yoshi's Start Demo 1:02
5 Practice Course 0:43
6 Game Start 0:04
7 The Flower Garden 2:53
8 Goal & Score 0:50
9 Underground 1:46
10 Castle & Fortress 2:08
11 Kamek's Theme 0:32
12 Mid-Boss 1:13
13 Athletic 2:11
14 Above Ground 1:31
15 Player Down 0:05
16 Game Over 0:10
17 In Front of the Boss' Room 0:58
18 Big Boss 2:00
19 Big Boss Clear 0:09
20 Map 2:14
21 Bonus Game 1:26
22 Powerful Baby 1:00
23 Koopa 2:44
24 Koopa Clear 0:11
25 Luigi's Rescue 1:32
26 Ending 3:56

Unlocked by: Complete Super Mario World


Concept art for various Mario games.

  • Super Mario Bros.

Unlocked by playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time.

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic

Unlocked by completing The Lost Levels

  • Super Mario World

Unlocked by beating the first world in SMW.

  • Super Mario 64

Unlocked by playing all modes of SM64.

  • Super Mario Sunshine

Unlocked by playing all modes of SM64 and SMW.

  • Paper Mario

Listen to a track of the Paper Mario OST.


From the game's database of the games.

Super Mario Bros.

We all know the magical tale. One day, Mario and Luigi two plumbers from Brooklyn stumbled down a warp pipe and ZAP! They were in a new mystical world of magic and wonder where nothing was the same. The Mushroom Kingdom! Wonder lied there but a mean old king named Bowser took the princess of the kingdom, the beautiful Princess Peach Toadstool. Mario and Luigi rushed off to save the day and an adventure started!

Super Mario Bros. 3

Shh! Today is the day of the big play. The curtains have opened and the stars bowed. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kings, Toad....and Bowser?! Bowser's seven little brats, the Koopalings, have stolen the King's wands! Our bros go out to save the wands, but Bowser has meanwhile taken the princess. Our bros have more then they can handle and are in deep. Can they save the wands and princess?

Super Mario World

Mario and friends are taking a vacation. One much needed! There they meet exotic wildlife and get new items. However, Bowser is there to ruin the fun as always. Mario and Luigi must team up with Dino Land's villagers the Yoshis to stop Bowser once again.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Mario has saved Daisy from a villainous alien named Tatanga and come back to relax at his castle. Wait! A greedy man resembling Mario with a grudge against him named Wario has invaded and taken over the neighboring areas with the help of 6 high ranking minions. Mario has only one chance to take back his castle. The keys to the castle, which are 6 golden coins, are with these minions. Mario must set out to collect these coins to save his castle and the lands that neighbor it.

Super Mario 64

My name is Mister Lakitu, and I am a camera man. Oh wait! Mario is stomping ahead towards Peach's castle. Wait up!  Bowser has trapped Peach and put all of the Power Stars in the castle in paintings. Mario is now heading off to help. I'm following and will report later. Reporting live, me!


  • Let's a Go!: Play your first game.
  • Goomba: Beat your first game.
  • Mario!: Beat all games.
  • All 4 One: Beat a 4-Player mode.
  • The Lost Levels: Beat The Lost Levels.
  • Wario!: Beat Wario mode.
  • Classic Killer: Beat Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 with no game overs.
  • Popularity High: Beat Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 with no game overs.
  • Jumping to the Beat: Unlock your first soundtrack.
  • Musicario: Unlock all music pieces.
  • Mario Art: Double Dash: Unlock all art.
  • Sunshine: The Movie: Unlock all Super Mario Sunshine scenes.
  • Spice of Life: Play as every character.