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Super Mario Bros. Warfare is a new game for the Wii U, It was released in North America on December 4, 2013, in Japan on December 21, 2013 and in Europe on Janurary 29, 2013.


Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach once again, shooting the security guards. And enimies are given weapons. Mario, Yoshi and Luigi are kidnapped as well, so Toad sets out to save them.

Playable Characters

Character Description
Toad is Peach's sidekick, he set out to Yoshi's Island to kill Kamek. Unlocks Yoshi.


Yoshi is Mario and Luigi's beloved dinosaur and knew him when they were babies. He sets off to Mario Land to kill Wario. Unlocks Mario.
Mario is the main character of the Mario series. He sets off to Subcon to kill Wart. Unlocks Luigi.
Luigi is Mario's brother, he lends a hand in killing Bowser.


Enemy Description
Hammer Bro.
This mad Koopa throws hammers and sometimes explosives. Hammers first appear in World 1: Grass World, Explosives first appear in World 7: Subcon.
Shy Guy
This masked madman is a master with cannons, they also breath atomic green fireballs. Cannons first appear in World 1: Grass Land, Green Fire first appears in World 11: Bowser's Island.

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