Super Mario Bros. Ultimate: 40th Anniversary Special is a 2-D sidescrolling platform game for the Wii U.    


It's Mario and Luigi's birthday! They have invited all there friends over to Peach's Castle when Bowser's Koopa Clown Car smashes through the wall and Bowser Kidnaps the 7 Toad Masters! It's up to Mario,Luigi,Yellow Toad and Blue Toad to save them from the Koopa Troop.


Playable Characters

Image Name Attribute Unlocking Criteria

207px-Mario Artwork - New Super Mario Bros

Mario Mario is All-Around Avaliable from the start
LuigiAC Luigi Luigi can jump higher Avaliable from the start
YellowToad Yellow Toad Yellow Toad can run faster Avaliable from the start
440px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Blue Toad Blue Toad can float Avaliable from the start
Wario Mario Party 8 Wario Wario can Mega Stomp, deafeating enemies in the process Beat him in Wario's Gold Mine
Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork Waluigi Waluigi can perform Lanky-Kicks to defeat enemies Beat him in Wario's Gold Mine
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina Rosalina can star-spin just like in Super Mario 3D World Beat Comet Galaxy-1


Image Name Occupation
Peach-and-daisy Princess Peach and Daisy Peach can be found in her castle and can give you tips and rare items if you speak to her (Thats until Bowser's kidnapped her)And once you have rescued Daisy she can play minigames with you
185px-Toad,Toadette and Toadsworth Toad,Toadette and Toadsworth These little guys run the Toad Houses with Toad selling items, Toadette selling 1-ups and Toadsworth selling rare items such as Stars and Mega Mushrooms
180px-Chancellorrpj Toad Masters

These Toads were kidnapped by Bowser because he wanted their magic for himself! Other than that these guys will appear if you get to the flagpole in less than a minute (only if you've completed the respective world)

ToadBrigademe Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade aren't very major characters but Captain Toad has his puzzle levels return from Super Mario 3D World, while Banktoad once again saves your money at the Bank while Sleepytoad stays at the top of his bunk bed and when you get messages off Miiverse you will be given them by Mailtoad and Brainytoad gives you tips on the loading screen
Yoshicoolepicwoo Yoshi The lovable green dino is back! This time in Red,Blue and Yellow too, There is also a secret Yoshi hut where you can get unique Yoshi's with special abilities such as fire breath and more! And after eating 5 Apples or Cookies Yoshi will lay an egg with a Power-Up inside!

571px-DCKTFGroup artwork

Kong Family Donkey, Diddy, Dixie and Cranky are here to help! They can climp across spiked vines to help get you across bramble filled areas
Pianta and Noki Piantas will toss you to higher areas which you previously coudn't reach and Noki act as water jets to stop you get eaten by Cheep Chomps

Lumas by Fluesopp88

Lumas Lumas may only be in the 9th world but they can help you out alot by turning into Launch Stars! One level even lets you ride Starship Mario with Lubba and Polari

180px-Bomb omb Buddy Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bob-omb Buddies Ever see a little blue ? block in the ground for no reason? Well thats a cannon and they only way to activate it is by finding the Bob-Omb Buddy then you can blast away to new areas
500px-Artwork Plessie Plessie In the waterfall areas you will meet a Dinosaur by the name of Plessie who you can ride like a huge slide to get past obstacles and the water current while collecting items on the way
Penguin Penguins In ice levels you will find helpful penguins that if you don't have the Penguin Suit you can safely ride on!
250px-RaySMG Manta Rays There are two types of Manta Ray, the green ones fly and can be used as a platform while the blue ones swim underwater giving you rings of coins
640px-Stork and Babies Artwork - Yoshi's New Island The Stork and Babies In the Baby Park levels there are stork stops where you can switch your character for a baby version which are weaker but needed to get through the level 


The Fort Bosses are summoned by Kamek like in Yoshi's Island but the Castle Bosses are fought in the Koopaling's Airship and the Koopalings shoot magic when the Bosses are almost defeated.

Image Name and Level How to defeat
Goomboss KU Goomboss W1-Fort Jump on him 3 times
BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom W1-Castle Jump on him 3 times
KingPokeyme Tower Power Pokey W2-Fort Jump on his crown 3 times
Gobblegut Gobblegut W2-Castle Jump on all his bellyache bulges


Cheepskipper W3-Fort Jump on him 3 times
Gooperblooper010 Gooper Blooper W3-Castle Jump on all his tentacles than his mouth, do this 3 times
180px-BJ NSMBW Bowser Jr (1st fight) W3-Airship Lure the Cheep Chomp to eat him 3 times
280px-Sms wiggler Boss Wiggler W4-Fort Jump on his nose 3 times
397px-PeteySluggers Petey Pirahna W4-Castle Squirt water into his mouth with F.L.U.D.D. then jump on his belly, repeat this 3 times
Mizzter Blizzardme Mizzter Blizzard W5-Fort Jump on his crown 3 times
Chief Chillymineok Chief Chilly W5-Castle Push him in the icy water 3 times
Bowser Jr NSMBUpoo Bowser Jr (2nd fight) W5-Airship Throw the snowballs at him 5 times

Sumo Bros., New Super Mario Bros. U

Boss Sumo Bro W6-Fort Wait for him to dive then jump on him, repeat this 3 times
MP9 Big Bob-Ombyo Big Bob-Omb W6-Fort 2 Ground Pound him 3 times
PunpunSolodude Pom Pom W6-Castle Jump on her 3 times
180px Giga Lakitu W7-Fort Jump on him 3 times
206px King Boo W7-Castle Catch him with the beam box then when he gets dizzy spin jump his tounge, repeat this 3 times
BowserJr's Clowncar Bowser Jr (Final Fight) W7-Airship Jump on him 5 times
189px-Kamek-212x283 Kamek W8-Fort Jump on him 5 times
544px-SSB4 - Bowser Artwork Bowser W8-Castle Wait for him to smash the floor like in Super Mario Bros 3 until you get to the bottom floor and press the switch. Then in his second phase throw the Mecha-Koopas back at him 10 times
176px Dry Bowser Jr W9-Fort Wait for a flying ? block to come past and smash Dry Bowser Jr with the hammer suit 5 times

Dry Bowser W9-Castle

The first phase is the same as Bowsers but his second phase acts like Baby Bowsers second phase from Yoshi's Island and once again you ride on Yoshi and throw giant eggs at him 10 times