Super Mario Bros. Trip To the Real World is a 2013 CGI-animated film by Nintendo Studios. It was released 20 years after the first film in 1993.


In 2006, fans were wanting another Super Mario Bros. movie that had a big adventure to it and was just like the video game. In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto in 2009, he said he'd like to give the series a second chance with a movie. Then he added that if they were to make another one, he'd like to be the director to make it all the right way. Then Nintendo Studios was funded in 2010.


The film takes place on Earth. Mario and Luigi go on a vacation and the Toads were at the castle to keep Princess Peach safe. Then Bowser makes clones of Mario and Luigi and he tells them to get inside the castle and get the princess. Then the Toads let the clones through and they get inside the castle! Then they get Princess Peach and jump into Bowser's airship! The Toad got on the phone and called Mario and then the Mario Brothers made it back. Toad was telling them the whole story, but the part they didn't know was where he went with Princess Peach. Bowser's airship was nowhere to be seen in the Mushroom Kingdom. Then Mario found a letter on the ground. It was from Princess Peach. She said Bowser was taking her somewhere not in the Mushroom Kingdom or space. Then everyone got a chill in their spine and thinking that Bowser was taking her underground on Earth. Then the Mario Brothers went through a magic warp pipe and got to Earth. Toad said Bowser must be at the bottom of Earth, and the Mario Brothers were on the half side. Then Toad went back through the pipe, and the adventure starts!

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