" Super Mario Bros. The Movie" is an upcoming movie based on the Mario Bros. and their friends battling Dimentio once again to get pieces of The Rainbow Key to save the entire universe.


The movie will mark the return of the Super Cape, Dimentio, The Axem Rangers, and Lord Smithy. New Power-Up's will appear,like The Spike Mushroom and The Invisible Flower. Since the movie will likely get a bunch of reviews, Nintendo and Reading Cimena will team up to make songs, like in Disney movies.


Mario-Main Hero

Luigi- Hero

Peach- Heroine

Daisy- Heroine

Yoshi- Hero

Donkey Kong- Hero

Diddy Kong- Hero

Wario- Anti Hero

Waluigi- Anti Hero

Bowser- Anti Hero

Bowser Jr.- Anti Hero

Dimentio-Main Villain

Lord Smithy- Anti Hero

Axem Rangers- Anti Heroes

Koopa Bros.-Anti Heroes

King K. Rool- Villain

Fawful- Villain



Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Flight Mushroom

Penguin Suit

Mini Mushroom



Mega Mushroom

Power Cape

P Wing


Flying Squirrel Mushroom

Spike Mushroom

Invisible Flower

Bowser Mushroom

Meteor Mushroom

Rainbow Key


Opening theme

Princess of the Kingdom- sang by Mario

Ciao, here I go!- sang by Dimentio

BURN THEM DOWN!- sang by Bowser

Welcome to Yoshi's Island!- sang by Yoshi and friends

Let's go banana's!- sang by Donkey Kong

Home Again-sang by Luigi

You Toss Me Right Round- sang by Axem Red, Axem Black, Axem Green, and Axem Yellow to Axem Pink

The End of the World as we know it!- sang by random Hippie Goomba

The Ultimate Show- sang by Semi Dimentio

I'll miss you- sang by Yoshi

The End!- sang by Wario and Waluigi

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