Super Mario Bros. T, known as Toontown 2: Mario Time!, is an upcoming game for the Nintendo VR and the Nintendo Wii. It's like Toontown, on the Wii but you can buy Mario Bros. stuff. The VR shows the story, and Mario and Luigi are unlockable.

Story On The VR

One summer day, Mario and Luigi saw a hole. It wasn't ordanary. Mario and Luigi accidently fell in the world of Toontown, a world full of animals: Dogs and cats and horses and more! Suddenly, the Chairman snuck up and captured the plumbers. So all the toons came to rescue them!

Story On The Wii

Once before toons were known, Scrooge MC. Duck was going to see Gyro Gearloose. After working the Chairman, he got captured. 11 years later, a toon jumped in when playing Mario and Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games. He bought each Mario costume and sold them to Carabelle. They were sold on halloween.

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