Super Mario Bros. Swift is a game for the Nintendo DSX and S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5. It is a solo Coke Dimensions game.


Note: Text in bold are levels. Text in italics are bosses or mail.


Mario and Luigi are at home relaxing when a Koopa Paratroopa flies down the chimney with a letter. I know who you are and where you live. I have heard of your exploits, and I am not the slightest bit impressed. You have left a boring impression on me. The ancient Swift tribal artifacts hold magical powers that may control the universe. I already have two. Think you can stop me? You have three days. Mario showed Luigi, and looked to see the mail Koopa. It was gone. Mario's first impression was a setup from Bowser.

Bowser's Castle

He headed to Bowser's Castle. Bowser saw Mario and Luigi from a window and had a lockdown in the castle. The brothers got through and challenged Bowser. Bowser claimed that he knew nothing about the letter, but he could have them speak with the mail Koopa. They talked with the mail Koopa, who said that he found the letter in the mail that Mario needed. Luigi recommended tracing it back to Koopa Mail.

Koopa Mail

Koopa Mail had been taken over by a mysterious force and was in dark, black flames. After going through sections of the blazing shadowy mail office, they found a yellow orb, and a tied-up Yellow Toad. The brothers untied Yellow Toad, who revealed his name to be Heel. Heel told all he knew about the yellow orb, that someone had come and pointed it to the sky, and a purple beam came down, made an exploding impact and set the entire place on fire. Just then, a voice came out of nowhere and said to drop the orb. It was a sky blue-skinned human wearing a hood with a cape attached. Luigi, who had the orb, refused to drop it. The man grunted and said to drop it, only more fierce. Luigi again refused. The man grunted and said, "Fine, then." He took of his cape and transformed into an Ice Dragon. Heel joined the fight to beat him, and the trio defeated the Ice Dragon, who turned back into a human and fled. He dropped a white badge. Mario took it, and put it on out of curiosity. A mystical force seemed to overcome him, but he stayed normal, mind and body. There was a power tugging inside of him, longing to unleash itself. Luigi realized that the man still got away with the orb. The brothers couldn't remember the direction he headed in, nor could Heel. They returned to Toad Town and acquired a map of the continent. There were eight possible locations that he could have fled to. Just then, a mail Toad gave Mario a letter. You may have taken the Swift Badge, turning my warriors into Ice Dragons, but I have gotten away with the Swift Orb. Now, it's a race. There are eight more Swift artifacts; wand, stone, spear, shield, coin, ring, whip and the final artifact which even I do not know of. Three days, my friend, three days... Mario crumpled up the letter and headed for Grandeur Canyon.

Grandeur Canyon

At Grandeur Canyon, there were many ghosts and spirits haunting the area. Heel tried to get himself out of the situation, but it was hopeless. As the three approached the main valley, several boulders fell and trapped them in the canyon. Heel started to cry, but Mario slapped him and they went on. When they came to a flat plain, they rested. The Mail Koopa came, this time not to deliver mail. He said that he was running away from the Mushroom Kingdom because it is burning with the fire from Koopa Mail. His name was Emerald, and he joined the group. Emerald knew that they should get going before the spirits of the valley deteriorate their minds.

As they went on, they came across a whip that seemed to be made of silver. Luigi picked it up, but then a power infiltrated his body, turning him into Silver Luigi. Mario fought him and Luigi fell unconscious. Heel reckoned that he was in a coma. Worried, Mario had Emerald fly and contact the nearest hospital. When he got there, he was tired, so he took a rest. When he woke up, he was in a hospital bed, and then told his story. He flew back with three Koopa Nurses, and Mario and Heel pointed to the object that made Luigi go out of control. One of the nurses said that it was the Swift Whip, an ancient swift artifact. It was haunted by a psychic who used it. They fixed up Luigi, got him out of his coma with a potion, and the nurses flew back. The foursome went on.

Luigi had the whip in his hand, and the spirit was not infiltrating his body. When the foursome got to a stop to camp for the night, Mario went to look for food. Heel tagged along, and Mario didn't know. Heel eventually got lost, and screamed. Mario heard, and ran after the horrifying sound. Heel had to fend off the Spirit of the Mind, the embodiment of the Swift psychic, until Mario arrived and exterminated it. Immediately, Luigi and Emerald came and and what happened. After explaining everything, Mario knew they had to get moving.

Mt. Twinkle

The four reached the foot of Mt. Twinkle. There, they set up a camp in a cave. However, there was an engraving on the wall. Heel saw it as a message. Emerald read it. Mario, I know you would come across Mt. Twinkle once I saw you get the whip that I laid out for you. I traced the path you would follow to here, and built this cave with the power of the Swift Spear. I already have the Swift Orb, the Swift Glove, the Swift Staff, and the Swift Spear. The Swift Wand is at the top of this mountain. If you want to know who I am and have any hope of obtaining the Wand, you will get to the peak of this mountain by dawn. Then you will only have 2 days...

Thrift Forest


Hydra Cave


The gameplay is similar to that of New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Three lives per character, bosses at the end of each world. There are also mini-bosses. There are, however, seven main levels. There are also various cutscenes.



  • Bowser
  • Ice Dragon
  • Spirit of the Mind
  • Starry Piranha
  • Dino Piranha
  • Petey Piranha
  • Swift King Hydra


  • Bowser's Castle
  • Koopa Mail
  • Grandeur Canyon

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