Super Mario Bros. Splash
Developer(s) Nintendo and Silver Bullet Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Dolphin
Release Date(s)
July 9, 2017
Single Player, Multiplayer, Speed Run
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Side scrolling Platformer
Media Included Dolphin MiniDisc


Princess Peach has baked a cake for Mario and Luigi, so she invites them to come share it with her. Suddenly, the Koopalings drop in through the ceiling and try to statch Peach, but Mario steps in and stands in front of her. Ludwig simply laughs before snapping his fingers. Before the bros. know it, Wario comes bashing in through the wall. He shoves Mario aside and snatches Peach. The Koopalings' clown car uses a claw to grab Wario and the Princess, then fly out through they hole the created earlier. Mario and Luigi are looking quite frazzled, as they thought Wario was their friend. But they decide they must go after the Koopalings, so they end up en route to Bowser's Castle.

When they reach the castle, they find it empty with nobody there but a few Goombas, Koopas and other baddies throwing a party. None of them know where Bowser or the Koopalings went, so the Bros continue to investigate.

They eventually find a huge blue pipe that is gushing with water in the castle's dungeon. There are footprints that clearly belong to Bowser leading to the pipe, so the Bros jump into the water and begin travelling a great distance. They're gushed out on a Sandy Beach and find seven pathways leading to different areas of the unknown land. 

The Bros walk down one path all the way to a huge gate with a black lock covering it.


2.1: New Features

Unlike past Super Mario Bros. games, you can go through the first 7 worlds in any order you like, also each one has a different difficulty level, so players will know what to expect. At the end of each world, a Star Shard is collected. When all seven are joined together, the Gate of Darkness in front of World 8 is opened.

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