This is where the Movesets of all characters in Super Mario Bros Smash.

Starter Characters

Mario's Moveset

Netural Special Fireball Mario will shoot a fireball at you.
Side Special Cape Feather Mario will pull out his Cape, and will swipe it.
Upward Special Super Jump Punch Mario will jump high in the air. When you get hit, coins will pop up. It'll also do really good damage.
Down Special Luma Spin Mario spins, after which, Luma will pop out of Mario's hat.
Special Attack Fire Mario

Mario will pull out a Fire Flower, and will transform into Fire Mario.

Luigi's Moveset

Netural Special Thunderhand Luigi will shoot thunder out of his hand.
Side Special L-Missile Luigi will charge himself. When you release, he will shoot himself at you.
Upward Special Super Jump Punch Works like Mario, but only one coin will appear, and will do major damage when right next to another player.
Down Special Luigi Cyclone Luigi spins around, but he can move around when he performs this attack.
Special Attack Poltergust 3000 Luigi will pull out his Poltergust 3000, and will shoot Boos, and will push you away.

Princess Peach's Moveset

Netural Special Heart Rise It works like Ness's PK Flash, but it paralyzes whoever gets effected.
Side Special Peach's Peaches I'm assuming Peach throws a Peach. I got it from Super Mario Smashers.
Upward Special Parasol Peach pulls out her Parasol, and jumps. Afterwords, Peach's Parasol will open up, and will fall slowly.
Down Special Vegetable Peach will pluck a veggie, and will throw it at you.
Special Attack Peach Beam Peach summons Twink, her small star companion,who creates a large energy beam.

Princess Daisy's Moveset

Netural Special Thorn Ball Daisy tosses a ball of thorns and it stays there while causing damage to players who in contact with it.
Side Special Baseball Bat Daisy will pull out her Baseball Bat, and will do major damage when hit.
Upward Special Slam Dunk Daisy will perform a slam dunk like in Mario Sports Mix.
Down Special Flower Shield A Flower will go in front of her, it has the same effect as Peach's Toad in SSBB.
Special Attack Flower Power Daisy creates Daisies where she passes. These flowers will curse the players.

Baby Mario's Moveset

Netural Special Baby Fireball Baby Mario will shoot a fireball, but it doesn't have the same range as Mario's.
Side Special Chain Chomp Baby Mario will pull out a Chain Chomp, and it will go rampaging.
Upward Special Bubble Bounce Baby Mario will go into a bubble, and will float for a few seconds.
Down Special Baby Tweester Baby Mario will spin around, performing a small tornado.
Special Attack Super Baby Baby Mario dons a cape and flies about, tackling foes! Control fligt with the Control Stick.

Baby Luigi's Moveset

Netural Special Baby Fireball Baby Luigi will shoot a fireball. It has the same range as Baby Mario's.
Side Special Baby Missile Same as Luigi's but has a smaller range.
Upward Special Bubble Bounce Baby Luigi will go into a bubble, and will float for a few seconds.
Down Special Tantrum What do you expet? He's a baby! Baby Luigi will throw a little tantrum.
Special Attack Crystal Star Baby Luigi will make Crystal Stars fall out of the sky. It'll also curse the opponents.

Toad's Moveset

Netural Special Spore Burst Prepares spores, then bursts them around. If attacked, the spores become stronger.
Side Special Mushroom Charge Toad will begin to take stance and take a Mushroom, it gradually grows to the Golden one. Once it becomes Gold, Toad will fly out at once. You can let go and change the distance used.
Upward Special Propeller Cap Toad will put on a Propeller Cap, and will spin in the air. His Helpless Fall is when you are done spinning, and start moving your legs around.
Down Special Vegetable Plucks a Vegetable to throw. Most of his veggies differ from Peach's.
Special Attack POW Block

Toad will pluck a POW Block, and he'll throw it on the stage. It will do major damage.

Yoshi's Moveset

Netural Special Egg Lay Yoshi sticks his tongoue out, pulling in and swallowing and enemy touched near by, turning them into an egg for a few seconds.
Side Special Egg Toss Yoshi will throw a Yoshi Egg foward, when hit, it will automatically break.
Upward Special Tongue Recovery Yoshi willshoot his Tongue in the air, grabbing onto the ledge, but if the Tongue grabs an enemy, it'll turn into is Netural Special.
Down Special Yoshi Bomb Yoshi prefoms a small Ground Pound, stunning opponents.
Special Attack Super Dragon Yoshi will grow wings, which will make him fly, and makes him able to shoot or breath fire. Or when he flies across, he'll shoot fire like bombs.

Donkey Kong's Moveset

Netural Special Primate Punch Donkey Kong charges a strong punch. When it's fully charged, he creates a powerful punch.
Side Special Barrel Roll Donkey Kong will pull out a barrel, and will throw it. But the difference between this Barrel, and the item, is that DK's Barrel has no items in it.
Upward Special Spinning Kong Donkey Kong will take a tiny jump, and starts spinning upwards.
Down Special Hand Slap Donkey Kong will start slamming the ground with his palms, creating a small barrier. But, it's slower than in SSBB.
Special Attack Konga Beat While DK is 'laying bongos, musical notes will appear and shoot the characters through the stage.

Wario's Moveset

Netural Special Garlic Throw Wario will pull out a garlic, and he'll throw it. It causes the enemies to move away from the garlic.
Side Special Wario Bike Wario jumps onto his Wario Bike from Mario Kart Wii. He can turn, and get off at any time.
Upward Special Wario Waft Wario uses is fully-charged version of his Wario Waft. It boosts him in the air.
Down Special Earthshake Punch Wario does a powerful punch at the ground. When he punches, it causes a litte barrier.
Special Attack Wario-Man

Wario pulls out a a garlic. He bites it, and then he turns into Wario-Man.

Waluigi's Moveset

Netural Special Bob-omb Waluigi will pull out a Bob-omb, and he'll throw it. The ending works like the item.
Side Special Walll-Luigi Waluigi will make a giant wall made of purple vines grow in the stage.
Upward Special Twist Dunk How does he swim in the air?! Well, it doesn't matter. Move around while swimming with the Control Stick.
Down Special Whirluigi Tennis racket in hand, he'll spin up a cyclone! While spinning, he can deflect projectiles.
Special Attack Bob-omb's Away Ah, the trusty Bob-omb Launcher. While Waluigi fires volleys of Bob-ombs, tilt the Control Stick to control the angle. It'll be a little while before the destruction ceases.

Bowser's Moveset

Netural Special Fire Breath Bowser will charge up his Fire Breath. If not fully charged, he'll shoot a fireball out of his mouth. If fully charged, he'll use his Fire Breath.
Side Special Koopa Klaw Bowser will swipe his claw and it will scratch the opponent that touches it.
Upward Special Spinning Shell Bowser will retreat into his Shell, and will go spinning in the air.
Down Special Bowser Bomb If Bowser is in midair when using this move, he slams the ground with a butt-stomp. If he's on the ground doing this, he'll leap foward diagonally before preforming the butt-stomp.
Special Attack Mega Bowser Bowser will get very big and will strongly smash the characters.

Koopa Troopa's Moveset

Netural Special Water Bomb Koopa Troopa will pull out a Green Koopa Shell, and he'll throw it, but the Shell will bounce when thrown.
Side Special Shell Dash Koopa Troopa will retreat into his Shell, and he'll go spinning foward.
Upward Special Spinning Shell Koopa Troopa will retreat into his Shell, and he'll go spinning upward.
Down Special Shell Hide Koopa Troopa will once again, but only will retreat into his Shell, and can't be effected by Punches and Kicks, but it can be effected by projectiles.
Special Attack Golden Koopa Shell Koopa Troopa will throw a Golden Shell, and it'll go flying around the stage. But when it hits the center of the stage, he'll dunk the shell into the floor of the stage, an it'll make an explosion, that'll do major damage.

Shy Guy's Moveset

Netural Special Slingshot Shy Guy will pull out his Slingshot, and will shoot a rock.But the longer you charge, the faster the rock goes.
Side Special Spear Throw Shy Guy will pull out a Spear and he'll throw it at you doing, OK damage.
Upward Special Fly Guy Shy Guy will pull out a Propeller, and he'll fly in the air. It lasts 5 seconds.
Down Special Groove Spin Shy Guy will do a little spin, like Mario's spin in Super Mario Galaxy.

Unlockable Characters

Baby Peach's Moveset

Netural Special Rattle Throw Baby Peach will pull out her Rattle, and she'll throw it.
Side Special Cutie Kiss Baby Peach will blow a kiss, which will paralyze you.
Upward Special Parasol Baby Peach will pull out her Parasol from Yoshi's Island DS, and she'll be blown upwards.
Down Special Loud Crying Baby Peach will throw a little tantrum that envolves crying.
Special Attack Baby Peach Blossom Since this isn't Peach's Special Attack in this game, Baby Peach does it instead.

Baby Daisy's Moveset

Netural Special Rattle Bat Baby Daisy will pull out her Rattle, and like in Mario Super Sluggers, she'll swing it, related to Daisy's Side Special.
Side Special Quacker Karter Baby Daisy will go on her Quacker from Mario Kart Wii, and she'll go riding foward. Related to Wario's Side Special.
Upward Special Floaty Fluff Baby Daisy will grab on to a Floaty Fluff from Super Mario Galaxy, and she'll hover in the air.
Down Special Flower Shield A Flower will go in front of her, It has the same effect as Peach's Toad in SSBB.
Special Attack Flower Power Baby Daisy creates Daisies where she passes. These flowers will curse the opponents.

Dixie Kong's Moveset

Netural Special Guitar Wave She pulls out her blue guitar and strums it creating a sound wave.
Side Special Clampling She jumps to the opponent and grabs him/her in the face and attacks. Related to Diddy Kong's.
Upward Special Ponytail Twirl She uses her hair as a propeller and can spin upwards effecting anyone who touches her.
Down Special Primate Panic Dixie Kong throws a little tantrum, effecting whoever touches her.
Special Attack Electric Guitar Wave Dixie Kong will pull out her blue guitar and strums it creating an electric sound wave.

Kritter's Moveset

Netural Special Kremling Kross Kritter will leap foward, and will perform a tackle on whoever touches him. This is a chargeable attack.
Side Special Goalie Kick Kritter will pull out a soccer ball, and he'll kick it. It'll to good damage.
Upward Special Klaptrap Kritter will go on top of a Klaptrap, and he'll bounce in the air.
Down Special Kritter Stomp Sort of related to King K. Rool's Down Special, but weeker.
Special Attack Muscle Krock Kritter will be very big and highly muscular. This will help him to crush chraracters.

Baby Donkey Kong's Moveset

Netural Special Tackle It's Baby DK's talent from Yoshi's Island DS. He can crush the opponent, and this attack is chargeable.
Side Special Bananarang Due to his craving for Bananas, he uses a banana as a Boomerang. But, it does pretty good damage.
Upward Special Clamber Baby DK will jump on a wall that comes out of nowhere. He'll jump on the wall, and he'll jump foward.
Down Special Banana Peel Yet another attack that is due to his craving for bananans. Just like Diddy Kong's.
Special Attack Thunderstorm A rai will make the floor slippery, also, the thunder will shock the opponents.

Bowser Jr.'s Moveset

Netural Special Graffiti Shot Bowser Jr. will pull out his Paintbrush, and he'll shoot a Graffiti Ball. If it hits the floor, it will make that floor slippery.
Side Special Jr. Flames He'll spit a fairly large fireball forth. It'll last until it goes off the screen.
Upward Special Koopa Klown Car Bowser Jr. will go on his Koopa Klown Car from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and he'll go flying up.
Down Special Prank Bag He's got a bag full of goodies, even when items are off. He'll bring out various throwing items, like Green Shells, and Bananas.
Special Attack Megahammer Bowser Jr. will jump into his small cockpit from Super Mario Galaxy 2, and then the whole Megahammer body will connect to the cockpit, and he'll do things like in the game, for example, he's able to shoot Bullet Bills, and laser circles.

Wiggler's Moveset

Netural Special Anger Management Wiggler will charge himself up, which will make the back of him red. If you charge up, you'll get released very fast, and very powerful.
Side Special Tennis Serve Wiggler will pull out his Tennis Racket, and he'll hit a couple tennis balls at you.
Upward Special Flutter Like in Mario Power Tennis, Wiggler will turn into Flutter, and he'll fly up, and it will sparkle behind his path.
Down Special Veggie Plant When you press B once, he'll pull out his watering can, and he'll plant veggies. If you press B when you're on a Veggie he will be able to throw it like in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Special Attack Angry Wiggler Wiggler will get very furious and will start rampaging, which will do way more damage than his Standered Special.

Hammer Bro.'s Moveset

Netural Special Hammer Throw Hammer Bro. will pull out a Hammer, and he'l throw it, doing good damage. You can reflect the hammers.
Side Special Boomerang Throw Hammer Bro. will pull out a Boomerang, and he'll throw it, and it'll come back to him.
Upward Special Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. will jump on top of the Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. platform, and he'll go flying up.
Down Special Quake-Pound Like Sledge Bro., Hammer Bro. will perform a Ground Pound that'll cause a shockwave.
Special Attack Hammer Bonanza Hammer Bro. will will throw a couple of hammers, and after a few seconds, a wave of hammers will come and attack you.

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