Event Name Biography Player
1 Who are you?

Who are you, and why do you look so handsome?




There are 6 Yoshis. Beat them all in order : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, & Cyan. Kamek
4 Protect the babies Like in all Yoshi games, you fight Bowser. But this time you fight him without the babies. Instead, protect them from Bowser. Yoshi
5 Scared-o-Boo Luigi won't let fear roll his life, so he decided to fight King Boo again. Luigi
6 Grab the Gold Wario needs more gold. Grab the opponent and throw him foward. Do it until you get to 100 pieces of gold. Wario



Let's show that Pesky Plumber Bowser's Final Smash. Bowser

Sleeping in the Eggs

These two can't seem to settle down. Maybe they will if you put them in eggs. Yoshi
9 Bring it Back! Let's Bring Back the memories from Super Mario Bros.! Mario
10 Beat the Brawl Fight all 10 characters from Brawl. Choose
11 Catch that Wave Funky Kong
12 Wario Bros. I came to find the Mario Bros.' roots. What's this giant stage? Wario
14 The Kill Pill There are 100 viruses, and one Doctor. How's that gonna work? Dr. Mario
15 Super Bowser Bros. Want to see what it's like to be Mario? Survive as you race to the Flag! Bowser
17 Koopa by the Bay You're trying to save the princess. What's stopping you? Mario
20 The Last Event This is the Ultimate Final Battle! Mario

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