Super Mario bros. Q is one of the fangames made by the company XWare, it is for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo PC. The game features almost verything from Super Mario Bros. (SNES) to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES). One of the best features in the game are the new power-ups, such as the Mushroom Helmet and Slime Flower


The gameplay of this game is much simular to the other 4 Mario games, except that now with the fact that you're playing with a SMB3 sprite you can also spin-jump.


Game Boy

The controlls for Super Mario bros. Q on the Gameboy Advance are...

  • Jump - A
  • Run/Pick up - B
  • Spin-Jump - N/A
  • Left - >
  • Right - <
  • Up - ^
  • Down - N/A

NPC controlls

The controlls on the Nintendo PC are...

  • Jump - Z
  • Run/Pick up - X (X + down)
  • Spin-Jump - A
  • Left - Left
  • Right - Right
  • Up - Up
  • Down - Down

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