These are the Beta elements in Super Mario Bros. NS.


The name was originally New Super Mario Bros. NS, but it was proved too long. It was changed on March 24, 2011.


Koopatrol was proved to be an enemy in a late-in-development photo.At a demo, Koopatrols appeared in three levels. Reports state they were a Koopa-form of Iron Goomba, who was not in the game at the time of the demo.


A feature that told you what enemy defeated you when you got a game over was present at the demo. It was scraped at the same time as Koopatrol.

Proof of Koopatrol!


All of the wi-fi players were playable one one-player, plus two more, Koops and Mr. L. They were going to be two new characters, Prince Koopster and Mr. Luigi, but just before they were scrapped, they just turned into Koops and Mr. L.

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