Image Name Type Description Power-Up Item Item's Rarity Score
SmallMario Small Mario Small Mario's plumber form. He starts with this form. He only has one hit before death. NA NA 0
SuperMario Super Mario Other Mario's action form. It is a good time to get other power-ups in this form. He has two hits before death. Super Mushroom 1 100
FireMarioSMG Fire Mario Hot

Mario's famous, most common form, appearing in nearly every Mario game. He has three hits before he dies. He can shoot Fireballs.

Fire Flower

1 500
BowserMario Bowser Mario Other

Mario's new power-up, with three hits until death, can shoot fireballs and can't be hurt by Koopa enemies.

Bowser Mushroom 2 2500
Starmanmario Starman Strength Mario can't kill bosses with this power-up, but can deafeat every enemy.9 (With the exeption of Copter Koopa )


2 150
ThankYouKindRacoonPleaseTellMeYourName Raccoon Mario Flight Mario can play as a Tanooki and/ or fly, and can kill enemies when meeting with his tail. Leaf 2.5 3000
Tanooki Mario NSMBDIY Tanooki Mario Flight Mario can play as Tanooki, has the same power as Racoon Mario, but can turn into a immune statue. Tanooki Suit 3 500
MegaMario Mega Mario Strength Mario is huge, and invincible, plus, unlike the Starman, he can kill bosses! Mega Mushroom 3 3000+ 10 For each enemy killed.
MiniMario Mini Mario Small Mario can fly, and walk on water! But only one hit, so beware! Mini Mushroom 3.5 4500
Cape MarioSMWWii Cape Mario Flight Wanna float? Mario only has two hits in this form, but can float from high places.He also can hide from enemies under his cape. Cape Feather 4 5000
Flying MarioSMWWii Flying Mario Flyte Mario can fly, but has four hits til death. Red Coin 4 2575
IceMarioSMG3 Ice Mario Cold Mario can shoot Ice balls, and Ice Blocks, but only has two hits. Ice Flower 4.5 3520

Thunder Mario / Lightning Mario

Hot Mario can shoot lightning and freeze enemies with Thunder. He has two hits in this form. Thunder Flower 4.5 450+ 1 for every Thunder used.
HammerMario Hammer Mario Strength Mario can throw hammers, and has three hits til death. Hammer 5 3000
PhoenixMario Phoenix Mario Flight Mario can fly for a short distance, has two hits, and can gain more lifes by defeating flying enemies. Phoenix Suit 5 4000
150px-SMB2 SuperMario-1- Fish Mario Undersea Mario can swim, has four hits, and can squeeze enemies with his tentacles. Bait 5 2500
Classic MarioSMWWii Classic Mario Other Just a change in color and 4 hits. But, he can get into World 9-7, to unlock Retro Game. Classic  Mushroom 5 3000
Spike Mario NSMBDIY Spike Mario Other Mario has two hits and like Spike , can throw damage-dealing spike balls. Spike Mushroom 5 250+ 10 for every spike ball thrown.
BabyMario Baby Mario Small Mario not only has four hits, but every Yoshi he rides turnes into a baby! Baby Flower 5 10000