Super Mario Bros. Maker
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
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Publisher(s) Nintendo logo
Platform(s) TBA
Age Rating(s)
ESRB E7RatingCERO A Rating
Genre(s) Creativity
Level Creator

Super Mario Bros. Maker is the sequel to 2015's Super Mario Maker and, as such, is a tool that lets players design their own levels of Mario games in various different styles. The game is heavily emphasized on its new multiplayer aspects and the ability to play as characters other than Mario. It is currently unknown what console the game will be released for although it is speculated that this will be a project for Nintendo's currently unrevealed NX console.


The gameplay is nearly identical to its predecessor's aside from the additions to it. Players can either choose to make or play levels. In creation, players will build a course for Mario to complete in different game and level styles using an interchangeable tool bar at the top of the screen. The player can jump into the level at any time and swap characters at will. While playing levels, the player can either choose to do a 10 Mario Challenge, 100 Mario Challenge, or find other players' levels online. In the 10 Mario Challenge, the player will go through 8 random premade Mario courses packaged with the game, and the 100 Mario Challenge will sort through random levels created by others.

In addition to creating levels by yourself, players can also choose to create levels together. Levels can be created locally or online, either with friends or random players. Up to five people can create a level at a time, and each one can play the level as well. While playing, other players can also add elements into courses as a convenient way to test them out. When publishing levels, the player will need to successfully complete it from the start and starting from any checkpoints; however, when multiple players create it, the owner of the room can either choose for every builder on the team to complete it, just to complete the parts that they created, or just complete it from the checkpoint. Regardless, the owner will need to complete the entire level.





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  • The game was revealed on September 11, 2016, a year after the first game's release.