Super Mario Bros. Lacrosse is a Mario Lacrosse game for the S.T.Y.L.U.S. 1.5. by Coke Dimensions.



  • Three Players to a side
  • First team to 17 points wins
  • Stops happen when:
  • A player drops the ball/stick
  • A player goes out of bounds

On the Field

Three players per team are on the field out of a team of six. Substitutes are permitted after every score.

Who Do You Control?

If your team controls the ball, you control whoever has the ball. If the other team has the ball, you control the player on your team who last had the ball.


  • A=Jump
  • B=Throw
  • L=Cradle to the Left
  • R=Cradle to the Right
  • X=Duck
  • Z=Roll
  • B + Z=Super Swing
  • Control Stick=Move around
  • S-Pad=Crouch




Stick Types

  • Super Stick
  • Stick (worst Stick)
  • Fire Stick
  • Flower Stick
  • Golden Stick
  • Bronze Stick
  • Koopa Stick
  • Ultra Stick
  • Renaissance Stick (best Stick)


Super Swings

Every character has a super swing. They throw the ball farther of have some sort of special effect. Super Swings are only used when the payer has recently scored.

Default Character

Unlockable Character


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