Super Mario Bros. Fantasia
Super Mario Bros. Fantasia Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) 3D Platforming, Action-Adventure
Series Super Mario Bros.
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. Lambda (Direct)

Super Mario 3D World (Last 3D Game)

Super Mario Bros. Fantasia is an upcoming 3D Platforming, Action Adventure Game for the Visus Sphere and the next game in the Super Mario Bros. Series. It is a technical departure from the current 3D Sub-Series and NSMB Series and is somewhat of a spiritual successor to both Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World.


Celebrating another victory against Bowser; Mario, Peach, Luigi and Blue Toad head to the Garden of Peach's Castle to have relaxing break in the spring breeze, however upon arriving they find a bunch of toads surrounding a giant mysterious fountain not previously there. The Toads make way for the four heroes who look into the Fountain to see it has a mysterious crystal fog covering the top layer. Peach looks closely through the fog and sees a Princess on the other side in some sort of a panic who is grabbed by an ominous figure before disappearing. Peach tries to grab for the other princess however falls into the Fountain revealing it to be a portal, Mario quickly follows as does the Blue Toad while Luigi once again hesistates due to fear although after a Yellow Toad slaps some sense into him he quickly follows his brother, the princess and Blue Toad into the fountain which leads to a mysterious land.


The game is broken up into a explorative hub world which unlike Super Mario 3D World doesn't have distinct levels although does use the classic Level format for its locations. Instead the player is able to enter levels in random orders for each location slowly progressing through the game. Although every level has more than just get to the end objectives. In addition the player will find Purple Diamonds located in each level which are necessary to unlock secret levels as well as form into Crimson Diamonds to unlock new levels. These Crimson Diamonds are also received from completing a level normally. In addition the player may encounter a Mirror Door which will challenge the player to beat a Shadow Clone of them in an obstacle course race while collecting Red Coins.

The Game for the main part has the player progressing through levels completing various tasks that are centered around collecting the Crimson Diamonds to save the mysterious princess of this world. The player will like any Mario Game have to run and jump as well as potentially defeat enemies to find secrets or simply progress through a level. The game also features a complete new line of Power-Ups although some are intentionally similar to older power-ups to make them not so foreign to experienced players.



World No. World Name Levels Boss Crimson Diamonds
1 Struffle Cloudpark 5 Nubajaro 16
2 Berrydew Forest 5 Crecerazul 16
3 Temperana Cliffs 5 Rocaloco 16
4 Prawly Prowl Ocean 6 Camante 19
5 Ignipini Coast 6 Quemagua 19
6 Cobblelot Hamlet 7 Guarpiedra 23
7 Mirana Mirage 7 Ilusifon 23
8 Kipsi-Kipsi River 7 Pezoble 23
9 Diggarat Mountains 8 Codivar 26
10 Tessalex Cavern 8 Choquano 26
11 Lostodo Chasm 9 Demoiman 30
12 Chimpani Ice Fields 9 Cerorila 30
13 Flaut Haut Volcano 9 Esperandor 30
14 Sudry Lake 10 Salladra 33
15 Chronus Mines 10 Tiemante 33
16 Bullalow Crater 11 Vacallido 37
17 Ancestral Valley 11 Espirad 37
18 Strunat Jungle 11 Nuezlavid 37
19 Goladano Fields 12 Conejoro 40
20 Fountainfall Castle 12 Reyvoid 40


Struffle Cloudpark

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
1-1 Fluffy Waterfall Collect the Purple Diamonds Unlock the secret of the Waterfall
1-2 Crystal Rain Grove Bring the Sun to the Grove Win the Shadow Clone Race
1-3 Nimbus Slides Collect the Purple Diamonds Complete Serva's Chase
1-4 Fog Drenched Gates Clear the Fog from the Gates Win the Shadow Clone Race
1-5 Thunderstorm Cliffs Collect the Purple Diamonds Summon the Thunder Fraga

Berrydew Forest

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
2-1 Raspfield Thorns Clear the Thorn Traps Free the Raspberry Lord
2-2 Ivyleaf Chasm Collect the Purple Diamonds Get the Jiggle Juggle to eat an Ivy Leaf
2-3 Pit of Berries Grow the Berry Beanstalk Free the Blackberry Lord
2-4 Bramble Climb Collect the Purple Diamonds Reach the top of the Bramble Mountain
2-5 Fern Droplet Vineway Complete the Droplet's Song Free the Blueberry Lord

Temperana Cliffs

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
3-1 Furious Boulder Fall Collect the Purple Diamonds Seal the Volcanic Vents
3-2 Grumbling Peaks Destroy the Big Grumble Peak Bring the Baby Stonebird to its nest
3-3 Flight of the Ralegalos Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the secret tower in the Sky
3-4 Nest of the Ralegalos Summon the Ralegalos Queen Find the Gold Horde
3-5 Buster Caverns Collect the Purple Diamonds Clear the rubble from the Pit

Prawly Prowl Ocean

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
4-1 Singing Rock Docks Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the secret Harmony
4-2 Seaweed Maze Reach the center of the Maze Win the Shadow Clone Race
4-3 Rainbow Sand Island Find the Seven Jewels of the Sands Build the Rainbow Sand Castle
4-4 Crust King's Castle Collect the Purple Diamonds Summon the Crust King
4-5 Treasure Trove Cove Capture the Mad Monkey Gain Access to the Treasure
4-6 Rowdy Rapid Seas Reach the secret island at the End Win the Shadow Clone Race

Ignipini Coast

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
5-1 Blazing Sand Pits Find the Sandy Treasure Chest Flood the Main Pit
5-2 Doggle Done Burrows Collect the Pruple Diamonds Free the Lost Doggle Done
5-3 Crystal Breaker Coast Break through the Black Crystal Complete Cpt. Jimbo Jump's Course
5-4 Explosive Dunes Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the Sandy Treasure Chest
5-5 Steaming Springs Make the Main Spring Explode Reach the secret Underground Lake
5-6 Reflection Cove Collect the Purple Diamonds Unlock the Ancient Puzzles of Light

Cobblepot Hamlet

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
6-1 Ruined Village Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the Underground Cellar
6-2 Overgrown Garden Find the Mother Tree Clear out all the Weeds
6-3 Marketplace Dash Collec the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
6-4 Crooked Stairways Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
6-5 Cobblepot Docks Complete all three Shipments Stop the Pirates from Docking
6-6 Festive Square Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the Banner of Festivals
6-7 Fort on the Hill Unlock the Great Moat Bridge Win the Shadow Clone Race

Mirana Mirage

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
7-1 Lonely Palm Pond Find the Underground Cavern Reach the Secret Palm Tree
7-2 Scorched Dune Hill Extinguish the Main Flame Complete the Panel Flip Puzzle
7-3 Clay Terrace City Collect the Purple Diamonds Ring the Bell in the Bell Tower
7-4 Ancient Arm Temple Collect the Purple Diamonds Break all the Main Pillars
7-5 Cactus Jungle Collect the Purple Diamonds Complete Cpt. Stevey Sprint's Course
7-6 Silky Colour Road Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the missing Silk Scarfo
7-7 False Floor Temple Escape the Boulder Room Bring the three Statues to the main Room

Kipsi-Kipsi River

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
8-1 Lilypad Passage Collect the Purple Diamonds Beat all the False Lilypads
8-2 Misty Meadows Find the secret Crystal in the Mist Clear the Fog
8-3 Babbling Bridge Build the missing Bridge Remove all the Bridge Tolls
8-4 Disappearing Rapids Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the secret Cavern
8-5 Sunset Waves Collect the Pruple Diamonds Reach the Sky
8-6 Tightrope Chasm Cut the Second Red Tightrope Reconstruct the missing Tightrope
8-7 Lagoon of the Night Find the bones of an old Monster Destroy the Dam

Diggarat Mountains

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
9-1 Cold Steel Mines Collect the Purple Diamonds Break through the Cold Steel Door
9-2 Candy Rock Peak Crush the Candy Cane Gate Find the secret Poprock Cave
9-3 Ancient Temple Ruins Collect the Purple Diamonds Ring the Giant Gong
9-4 Barren Tree Forest Collect the Purple Diamonds Pick up the twelve Flowers
9-5 Gold Plated Hills Activate the secret Crystal Puzzle Build the broken staircase
9-6 Fiery Smoke Chasm Collect the Purple Diamonds Escape the Dragabolo's Chamber
9-7 Cold Crasher Cavern Complete the Bob Sled Course Find the sleeping Ice Dragabolo
9-8 Snow Head Slopes Find the Graveyard's Secret Reach the Highest Peak's Summit

Tessalex Cavern

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
10-1 Silent Cove Sneak into the Hidden Room Awaken the Roarbles
10-2 Lodestone Rebound Collect the Purple Diamonds Complete Cpt. Lenny Leap's Course
10-3 Magma Chambers Help the Dragobolo Egg Hatch Catch the Magmuna Fish in the Lake
10-4 Oddity Descent Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the mysterious Temple
10-5 Shock Wave Trail Collect the Purple Diamonds Change Magnetic Polarity
10-6 Reflection Lake Find the secret underwater Cave Find the hole in the Mirror
10-7 Flooded Pillars Lower the Water Level Water the Beanstalk Seed
10-8 Overgrown Chamber Find the Seed of the Vines Unlock the secret room

Lostodo Chasm

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
11-1 Falling Pipes Find the secret Flooded Room Solve the Plumber's Puzzle
11-2 Baratma Peaks Collect the Purple Diamonds Free the King Baratma
11-3 Submerged River Awaken the big Magobo Remove the Dam
11-4 Glass Tube Pass Collect the Purple Diamonds Stop the production of Glass Tubes
11-5 Forgotten Temple Beat the Temple's Guardian Flee from the giant Grubmalor
11-6 Fungal Forest Collect the Purple Diamonds Chop the Big Glowblum Down
11-7 Giant Fern Field Help Palinnie grow Break up the rubble on the River
11-8 Deep Crystal Gulch Collect the Purple Diamonds Help the Mineymoles fill the cart
11-9 Fever Pitch Drop Find the source of the bubbles Bring and solve the Puzzle

Chimpani Ice Fields

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
12-1 Chilly Farm Help grow the crops Break open the Barn Doors
12-2 Snowball Plateau Collect the Purple Diamonds Knock out all the Snowbos
12-3 Icicle Slides Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
12-4 Castle De Cold Collect the Purple Diamonds Defeat the Cold Bone Knight
12-5 Polalisis Lake Complete the Ice Skating Race Knock out all the Snowbos
12-6 Thousand Iceberg Seas Win the Shadow Clone Race Find the underwater Cave
12-7 Freezing Rock Crater Bust open the Asteroid Collect all the stardust
12-8 Crystal Chasm Collect the Purple Diamonds Solve the Crystal Puzzle
12-9 Aurora Mountain Win the Shadow Clone Race Summon the Auroran Lights

Flaut Haut Volcano

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
13-1 Redstone Springs Release the water of the Spring Find the missing Red Stones
13-2 Magma Falls Collect the Purple Diamonds Create a bridge out of Lava
13-3 Bubble Rock Explosions Break the Crystal Wall Find the source Bubble rock
13-4 Fire Bowl Crater Blow up the Asteroid Find the Retro Mario Statue
13-5 Great Blue Fire Dances Collect the Purple Diamonds Solve the Puzzle of Fire
13-6 Carbon Spike Chasm Solve the Diamond Puzzle Find the secret Carbon Core
13-7 Crack Rock Spires Collect the Purple Diamonds Help the Magrunner Egg Hatch
13-8 Fire Jet Factory Deactivate the Factory Facilities Reach the top of the Factory
13-9 Lava Waves River Collect the Purple Diamonds Unlock the Bone Gate

Sudry Lake

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
14-1 Sandy Crescents Win the Shadow Clone Race Unearth the Hidden Tomb
14-2 Abandoned Train Station Collect the Purple Diamonds Reactivate the Main Train
14-3 Floating Island Crossing Find the hidden Cavern Sink the Automated Island
14-4 Canyon of Rails Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
14-5 Cactus Junction Collect the Purple Diamonds Help the Cactus grow from Water
14-6 Great Sandstorm Ruins Solve the Ruins Puzzle Cure the region of the Sandstorm
14-7 Sunken Statue Ocean Win the Shadow Clone Race Summon the Ancient Statue
14-8 Grave Labyrinth Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
14-9 Fire Sandstorm Shadows Dowse the Giant Flame Solve the Shadow Puzzle
14-10 Ancient Metal Fortress Collect the Purple Diamonds Remove the Leg Bolts

Chronus Mines

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
15-1 Ruby Seas Find the Great Ruby Swordfish Find the Seaweed Gang
15-2 Tiger's Eye Marsh Collect the Purple Diamonds Unlock the Cave of the Tiger
15-3 Peridot Jungle Find the Grove of Life Catch the Peridot Monkey
15-4 Emerald Mountains Find the secret Choffice Cave Bring the Gribbli to its Mother
15-5 Turquoise Blizzard Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the frozen hunt
15-6 Sapphire Plains Solve the Gem Wheat Maze Scare off the Sapphire Lion
15-7 Amethyst Pyramid Collect the Purple Diamonds Solve the Pharaoh's Puzzle
15-8 Opal City Collect the Purple Diamonds Reach the Temple of Marble
15-9 Onyx Tower Complete Cpt. Flail's Flight Course Defeat the 10 Smogimagas
15-10 Diamond Factory Collect the Purple Diamonds Deactive the main Furnace

Bullalow Crater

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
16-1 Bore-Bore Hills Collect the Purple Diamonds Activate the Drill Bores
16-2 Glowing Fields Collect the Purple Diamonds Help the Mushrooms Grow
16-3 Ambient Climb Activate the all the Sigils Find the Stone Instruments
16-4 Harbinger Mountain Destroy the Boulder Roller Machines Win the Archienix Race
16-5 Knockback Crest Collect the Lunar Crystals Push Thumstom off the Peak
16-6 Valley of Bones Collect the Purple Diamonds Knock the Skull off the peak
16-7 Dustball Cavern Destroy all the Dustormines Scare out the Mysomoths
16-8 Eerie Monolith Silence the Ominous Voices Reactivate the Ancient Robot
16-9 Crashed Wreckage Collect the Purple Diamonds Recover the Treasure Chests
16-10 Ominous Systems Collect the Purple Diamonds Deactivate the Security Outposts
16-11 Core Labyrinth Collect the Purple Diamonds Deactivate the main Shield

Ancestral Valley

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
17-1 Dinojaw Mountain Break the peak of the mountain Solve the Teeth Puzzle
17-2 Sunplate Ridges Collect the Purple Diamonds Realign the Sunplates
17-3 Longneck Canopies Find the secret Oasis Spring Find the Great Footprint
17-4 Tar Pit Lagoon Collect the Purple Diamonds Pull the Plug in the Tar Pit
17-5 Cracked Eye Cliff Return the Jewel to the Temple Explore the Eye Cave
17-6 Big Fern Maze Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the Shadowminx
17-7 Herd Print Cliffs Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the Painted Cave
17-8 Mega Monster Battle Stop the Monsters Fighting Find the Bottom of the Well
17-9 Spine Bone Graveyard Collect the Purple Diamonds Open the Mausoleum
17-10 Sol Eyes Canyon Re-align the Sundial Mirrors Complete the Tower's Window
17-11 Raptor Jungle Collect the Purple Diamonds Find the Raptor Den

Strunat Jungle

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
18-1 Hilltop Vines Destroy the Root Vine Help Grow the Mother Rose
18-2 Wonderwind Maze Collect the Purple Diamonds Solve the Fountain Puzzle
18-3 Crying Fog Pit Find the Weeping Toad Awaken the Vacuum Flowers
18-4 Walnut Tree Village Collect the Purple Diamonds Gather the Walnuts
18-5 Hardlight Bamboo Forest Collect the Purple Diamonds Rescue the Pababodono Cubs
18-6 Seismic Ruins Activate the Giant Statues Solve the Tablet Puzzle
18-7 Float Rock Sigils Activate all the Sigil Lights Defeat the Thunder Croark
18-8 Glowshroom Caverns Collect the Purple Diamonds Reach the Top of the Glowshroom
18-9 Lost Catacombs Find the Relic Tablets Defeat the Catacomb Moonamoes
18-10 Garden of Faces Collect the Purple Diamonds Speak to all the Headges
18-11 Moss Castle of Ruin Find the Ancient Crown Defeat the Solderites

Goladano Fields

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
19-1 Great Wheat Fields Collect the Purple Diamonds Bring the Harvest to the Silo
19-2 Stone Labyrinth Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
19-3 Lavender Gardens Gather Flowers for the Witchika Win the Shadow Clone Race
19-4 Silver Waterfalls Find the secret Cave Solve the Pillar's Riddle
19-5 Great Karpa River Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
19-6 Forgotten Archway Find and rebuild the Arches Complete a Lap in <1 min.
19-7 Crystal Bay Activate the Rainbow Crystals Break the Giant Sandstone
19-8 Gold Nugget Dry River Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
19-9 Twisting Canyon Destroy the Iron Dam Reach the Lonely Hut
19-10 Rainbow Stone Mines Collect the Purple Diamonds Break the Crystal Bowl
19-11 Golden Sands Collect the Purple Diamonds Win the Shadow Clone Race
19-12 Ancient Temple of Gohamala Find all the Duthmoths Solve Gohamala's Riddle

Fountainfall Castle

Level Side Crimson Diamonds
20-1 The Crystal Moat Win Cpt. Simon Swim's Course Destroy the Drawbridges
20-2 Labyrinth of Gold Collect the Purple Diamonds Collect the Gold Coin
20-3 Gravity Switch Tower Defeat Gravallem Reach the Alt. End Goal
20-4 Bellowing Melody Tower Defeat Grand Conductor Ring all the Giant Bells
20-5 Spectrelight Tower Defeat Lamplight Light all the Torches
20-6 Submerged Tower Defeat Mirrorent Find the Drain Plug
20-7 Shimmershine Garden Collect the Purple Diamonds Water the 20 Beanstalks
20-8 Digital Stronghold Solve Master Computer's Riddle Shut Down the Generator
20-9 Quicksand Dungeon Collect the Purple Diamonds Empty the Sand Pit
20-10 Living Armoury Win Cpt. Ulysseus Ultimate's Course Destroy the Artillery
20-11 Great Train Heist Collect the Purple Diamonds Reach the Front of the Train
20-12 Reflection Ascent Defeat the Shadow Clones Find the Hidden Room

Playable Characters

Character Speed Acceleration Traction Jumping Height Special Ability
Mario - Mario Party 10-1-
Mario 4 4 4 4 Ground Pound
Luigi 2 Rio2016
Luigi 3 5 3 5 Spring Wall Jump
Princess Peach Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World-1-
Princess Peach 2 5 5 5 Floating Jump
Blue toad by yoshigo99-d4g1xcu
Blue Toad 5 5 5 2 Rolling Charge
Bowser - Mario Party 10-1-


(Unlockable after Completing the Game)

3 4 5 4 Fire Breath


There are a variety of Power-Ups available in Super Mario Bros. Fantasia. All of which are new as the game focuses on the new location and the bizarre way that Mario and the group must adapt to being completely foreign to this land. As such there are no returning powerups including the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman and as such everyone remains looking like their Super Mushroom forms although the ratio seems to be vaguely shorter.

Ability Function
Gale Wings Power-Up

Gale Wings

Not actual wings but rather incredibly large leaves, the Gale Wings when eaten grant the player with incredible speed and jumping capabilities making it look like they're flying at times.

Burner Seed Power-Up

Burner Seed

The Burner Seed is something with an acquired-taste, its spicy core grants the player with the ability to rocket through the air like a fireball as well as release an explosion of energy to burn away enemies.

Bubble Seed Power-Up

Bubble Seed

The Bubble Seed is a deliquete seed as it can easily be broken by simply holding it too tightly. The seed's mysterious properties grant the player with the ability to summon a surf of water to ride on as well as create splashes of water to hide within. In addition the Bubble Seed grants its user fraster swimming capabilities.

Candy Whisper Power-Up

Candy Whisper

The Candy Whisper, a peculiar treat found in this world, their sweet core is held in place by mysterious chocolate rings. When eaten the Candy Whisper allows the player to pacify enemies with sweets as well as a variety of physical enhancements allowing the player to physically engage with enemies.

Rose Crystals Power-Up

Rose Crystals

The Rose Crystals, often found deep underground are stated to have an incredible power connected to them. Rose Crystals give the player the ability to hover in the air indefinitely and create Psychic projections of themselves to detonate near enemies.

Soul Mirror Power-Up

Soul Mirror

Soul Mirrors are a rare and very powerful object in this world and can grant the player with immunity to damage and the ability to jump through mirrors to access secrets and shortcuts, the power-up is limited however and quickly runs out.






  • This is the first Super Mario game that features conventional power-ups but not the Fire Flower or Super Mushroom
  • The Crimson Diamonds seem to share an identical function to the Grand Stars in the Super Mario Galaxy Games while the Purple Diamonds seem to share an identical function to Star Coins/Dragon Coins from older Mario Games
  • Some Levels can be accessed from different points not only changing what path the player will take but potentially leading to another level entirely
    • This is actually made use of in the final level in which the player can fight the final boss in two ways depending on which route they took
  • The secret Choffice Cave in the level, Emerald Mountains is a reference to the Secret Moblin from the Legend of Zelda Series, a running gag in the latter franchise, the Choffice in the cave even states the phrase "It's a secret to everybody" before handing the player a Crimson Diamond



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