The Boxart
Developer(s) ALG Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer, Minigames
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series SMB Experience
Predecessor Super Mario Bros. Experience
Successor (Coming Soon)
Media Included Wii U Disc

Super Mario Bros. Experience 2 is the sequel to Super Mario Bros. Experience and is the second game of the SMB Experience sub-series. The game will have similar gameplay and Fuse-Ups will return.


Like it's predecessor, Super Mario Bros. Experience 2 will have the health meter, the Fuse-Ups, and the detailed 3D look of the terrain and backgrounds (which was from Donkey Kong Country Returns). However, unlike SMBE 1 and other Super Mario Bros. games, the cutscenes will be 3D instead of 2D. SMBE 2 will, in short, have all the gameplay features that SMBE 1 had with some small tweaks and new additions.

Another new addition is the Dark Walls. They cause no harm to Mario if he touches them, but they can be destroyed upon contact with a poison ball from Poison Mario.

Playable Characters


Returning Power-Ups

  • Super Mushroom: Gives Mario two extra hearts, allowing him to absorb more damage before dying. The extra hearts disappear and cannot be replenished when both are gone from taking damage.
  • Heart: Replenishes one heart of Mario's health bar.
  • Gold Heart: Replenishes Mario's entire health bar.
  • Fire Flower/Fire Mario: Allows Mario to shoot fireballs that damage or kill enemies.
  • Super Leaf/Raccoon Mario: Allows Mario to "float" in the air and fly when his P-Meter is fully charged.
  • Ice Flower/Ice Flower: Allows Mario to shoot snowballs that temporarily freeze enemies.
  • Thunder Flower/Thunder Mario: Allows Mario to shoot lightning balls that stun or kill enemies, they will also admit a shockwave when it hits something, letting it stun other nearby enemies as well. His spin jump is also electrified, turning it into an attack that stuns or kills nearby enemies.
  • Super Acorn/Flying Squirrel Mario: Allows Mario to glide around and perform a flying squirrel jump to reach higher platforms.
  • Propeller Mushroom/Propeller Mario: Allows Mario to zip to high heights, higher than a flying squirrel jump.
  • Hammer Flower/Hammer Mario: Allows Mario to throw hammers at enemies that damage or kill them.
  • Boomerang Flower/Boomerang Mario: Allowa Mario to throw a boomerang at his enemies that damage or kill them.
  • Penguin Suit/Penguin Mario: Gives Mario the abilities of Ice Mario plus a belly slide that can damage enemies that Mario rams into. Mario also doesn't slip on icy platforms.
  • Mini Mushroom/Mini Mario: Makes Mario tiny, letting him walk on the surface of the water and up and down walls and ceilings. He can also fit through tiny Warp Pipes.
  • Blue Shell Power-Up/Shell Mario: Puts a blue shell on Mario's back, letting him ram into enemies like a Koopa Shell whenever Mario dashes.
  • Mega Mushroom/Mega Mario: Makes Mario HUGE for a short time. He will destroy almost everything in his path in this form! However, he will lose his current power-up and turn into Super Mario when he finishes a level.
  • 1-Up Mushroom: Gives Mario an extra life.
  • Super Star/Invincible Mario: Makes Mario invincible, letting him defeat enemies by simply running into them. His spped and jump height are also increased.

New Power-Ups

to the SMBE Series

  • Poison Flower/Poison Mario: Allows Mario to shoot poison balls that melt Dark Walls and kill all enemies. However, bosses take no damage from them.
  • Para Shell Mario/Para Shell: Gives Mario the abilities of the Shell Power-Up and Raccoon Mario, but he doesn't have a tail for whipiing enemies with.

to the Series as a Whole

  • Superspeed Mushroom/Superspeed Mario: Let's Mario dash much faster than normal, he will always dash when moving. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Brickbash Flower/Brickbash Mario: Let's Mario jump directly through bricks, rather than being bought back down to earth after breaking one.

Assist Power-Ups

  • Invincibility Leaf/White Raccoon Mario: Is the Super Leaf and Super Star combined. Mario's P-Meter is also twice as fast. This assist item appears after dying 5 times.
  • P-Wing/P-Mario: Allows Mario to fly unlimitedly throughout a course. It also makes Mario invincible. Mario reverts to Super Mario at the end of a level. This item appears after Mario has died 9 times.


Power-ups can once again be fused at the orange Fuse House in World 1. They can also fuse if two power-ups touch each other in a level. Some Power-Ups require Fuse Mushrooms or Fuse Stars in order to be made. It is worth noting that some of the power-ups from the list above can be made via fusing as well.

Returning Fuseable Power-Ups (Unchanged Recipes)

ice balls and doesn't slip on ice. He turns to Ice Mario at the end of a level.

  • Fire Shell Power-Up/Fire Shell Mario (Blue Shell Power-Up + Fire Flower): Gives Mario the abilities of Fire Mario and Shell Mario.
  • Burning Mushroom/Burning Mario (Fire Flower + Fuse Mushroom): Only able to be obtained by fusing, it turns Mario into a giant fireball if he fills his Fire Meter, which can be done by dashing. Mario will knock out all enemies he runs into in this state. He can also shoot fireballs like Fire Mario. He turns to Fire Mario at the end of a level.

Returning Fuseable Power-Ups (Changed Recipes)

  • Frozen Mushroom/Frozen Mario (Ice Flower + Fuse Mushroom): Only able to be obtained by fusing, it allows Mario to summon icy platforms that can be walked across. He can also walk across lava and water by automatically summoning these platform upon contact. Mario also can shoot

New Fuseable Power-Ups

  • Fire-Ice Flower/Fire-Ice Mario (Fire Flower + Ice Flower): Olny able to be obtained by fusing, it allows Mario to shoot both fireballs and iceballs. He will alternate between fire and ice every time he spin jumps.




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