Enemies also have types,too. It also decides sections on the Enemies tab in the Level Maker. The types are found after each enemy is told.


4 Leg Koopa- Its like a regular Koopa,but it walks on 4 legs.

Amazin Flyin Hammer Bro-A hammer bro that rides on 3 flying blocks.

Amp-A electric enemy that does not move.

Angry Sun-Angry Sun chases after you for the whole level. If you somehow kill it, a new one appears later.

Army Hammer Bro-They are like regular Hammer Bros but they chase you.

Bananzi Bill-These are simply bigger Bullet Bills.

Bandit-Bandits will steal your power ups. Defeat it to get your power ups back.

Big Boo-Big boos act like Boos but are bigger.

Big Bully-Big Bullies knock you around,like Bullies.

Bill Blaster-Bill blasters shoot Bullet Bills. You can make them bigger,so they can shoot Bananzi Bills and King Bills. Bill Blasters are invincible.

Blarg-Blargs are lava enemies. When yoy are nearby,they pop up from the lava. They can be pretty annoying if you are on a Skull Raft.

Blockhopper-Dont confuse these for blocks. They jump around the level. If they squish you,you get hurt.

Blooper Nanny-They swim around with their children.Nannies command children to attack Mario by glowing.

Blooper-They chase after Mario if he comes near.

Bloopow-They act like Bloopers,but they explode.

Bob-Omb- If you jump on one, you can pick it up. After a few seconds,it will blow up.

Bomb Boo-Bomb boos chase after Mario when he is looking away. If they get close,they explode.

Bony Beetle-Bony Beetles are undead Buzzy Beetles. Occasionaly,they grow spikes and then a few seconds later,the spikes disapear. If you jump on one,it repairs itself after a little while.

Boo-Boos chase Mario if he is looking away. If he is looking at them,they vanish. Luigi is afraid of these.

Boomerang Bro-Boomerang Bros throw boomerangs at Mario.

Bowser Statue-Bowser statues breathe fire ar Mario.

Broozer-Broozers punches can destroy pretty much every block,so they can be used in certain puzzles.

Brrn Bit-Brrn Bits fly around the level,shooting embers at the player character.

Brrr Bit-Brr Bits fly around the level,shooting ice at Mario.

Bulky Bob-Omb-Bulky Bob Ombs have bigger explosions then Bob-Ombs.

Bullet Bill-Bullet Bills are fired out of Bill Blasters. You can also put Bullet Bills that dont come out of Blasters ib the level.

Bully-Bullies push the player around.

Buster Beetle-Buster Beetles pick up Blue Bricks and throw them ar Mario.

Buzzy Beetle-Buzziy Beetles are like Koopas. They walk around the level,and if you hit them,they hide in their shells and you can throw the shells.

Cannon-Cannons fire Cannonballs at the player.

Chain Chomp-Chain Chomps attack Mario from their pole. If Mario gets rid of the pole,the Chain Chomp is defeated. The only power up that affects them is Star.

Chargin Chuck-Chargin Chucks chase Mario. They can also throw balls that are used in sports at Mario.

Cheep Cheep-Cheep Cheeps swim around and only hurt Mario if he touches them.

Chomp Head-Chomp Heads roll around the level. It instantly kills Mario if he touches it.

Clubba-Clubbas sleep and if Mario comes near,they wake up and try to hit the player with their clubs.

Crowber-Crowbers fly around the level,and attack the player by swooping down in a U turn.

Dark Boo-Dark Boos do the opposite of Boos-they chase if Mario looks at them and vanishes if Mario looks away.

Deep Cheep-Deep Cheeps are Cheep Cheeps that chase after the player.

Dry Bones-Dry Bones are undead Koopas. If jumped on, it falls apart. It can quickly repair itself,though.

Eerie-Eeries are ghost Yoshis and will float around the level.

Fire Bro-Fire Bros are Hammer Bros that spit fire.

Fire Chomp-Fire Chomps are Chain Chomps that fly around breathing fire. Each time they breathe fire,one of the fireballs on its tail disapear. If all of them disapear,then it chases after Mario and explodes a few seconds after that.

Fire Snake-Fire Snakes hop around the area. Only Invincible Mario can defeat them.

Fishbone-Fishbones swim around in the water. If Mario approaches,the Fishbones chase after him. If one bumps into a wall,it is defeated.

Fly Guy-Fly Guys are simply Shy Guys that fly.

Fuzzy-Fuzzies can be move around the level with the help of Move Arrows.

Gold Bowser Statue-Gold Bowser Statues jump around breathing fire at Mario.

Goomba-Goombas simply walk around,and they are the weakest enemies in the game.

Gopy-A Cheep Cheep like creature from SMRPG,unlike Cheep Cheeps,it survives on land. It simply flops around though.

Hammer Bro-Hammer Bros throw hammers at you, and they are quite annoying enemies.

Hothead-Like Fuzzies,in order to make them move,you need to use Move Arrows

Ice Bro-Ice Bros throw ice at the player, and on touch,the ice freezes the player.

King Bill-King Bills are the biggest Bullet Bill form,and is quite tricky to avoid.Iven Invincible Mario cant defeat it.

Koopa-If you jump on a Koopa once,it hides in its shell. Then you can throw the shell.

Koopatrol-Koopatrols are Koopas with spiky shells. Do not try jumping on it.

Lakitu-Lakitus fly on clouds and throw Spinies. Like Angry Suns, after defeat,it comes back after a little while.

Magikoopa-Magikoopas use their wands to use magic that hurts you. If you go too far,it teleports.

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