Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y is a Mario game where you can create your own levels and games, as the title says.

You can make certain objects move such as enemies like Urchins and Paratroopas with Move arrows. Move Arrows arent seen when you play the level,just in the creator. You can also move platforms like Pipes and Moving Platforms with them. It is for DS. You can also download your friends levels and games and play them.

The games can have storylines.They can also be made to be very simple because you can make enemies like Goombas bosses. This page only tells the real bosses, though. You can put bosses in non-castle levels to make it harder. The storylines can have stuff like aprincess like Peach,Rosalina,or Daisy getting kidnapped by a bad guy like Bowser. You can make it different,too. You can also make Toad Houses or enemies on the world map that you have to battle.

Playable Characters

Mario- He is a average character,he has no pros or cons.

Luigi- He jumps higher than Mario,but is slow.

Wario-He doesnt jump high or run fast but he is very powerful. He can also punch stuff.

Waluigi-He jumps very high,but is slower than Luigi.

Birdo-It can shoot eggs and its stats is the same as Mario. Birdo is also a boss, so you can do Birdo VS Birdo.

SMBDIY Blue Toad
Blue Toad-It isnt powerful and doesnt jump high,but he is very fast.
SMBDIY Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad-He isnt power but jumps high and is slow.

Geno-he is powerful and isnt fast. His jumps are average. He can use Geno Beam on enemies.

Mallow-Mallow has bad jumps but average speed and power.




Birdo-Birdo shoots eggs at you and you have to pick them up and throw the eggs back at her thrice.

SMBDIY Big Bob-Omb
Big Bob-Omb-he is like Birdo,but throws Bob-Ombs instead of spitting eggs.
File:SMBDIY Boom Boom.png
Boom Boom-He runs around the arena, spinning and when he gets dizzy,jump on him. 3 Jumps defeat him.
SMBDIY Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. He runs around or rides in the Koopa Clown depending on you choice. When running around the arena, he needs to be jummped on 3 times like Boom Boom. In the Koopa Clown,you get your own koopa clown and make your Koopa Clown land on his or knock him into a electric wall 3 times.
SMBDIY Bouldergiest
Bouldergiest-You have to try and pull his hands off 3 times. He has a second phrase,where he throws rocks at you. You use the same method for defeating his 2nd phrase.

Bowser-You can make it the old style,where you have to jump over him and get the Choppa to defeat him or where you jump on his head 5 times to defear him.

Dry Bowser-Same as Bowser but he breathes fire and throws bones to attack.

Goomboss-Ground Pound him thrice to defeat him. He sends armies of Goombas to attack.

King Kaliente-He shoots fireballs at you and you have to jump on him 3 times to defeat him.
SMBDIY King Puffer

King Puffer-He is immediatly defeated if not in water. He is like a Porcu Puffer but you jump on his crown 3 times or use a power up on him,he is defeated.

SMBDIY Mummipokey
Mummipokey-jump on it thrice to defeat.

Mouser-same as Big Bob Omb

Pom Pom-she throws boomerangs. Jump on her thrice to defeat.

Underchomp-Ground Pound on their pole thingy and then they all come running around. Pull on each Chain Chomps chain twice to defeat the Chain Chomp.

SMBDIY Underchomp

SMBDIY Goomboss
SMBDIY Dry Bowser

Other Stuff

Enemies can be found here- Super Mario Bros. DIY Enemies

Music can be found here- Super Mario Bros. DIY Music

Power Ups can be found here- Super Mario Bros DIY Power Ups

Beta Elements

Crabbers were supposed to be in this game,but they were removed.

This game was going to be for Wii,too but it would be to hard using the Wii Remote.

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