Mario bros cd
Super mario cd
Developer(s) Nintendo
Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NES-CD
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan September 11, 1990
25px-Flag of USA October 24, 1990
25px-Flag of Europe January 7, 1991
25px-Flag of Australia Cancelled
Wii U Virtual Console
One player, two players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Compact Disc, digital download

Super Mario Bros. CD is a 2D platformer game released for the NES-CD in 1990. Unlike past Mario games (besides from Game Boy games and Mario Bros. in SMB3), it features bonus stages. The bonus stages take use of the NES-CD's psuedo-3D abilities. The 3D is more like Mode 7 than 3-D Worldrunner or Space Harrier.

A Wii U release was planned, but was scrapped due to technical difficulties.


The game takes place before Super Mario World and after Super Mario Bros. 3. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach. He has got his Koopalings to spread Goombas and Koopa Troopas all over the Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopalings accidently create a massive Goomba when they throw 200 Goombas that all collide.

A Mushroom Retainer comes back to Princess Peach's Castle and tells Mario and Luigi what has happened. Mario and Luigi both panic and decide to try and save Peach.

After Mario defeats Bowser, he rescues Princess Peach. They both decide to knock down Bowser's Castle together. After they do that, they find a present. It is a box of Mushrooms. Mario & Peach return to the castle, and eat the Mushrooms. The panic is over... for now.


The gameplay is similar to previous Mario games. Some enemies can be picked up, similar to Super Mario Bros. 2. Powerups are the same as Super Mario Bros. 3's. There is a world map similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. The enemies are all from SMB2, 3, & World. The 3UP Moon from Super Mario World appears in the game.

Bonus stages involve Mario sliding down hills. The view is psuedo-3D, and the perspective is third-person.


The graphics are similar to Super Mario Bros., but more advanced. Bonus stages use psuedo-3D graphics similar to Mode 7.


Despite the CD format, most sounds and music are 8-bit. Exceptions include voice samples (taken from Mario TV shows) and a few music tracks which mix 8-bit music with CD music.

The music style is similar to Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World.

Super Mario Bros. CD: Official Soundtrack:

1. Super Mario Bros. CD (Title)
2. Mario or Luigi? (Player Select)
3. Green Grass (World 1)
4. Above Dirt (Overworld)
5. Starman (Invincibility/Bonus Stage/Coin Heaven)
6. Flagpole (Level Clear)
7. Underground Cave (Underworld)
8. Go For A Swim (Underwater)
9. Normal Castle (Castle)
10. Who's The Boss? (Boss)
11. Creepy Caverns (World 2)
12. Koopalings' Airship (Airship)
13. Shiny Snow (World 3)
14. Above Dirt (In The Snow) (Snow Overworld)
15. Frozen Sea (Frozen Overwater)
16. Busy Beach (World 4)
17. Tropical Paradise (Beach)
18. The Boat (Boat)

19. Fantastic Forest (World 5)
20. The Woods (Forest)
21. Massive Mountains (World 6)
22. Damn Deserts (World 7)
23. Ancient Egyptians (Desert)
24. Bowser's Land (World 8)
25. Lava Paradise (Lava)
26. Bowser's Castle (Bowser's Castle)
27. Who's The Big Boss? (Final Boss)
28. Safe Peach (Ending)
29. The Lost Life (Lose A Life)
30. Plumber's Death (Game Over)
31. Bowser's Kingdom (Unused Bad Ending)
32. BGM I (Unused)
33. BGM II (Unused)
34. BGM III (Unused)
35. BGM IV (Unused)
36. Journey Down The Hills (Unused Bonus Stage)

Tracks 31-36 were not used in the game. The BGM 1-3 tracks might have been music for scrapped stages. BGM IV might have been a scrapped title theme.

Backwards compatibility

Super Mario Bros. CD is known for its backwards compatibility with NES games. Here are some games that are backwards compatible.

Picture Name Compatibility
Super Mario Bros box Super Mario Bros. The full game is playable using SMBCD's graphics and sounds.
Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros. 2 The full game is playable using SMBCD's graphics and sounds.
Super Mario Bros 3 coverart Super Mario Bros. 3 The full game is playable using SMBCD's graphics and sounds.
Donkey-kong Donkey Kong You can play as Donkey Kong.
Donkey-kong-jr Donkey Kong Jr. You can play as Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey-kong-jr-math Donkey Kong Jr. Math Allows you to play a math minigame called Mario: Math Teacher.
563439 29029 front Mario Bros. Becomes a minigame.

If Super Mario Bros. CD and one of the Super Mario Bros. games are both inserted, then the selected SMB game can be played using SMBCD's graphics and sounds.

If Donkey Kong is inserted, you can play as Donkey Kong in SMBCD. If Donkey Kong Jr. is inserted, you can play as Donkey Kong Jr. in SMBCD. If Donkey Kong Jr. Math is inserted, SMBCD allows you to play a maths minigame.

If Mario Bros. is inserted, it becomes a minigame in SMBCD. If any other black box NES games or The Legend Of Zelda is inserted, SMBCD allows you to play a minigame titled "Mario Swimmer". If any other game is inserted, a screen comes up reading "THIS GAME IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SUPER MARIO BROS. CD. PLEASE EJECT THE CARTRIDGE AND THE CD."

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