Super Mario Bros. Brawl
Developer(s) TKThunder
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Mario
Successor Super Mario Bros. Battle

Super Mario Bros. Brawl is an upcoming Wii U game, being released in 2015. This game is very similar to the Smash Bros series, but instead uses all Mario characters, rather then several characters from different series.


This game is confirmed to have 42 characters, with 18 of them unlockable, and 10 of them DLC.


Mario 3 - SuperMarioRun
320px-Peach - Mario Party 10
598px-Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy
20140219162407!Koopa SM3DL 335px-MP8 Birdo
DK Strong
MTUS Waluigi
ToadSSBH 468px-Bowserjr MP9
Petey Piranha MPSR
200px-Blooper - MarioPartyStarRush
NabbitNSMBU LakituWatching
220px-Toadette -ario Party 10
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
King Bob-omb MPSR
Mallow NSMB
138px-Ashley SSB4
CrankyKong TinyKongMSSsmall
Fawful rendermm Tatanga Art
Paper Mario

Starter Characters

Image Name Description Moveset
Mario 3 - SuperMarioRun
Mario How could we have a Mario game without Mario? The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom couldn't help but miss the brawl. Mario attacks very similarly to his Smash Bros. counterpart, but he has some differences. Neutral: Fireball

Side: Cape

Up: ? Block

Down: Ground Pound

Power Flower Move: Warp Pipe Mania

Luigi Poor Luigi is always stuck as the second player. However, he has been getting the spotlight for a few games. He's got a ton of differences to Mario this time around, so don't worry! Neutral: Ice Ball

Side: Luiginary Ball

Up: Green Missile

Down: Luigi Spin

Power Flower Move: Year of Luigi

320px-Peach - Mario Party 10
Peach Princess Peach is taking a break from her constant kidnaps to join the battle with everyone! Peach uses a variety of things to attack, like a parasol, hearts, and a few others. Neutral: Heart

Side: Peachy Blast

Up: Parasol

Down: Vegetable

Power Flower Move: Vibe Scepter

Daisy The spunky princess of Sarasaland couldn't miss the battle! Daisy functions very oddly, with a combination of sports moves and flower-based moves. Even her outfit is sporty! Neutral: Flower Bat

Side: Flower Bomb

Up: Flower Glider

Down: Striker Kick

Power Flower Move: Petal Blizzard

Yoshi Don't let his cute, cuddly, and innocent-looking appearance fool you, Yoshi is very skilled in terms of combat. He isn't afraid to prove it, either!

Neutral: Egg Lay

Side: Dash Pepper

Up: Helicopter

Down: Yoshi Bomb

Power Flower Move: Stampede

ToadSSBH Toad You may have noticed that you've been seeing this little guy a lot lately. In fact, he may be the only type of person you ever see on your adventures!

Neutral: Spore Burst

Side: Mushroom Charge

Up: Propeller Jump

Down: Veggie Throw

Power Flower Move: POW Block

598px-Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy
Bowser It would only be natural for him to show, since his primary goals are pummeling plumbers and pilfering princesses!

Neutral: Fire Breath

Side: Inhale

Up: Koopa Clown Car

Down: Bowser Bomb

Power Flower Move: Giant Bowser

DK Strong
Donkey Kong This banana-munching king of the jungle is ready to lay down a hurting on anyone who he thinks of as a threat. Everybody better stay out of his way!

Neutral: Coconut Shooter

Side: Rambi Ride

Up: Barrel Cannon Blast

Down: Hand Slap

Power Flower Move: Konga Beat

Wario Mario's yellow, weird-smelling rival is here to swindle coins, snack on garlic, and cheat to win! His moveset takes inspiration from both WarioWare and Wario Land.

Neutral: Shake

Side: Wario Bike

Up: Wario Waft

Down: Earthshake Punch

Power Flower Move: Wario-Man

MTUS Waluigi
Waluigi Expecting a description to explain exactly who and what this man's purpose is? Too bad, Waluigi Time!

Neutral: "WAA!"

Side: Air Swimming

Up: Whirluigi

Down: Piledriver Stomp

Power Flower Move: Tennis Ball Barrage

Rosalina & Luma This galactic beauty serves as the queen of the cosmos. The Lumas can and will do anything they can to help her!

Neutral: Luma Shot

Side: Star Bits

Up: Launch Star

Down: Gravitational Pull

Power Flower Move: Power Star

20140219162407!Koopa SM3DL Koopa Troopa Sure, he may seem like your typical cowardly Koopa who hides in his shell when jumped on, but...Um...yeah, that's really all there is.

Neutral: Shell Toss

Side: Water Shell Dash

Up: Paratroopa

Down: Super Spin

Power Flower Move: Shell Onslaught

Goomba The lowest ranked minion in Bowser's vast army. He'll charge right on in to whatever situation, without thinking...which he isn't the best at, either way.

Neutral: Micro Goombas

Side: Headbonk

Up: Paragoomba

Down: Kuribo's Shoe Stomp

Power Flower Move: Goomba Swarm 

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Description Moveset Unlock Method(s)
335px-MP8 Birdo

When first introduced, Birdo was depicted as a male pretending to be a female. Seems like they're trying to bury that past...

Neutral: Egg Spit


Up: Bow Tether

Down: Mystery Egg

Power Flower Move: Serenade

Unlock the Subcon stage
220px-Toadette -ario Party 10
Toadette TBA TBA Play 10 VS. matches with Toad
Diddy Kong

The partner to the great king of the jungle. His small size may catch you off guard, and that's how he would want it!

Neutral: Peanut Popgun

Side: Monkey Flip

Up: Rocketbarrel Jetpack

Down: Orange Grenade

Power Flower Move: Rocketbarrel Barrage

Use Donkey Kong 8 times
468px-Bowserjr MP9
Bowser Jr.

The spoiled brat son of the Koopa King. He has never played fair before (his father made sure), and he isn't about to start now!

Neutral: Paintbrush

Side: Bill Blaster

Up: Junior Clown Car

Down: Mechakoopa

Power Flower Move: Airship Assault

Beat Mario with Bowser 5 times
KingBooSML3D-solo King Boo The royal leader of the afterlife. He's been up to some devious, despicable actions lately...

Neutral: Boo Spawn

Side: Ethereal Fire

Up: Teleport

Down: Vanish

Power Flower Move: Portrification

Win 15 VS. matches as Luigi
Petey Piranha MPSR

Petey Piranha

A one of a kind specimen for Piranha Plants, in that he can move freely! While not the sharpest, he has plenty of brute strength to make up for it.

Neutral: Sludge Spit

Side: Tornado

Up: Fly

Down: Warp Pipe Cannon

Power Flower Move: Piranha Plantation

Beat Bowser Jr. on the Delfino Plaza stage
King Bob-omb MPSR
King Bob-omb The master of all things explosive. Don't challenge the superiority of his mustache.

Neutral: Bob-omb Toss

Side: Chuckya


Down: TBA

Power Flower Move: Explosion

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