Super Mario Bros. Brawl
Developer(s) TKThunder
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Mario
Successor Super Mario Bros. Battle

Super Mario Bros. Brawl is an upcoming Wii U game, being released in 2015. This game is very similar to the Smash Bros series, but instead uses all Mario characters, rather then several characters from different series.


This game is confirmed to have 42 characters, with 18 of them unlockable, and 10 of them DLC.


Mario Icon SSB5 100px-Luigi SSB4 Peach sw DaisySSBH Yoshi Icon SSB5 250px-Bowser SSB4
20140219162407!Koopa SM3DL 335px-MP8 Birdo DonkeyKongSSB4 DiddyReturns WarioOverallsSSB4 20100606222911!Waluigi 6 ToadSSBH 468px-Bowserjr MP9
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze 397px-PeteySluggers HammerBroNSMBU 364px-Kamek-212x283 185px-Babybros NabbitNSMBU LakituWatching Captain Toadette
200px-Rosalina Model SSB4 250px-MP8 DryBones KingBooSML3D-solo 250px-BoomBoomSM3DL Koopalings-NSMB2 MolteyBossblob 228px-DryBowser Pauline2222 120px-MallowOlympics GenoSSBH
138px-Ashley SSB4 MonaGameWario 9VoltSmoothMoves King k rool larger render by wilttilt-d7qbl0n CrankyKong TinyKongMSSsmall 280px-Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Fawful rendermm Tatanga Art Boshi Icon SSB5

Starter Characters

Image Name Description Moveset
Mario SSB4 Mario How could we have a Mario game without Mario? The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom couldn't help but miss the brawl. Mario attacks very similarly to his Smash Bros. counterpart, but he has some differences. Neutral: Fireball

Side: Cape

Up: ? Block

Down: Ground Pound

Power Flower Move: Warp Pipe Mania

Luigi SSB4 (1) Luigi Poor Luigi is always stuck as the second player. However, he has been getting the spotlight for a few games. He's got a ton of differences to Mario this time around, so don't worry! Neutral: Ice Ball

Side: Luiginary Ball

Up: Green Missile

Down: Luigi Spin

Power Flower Move: Year of Luigi

Peach SSB4 Peach Princess Peach is taking a break from her constant kidnaps to join the battle with everyone! Peach uses a variety of things to attack, like a parasol, hearts, and a few others. Neutral: Heart

Side: Peachy Blast

Up: Parasol

Down: Vegetable

Power Flower Move: Vibe Scepter

DaisySSBH Daisy The spunky princess of Sarasaland couldn't miss the battle! Daisy functions very oddly, with a combination of sports moves and flower-based moves. Even her outfit is sporty! Neutral: Flower Bat

Side: Flower Bomb

Up: Flower Glider

Down: Striker Kick

Power Flower Move: Petal Blizzard

Unlockable Characters


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